Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews – Best Huffy MTB

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Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews – Best Huffy MTB

Those of you looking for the best Huffy mountain bike should check out the Huffy Summit Ridge. I like this bike because it is a solid entry-level mountain bike at a very reasonable price. The ride is smooth, the frame is sturdy, and it’s an overall good bike to get you back into the sport. Today we are having a deep dive into the Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews.

Cycling has long been a hobby enjoyed by a vast swath of adolescents (I’m sure you’ve seen them blocking your neighborhood roads from time to time), but something happens when you grow into adulthood. We put our mountain bike down and all but give up on one of the best exercises (and most enjoyable) activities known to humanity. 

Until now!

You probably came here because you’re looking to get back into biking, but since you’re an adult now, your old bike doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time for some new wheels. 

Of course, there are countless other mountain bikes worth looking into, so let’s dive a little deeper and look at some of the best Huffy mountain bikes available.

Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews
Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews

Our Top Pick: Huffy Summit Ridge


Sure, the most important thing to look for when purchasing your next bike is how well it will hold up. Substance over style yadda… yadda…

But if you can get your hands on something that has both substance and style, why not go for it. Because let’s be honest, when you’re blazing your path through mountainous terrain you’re going to want to look good.

The breaks could use a bit of reworking; they tend to squeal, they aren’t as sturdy, and don’t stop quite as quickly as one would hope. This can be more than a minor inconvenience when going downhill on unknown terrain.

The Huffy Summit Ridge gives you the typical Huffy characteristics; alloy wheels, aluminum hardtail frame, top-notch suspension fork, and oversized Knobby 26″ X 1. 95″ tires. And the blue and yellow frame is gorgeous, if you’re looking for a quality 26-inch 21 speed, you can stop your search here.

Just give yourself a little extra room to stop. Or invest in some aftermarket brakes.

Runner-UP: Huffy Men’s Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike


If you’re a serious rider, you are going to want to take a look at this beautiful piece of engineering. Combining sturdy alloy frames with the 3-piece Kolo steel crank provides a smooth ride that can handle any terrain you can throw at it. Plus, those large tires will keep you confident in the footing of your ride. Trust in your equipment is always a must when riding the trails.

There is nothing clunky about this mountain bike, from the smooth gear shifts to the sleek, smooth finish of the matte black and red hardtail flame, you are bound to love this bike.

Some people have complained that pedaling the bike is too much of a chore at times because of the weight of the bike. If you are just getting back into riding you might want to opt for a bike a little lighter in design unless you’re up for the challenge.

Sexiest Huffy Mountain Bike: Huffy Tekton


A little on the expensive side (at least relative to Huffy bicycles) but don’t let the price of it frighten you away, this is still significantly less than what you can expect to pay for most mountain bikes.

The Huffy Tekton is equipped with alloy linear-pull brake (front and back), alloy rims, and a 3-piece steel crank, this bike is going to get you through some rough terrain without having to worry about damaging the frame.

The first thing you’ll notice, this bike is going to stand out above the rest sporting a bright red and yellow color combination that harkens back to my childhood Hulkamania days (shout out to all my Hulkamaniac brethren).

Next, you’ll spot the plus-size tires on the bike. This is good for when you find yourself going through packs of loose dirt or even snow. Fat bikes are also great for beginners; their larger surface area gives you more leeway when traveling on rough terrain.

Best mountain bike for women: Huffy Escalate


Bikes made for women can be challenging to find, and we’ve never fully understood why there are plenty of women out there who take part in the activity.

For those of you who are growing weary of your significant other jacking your bike, adjusting the seat and handlebar heights, and NEVER putting it back how she found it. You should probably think about showing her the Huffy Escalate.

The 24-inch 21 speed is an all-terrain bike, so you aren’t related solely to trails with it. It is still utilizing the huffy hallmarks, with sturdy steel frames and an extra sturdy kolo suspension fork for riding comfort.

