Savadeck Bikes Review

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Savadeck Bikes Review

In the world of cycling, a couple of brands dominate all the charts. When you search for the best bikes, you will find some of the top brands on the market today. However, all of these bikes have a hefty price. Savadeck is a Chinese brand focused on bringing you some of the more affordable versions and the following Savadeck Bikes Review will show you all you need to know about them. The SAVADECK Warwinds3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Racing Bicycle is an affordable carbon fiber bike with top features.

Savadeck is one of the top affordable brands, and while they have a wide variety of bikes, all of them can be competitive. The brand offers bikes of all types, including full carbon fiber frames, and aluminum frames. Due to the variety, it is a brand widely competing with other well-known brands, to give you any bike you might need.

In the following Savadeck Bikes Review article, we will have a deeper look at the Savadeck brand, looking at some of its strengths and weaknesses. The brand is also a partner of the famous Shimano brand, which provides most of the drivetrains for top bikes. Let’s have a deeper look at Savadeck and whether they make the cut for your bike needs.

Savadeck Bikes Review
Savadeck Bikes Review

Product Rating

Aside from the traditional Facebook page, it is pretty hard to find any comments on these bikes. While we can’t translate any star rating from the top bike-selling shops, you will find that most of their reviews are mostly positive. The brand is still making a name for itself, which means it should eventually hit all shelves.

Facebook – 4 out of 5

As more retailers become aware of the popularity, it stands to reason that the bike will be available on more marketplaces. Nowadays, only the top marketplaces cater to some of these smaller brands. However, we predict that they won’t remain a small brand for too long due to the variety of bikes and quality features.

Pros Of Savadeck Bikes

Before diving into some of the meaty features, we have broken down the Savadeck bike features to find some of their strengths. These strengths are a good indication of whether a bike will meet some of your cycling needs. The following strengths are present on all the Savadeck bikes that we managed to find on the market today:

  • Variety: The first thing we noticed about the brand is the variety of bikes they have available. You should be able to find anything from carbon fiber to steel.
  • Reliable Partnerships: Shimano is one of the trusted brands when looking for derailleurs. Savadeck has collaborated with them to provide the drivetrain essentials.
  • Hardtail Specialists: The full-suspension mountain bike is more versatile, but Savadeck stuck to their guns, perfecting the hardtail bikes.
  • Disc Brakes: Almost all the Savadeck bikes we noticed had some form of disc brake. The disc brake is more powerful at stopping the bike.
  • Durable Tires: The tires might not be lodged on the best of rims, but the knobby tire thread is extra-thick, which takes longer to wear out.
  • Priced To Move: You can pay a lot for the top road bikes, but Savadeck has tried to contain the prices as much as possible while adding great features.

Cons Of Savadeck Bikes

When a brand has not had the same exposure as many of its counterparts, it is hard to see the real downsides of the bike. We have identified a few of these weaknesses, but more will be revealed as they make their way onto the competitive terrains. Here are a few of the issues we had with the top Savadeck bikes.

  • Hard To Find: Amazon and Facebook are two of the only marketplaces currently selling the bike, which makes it hard to come by.
  • Spare Parts: Once your bike breaks down, you might need to import some of the spares or replace them with other brands.
  • Mixed Reactions: There are many mixed reactions to the bike due to the unknown manufacturer, which might make you skeptical.

You might have noticed that we have not criticized any of the components, as the components do stand the test of durability. The biggest issue the brand faces is exposure. Once the bikes have been tested by more professionals, there will be a clearer picture emerging when comparing them to brands like Huffy and Diamondback.

The Breakdown – Benefits (Savadeck Bikes Review)

Superior Road Bikes

Savadeck has made a name for itself in the road bike industry. The SAVADECK Warwinds3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Racing Bicycle features a full carbon fiber frame and weighs in at only 21.6-pounds. They have taken the road bike market by implementing the same time-trial wheels that you see for competition purposes.


