Roadmaster Bikes Review

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Roadmaster Bikes Review

Today in this Roadmaster bikes review, we’re giving you an in-depth analysis of the brand and its best models. Are they good? If so, what makes them good? And we’ll even show you some of their more popular models to help give you a look at what you think you might like to take a look at. 

If you’re a little too anxious to read through the entire article, here is a sneak peek at the most popular Roadmaster bike on the market. 

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is easily one of the most purchased bikes (especially for beginning riders), and you really can’t go wrong with it either.

Roadmaster Bikes Review
Roadmaster Bikes Review


Roadmaster Bikes Review – History of Roadmaster

Roadmaster is a company that was founded by a company in 1935 called the Cleveland Welding Company, and since the inception of this brand of bike, they have been through a plethora of owners. 

Eventually, Cleveland Welding Company sold the bikes to AMF after WW2, who later sold the product to an investment company that changed the name to Roadmaseter Industries Inc. In 1996, the Roadmaster bike was sold to the Brunswick Corporations, which was then sold to Pacific Cycle inc. (the makers of Schwinn, mongoose, and other big-time names in the industry) where it has resided ever since. 

Let’s take a look at some of the bikes that the Roadmaster bike series has to offer.

Most Popular: Roadmaster Granite Peak

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is easily the most purchased bike that the Roadmaster bike series has on the market today. What makes this bike so popular is that it is sold at an excellent price point (typically sold under $100). This is an excellent bike for anybody who is looking to get into the sport of cycling without having to invest too much money. 


  • There is quite a bit to like about this entry-level bike, from the easy entry price to the massive amount of gears that you have to shift through to help ease your ride.
  • The major plus of this bike is just how inexpensive the bike is, so it is perfect for anybody just beginning their foray into cycling.
  • The steel frame of the bike is sturdy and should last you a long time.
  • With an 18 gear SRAM drive twist shifters give you a wide range of gears for any predicament you may find yourself in
  • Love the large 26-inch alloy rims that allow you more control when on the trail
  • Comes 90% assembled


Of course, when you purchase a bike at such a low price, there are going to be some issues that you will come across. Here are some of the problems we’ve had with it.

  • The seat is nearly impossible to use for more than a few minutes at a time; luckily it isn’t difficult to replace
  • The suspension forks aren’t as sturdy as you might want in a mountain bike, and you will feel a lot of the rocks and bumps underneath you.
  • The forks are put on the frame backward; this is confusing for people who aren’t aware of how the forks are supposed to look on a bike.
  • The instructions for the bike do not tell the purchaser how to put together this particular bike (instead of giving general assembly tips)
  • Very heavy mountain bike


In all honesty, this bike is well worth the price. Of course, at the price points like this, you won’t be getting any of the bells and whistles that you do at mid-range prices, but you definitely get your money’s worth with the bike.

It’s easy to pedal, and there are tons of gears to help you get up steep inclines a little easier. With that said, it would be nice if the bike were capable of being upgraded. The gears could be easier to shift, and the bike tends to veer left when you aren’t actively steering. But it handles well and is fairly simple to maneuver. 

As long as you aren’t taking onto terrain that isn’t meant for this bike (i.e., large mountainous ranges), you should get some pretty good use out of the Roadmaster Granite Peak. It’s also nice that it comes in kid’s and women’s sizes too.

Best for Girls: Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Bike – Purple

Another low priced, and easy to find bike, is the Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak girls bike. It is a women’s bike, and the colors are simply beautiful. The bike looks very similar to its counterpart, the Granite Peak, but has fatter and more versatile tires. You’ll also notice the saddle is a bit more comfortable than the seat that the Granite Peak came out with.


The are a few things to like about this bike, most notably its price

  • Large 24″ wheels are going to help riders cover terrain that is a little bit rougher than on 26-inch wheels
  • 18 Speed SRAM twist shifting system allows riders plenty of gears to choose from during their ride
  • Large enough, and durable enough to hold up to larger body types
  • The frame is extraordinarily durable


Even as much as I would recommend this bike if you need something durable, there are some definite pitfalls with this mountain bike. 

  • Far too many people have complained about the crank falling off of the bike during their first ride (not something you want from a brand new bike)
  • Although the seat is a bit comfier than the previous one we looked at, it is still wildly uncomfortable
  • You will have to make quite a few adjustments to the bike before taking it for a ride
  • Not a problem that many have had, but some have complained about parts missing from the box
  • The steel frame is pretty heavy for a mountain bike
  • Breaks squeal more than they should
  • Acts more like a road bike than a mountain bike


I wouldn’t discourage people from purchasing this bike necessarily. However, if you do purchase this bike, you need to understand that you are purchasing a bike that will require more maintenance than most.

You should definitely, tighten and adjust all components prior to riding; that may not be something that you want to do with a brand new bike. But again, you are spending very little on this piece of equipment. Regarding the crank, putting some Loctite on the bolt will hold it in place, but be sure to check on it every so often. 

I do, however, believe this is a good bike for somebody who wants to get into cycling, doesn’t foresee themselves being hard on it, and isn’t looking to spend a lot of money. 

Honorable Mention: Roadmaster Mountain Bike 29 Inches Jumper Black

The Roadmaster Mountain Bike Jumper is an interesting bike, for sure. It is in a different price category than the other two and is definitely a better thought out product. It’s a dual suspension bike with fat tires to help riders ease over rough terrain. I also really like the disc brakes they use, and the seat is far superior. I really liked the oversized handlebars and the handle of the bike in general. The way it glides when you ride is definitely a joy.

The reason this is an honorable mention is that on paper (and with minimal riding time), this is the bike I would recommend for those new to mountain biking. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put this bike to the test, and there are far too few people with enough experience with this bike. So I don’t yet feel comfortable saying this is my favorite – for now – but that could change shortly. I’ll keep you updated!

The Beauty of Cycling

Ahhh… the sweet aroma of the trails and fresh meadows in the springtime!

There is nothing better than being one with the nature that surrounds us on a beautiful day. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to live around the lush greenery that comes with the warmer months of the year. 

Thankfully, we can enjoy vast amounts of outdoor sports we can enjoy that will help us get outside to enjoy all of the beauty our magnificent planet offers. As you might have already guessed, here at, our favorite is cycling.

Whether mountain biking, touring, or recreational cycling. A bike is an excellent way to get to know all of the innate beauty that almost certainly surrounds your area. But if you aren’t already inundated in the world of cycling, you probably aren’t sure of where to start. 

Some examples of questions we get from beginners are. How much money should I spend on a bike? What brand should I get? And what type of bike should I purchase? Are all of these are common questions that we get asked. 

Today, we have reviewed one of the more popular entry-level bikes on the market – Roadmaster – to help you get an idea of what to expect from this company.

Final Thoughts – Roadmaster Bikes Review

Our goal at is to bring other people into this sport that we love so much.

When it comes to getting into cycling, we understand that you want to get your feet wet before you start upgrading to the thousand dollars and up bikes. And Roadmaster bikes are a viable entry-level bike if you’re on a budget. And don’t forget, PPE is just as important as your bike. When purchasing your bike, remember to purchase a helmet as well.

The most important thing is to get yourself on a bike and get out to enjoy (first-hand) all of the wonders our great planet has to offer. Honestly, once you get outdoors and connect with the world around you, the bike you’re sitting on won’t even be on your mind. 

If you are looking for a little more out of your first mountain bike, check this list of Mongoose bikes we put together for you.

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