Speed, comfort, control, and style are the hallmarks of the Huffy Mountain Trail Bikes. Unfortunately, there is one common complaint about it. It appears that the chain on the bike tends to slip. This can be a deal-breaker, but to be honest, these are relatively easy fixes, and with the amount you spend on the bike you can’t expect perfection.

Best Kids Mountain Bike: Stone Mountain


It’s never too early to start enjoying the rush of soaring down hills or flying through the beaten trails behind the neighborhood. Maybe you want to take your youngster to a course and let him run wild. Or perhaps you want to be able to ride as a family. Whatever your reason for getting your favorite tiny human a bike it doesn’t, really, matter, just make sure you give the kids version of our favorite Huffy mountain bike a serious look.

This baby has 6-speeds, oversized tires, and a Kolo 1200 premium suspension made to give your little guy or girl the most comfortable and customizable ride possible. Easily adjustable seats (thanks to the convenient quick-release seat binder), and an indexed SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur with the micro-shift twist shifter that allows your child to grow with the bike. And thank god for that, especially considering how much cash you’ll be putting down on the bike.

Oh and don’t worry about the little guy is too hard on the bike. This alloy frame is built to withstand the pounding that the bike is going to get. It is a mountain bike after all.

How does Huffy stack up?

This is a company that has been making bikes for quite some time now, right around 125 years actually, and the Huffy mountain bike consistently ranks top-selling top-selling mountain bikes each year. You’ve seen them [probably] in every big box store there is (provided they sell bikes of course). But are they any good?

The answer, like most, is dependant on what you are looking for. The truth is, Huffy mountain bikes are for a pretty specific buyer. That buyer being, a casual biker. These are excellent entry-level bikes that will help you get acclimated to riding, and they are good for getting your feet wet in the world of mountain biking.

However, I wouldn’t get one of these if your planning on trekking the Grand Canyon or parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Luckily, most people are going to fit into the category of a casual biker. If you are one of those people, then Huffy is an excellent fit for you.

How much to spend on a mountain bike

When you are looking at purchasing a mountain bike, you need to figure which Huffy mountain bike is best for you. To do this, you’ll need to weigh options and decide what is most important to you. Are you looking for the highest-quality, the lowest prices, or the overall best value for your money?

Some other options are going to include your riding style, your riding preferences, most important your riding experience. If you are a novice, you probably won’t need to go all out and purchase a bike costing several thousand dollars. The reason being; you aren’t going to be putting the bike through rugged enough terrain to require the highest quality material.

Of course, if you only want to have to buy a bike once, then you could opt for a high-level mountain bike, but we recommend against it. The high-end mountain bikes are priced well above two or even three thousand dollars. And if you are a mountain biking newbie, you don’t even know how much you enjoy biking.

For your first bike, we recommend staying under 500 dollars.

What type of frame

There are as many frames for bikes as there are bikes, ranging from steel to carbon fiber. Having to figure out what is best for you can throw a wrench into the buying process. With the price range, we’re looking at though; these options have been narrowed down for us.

Bikes under $500 are only going to come in a hardtail design. This is good because it is straightforward to maintain (full suspension bikes need constant maintenance) and it helps you to learn to ride rough terrain properly. Since you don’t have a complete suspension system (front and rear) to balance out the rough terrain, you will quickly learn what you can do, what you shouldn’t do, and what you can not do with a mountain bike.

Riding style

Are you a cross-country rider, or a trail rider? This could make all of the difference in the world when choosing what bike you want. A cross-country rider is more focused on getting from point “a” to point “b” quickly. Whereas at trail rider is looking to climb up mountainous terrain, push their way over and through rocks when going downhill. Don’t let the word trail fool you; we aren’t talking about nature walk trails.

To recap, cross-country bikes want speed and power. They are perfect for the flat and forgiving terrain. And trail bikes are the bike version of a Land Rover; it’s suitable for all-terrain.

Wrap Up – Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews

There you have it, we’ve shown you some of our favorite Huffy bikes, and given you a mini-guide on how to shop for your first mountain bike. The health benefits you’ll receive from cycling are astounding and are only surpassed by how fun trail riding can be. The only thing you need to do is decide which Huffy mountain bike is best for you. 


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