In the world of competitive cycling, the word aerodynamics is commonly thrown around. For competitive road bike riders, this means staying behind the rider in front of them to follow the slipstream and conserve energy. The SAVADECK Windwar5.0 Carbon Fiber Frame 700C Racing Bicycle is one of the elite options, designed in a wind tunnel to reduce drag.

Most Savadeck Road Bikes have the Continental Ultra Sport II (C304 SL) Wire 700x25C Tire fitted to the rear and the front of the bike. These tires have a solid rubber compound that sticks to the road and provides great traction. It does not spike up the weight of the bike, due to the 6061 aluminum tire frames.

Foldable Commuter Features

Traffic is something we all choose to avoid. Since it can be hard to avoid in your motor vehicle, you might have to opt for a bike to commute around town. The SAVADECK Folding Bike has a unique design and only features 20-inch tires. However, they state that the height can be adjusted to be more comfortable for larger riders.


Is should not take you more than an hour to assemble almost any Savadeck bike. Even though they are shipped from halfway around the world, the shipping packages are mostly assembled and you only need to add the basics. When looking at the SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike, you will see that it only takes the wheels and seats to be added.


The drivetrain is the combination of the shifters and the derailleurs. While these can be from different brands, it often works best when you have the same set. Shimano is the main producer of the Savadeck drivetrains. The SAVADECK Dual Suspension Mountain Bike features a solid 27-speed drivetrain on a carbon fiber frame.

The Full Disc Brake Package

The days of the cantilever brakes have slowly phased out, and people are turning towards the powerful disc brake for more stopping power. When you buy a mountain bike, you need to choose between the hydraulic disc brake and the mechanical disc brake. You will notice that the SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle features a V-brake at the front with a mechanical disc brake at the back to emphasize stopping power.

We should mention that while the V-brake is still a popular option, it is mostly found on entry-level road bikes. Nowadays, mountain bikes have moved to the disc brake. If you need a dual-suspension mountain bike, it is almost mandatory to have a disc brake. These brakes are much more reliable in wet weather conditions and do not skid as much.


Since these bikes are affordable, it is hard to not add a few accessories and spice up your bike. Upon ordering one of these bikes, you will find that there are tons of accessories for you to choose from. These accessories are designed to make the bike look good. However, a few of them often give you a competitive edge over your rivals.

One of the most common accessories is the conversion to hydraulic disc brakes. Since Savadeck does not charge excessive prices on the most expensive brake, it is best to add it to your bikes. As mentioned, these brakes offer incredible stopping power in all weather conditions and make life easier for downhill riders.

The Breakdown – Drawbacks (Savadeck Bikes Review)

Competitive Exposure

In a universe dominated by competitions, the best road bikes are often selected by their performance in competitions. As of this writing, Savadeck has not had much exposure when it comes to top competitions. It should take some time for the brand to be competitive in competitions like the Tour de France.

The same goes for mountain biking, as the brand has not made a name for itself the same way many of the best mountain bikes have. You will need to take a chance on one of these bikes if you are a competitive rider and perhaps see how they compare to many of the other high-end bikes of your competitors.

Not For Large Riders

Unfortunately, the brand is not made for larger riders if you are around 300-pounds, you might need to settle for a different bike. Large riders need bikes with 29-inch wheels, but some of the top Savadeck bikes are only around 24-inches. We believe you can add your modifications if you feel the need to enhance the size.


No matter which bike you choose, one of the priorities you need to put on the bike is reliability. Savadeck bikes still have some reliability, but you will find it hard to get your hands on replacement parts. The replacement parts need to be imported but should be more available as the brand grows and expands its market reach.

Bottom Line

Savadeck might not be as popular as brands like Mongoose, but they have made a name for themselves in the world of affordable carbon fiber bikes. Most of the reviews and opinions are positive but finding one of these bikes can be tedious. We would still recommend the best Savadeck bike to any serious rider looking to be competitive. This Savadeck Bikes Review article should give you all the information on these bikes.

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