Huffy Bikes Review

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Huffy Bikes Review

Standing with some of the bike giants, Huffy is one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world. The bikes are designed with durable features, which in turn makes it possible for users to enjoy long stints on the road or in the mountains. However, we have taken a deeper look at the Huffy bikes and what makes them stand out. The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike is one of the top options from our Huffy Bikes Review.

One of the main reasons that many people have chosen Huffy is due to the variety of features that they include in every bike. However, not everyone is aware of the special features hidden that the brand has. In the following article, you will find out which features make Huffy one of the top brands on the market today.

Huffy Bikes Review
Huffy Bikes Review

Huffy Bikes Review – Product Rating

Before we dive into a few of the special features, we must look at a few of the ratings around the world. Huffy has been along for a long time, which means that many people have gotten their hands on the bikes. Here are a few of the Huffy Bikes reviews that are going around the internet from the top retailers.

Wallmart – 4 out of 5

PerformanceBikes – 4 out of 5

While this is one of the many online bike retailers, both of them have a good reputation for giving people advice and helping them find the right bikes. As you might notice, both of the retailers have given Huffy bikes a great review. We would like to stress the importance of the quality that these bikes bring to the table.

Pros Of Huffy Bikes

Before you buy a bike, you need to consider a buyer’s guide to ensure you get the best features and value for your money. The following features are perfect for riders that need something durable at an affordable price:

  • Low Maintenance: When looking at a few of the mountain bikes, you will notice the hardtail design, which requires less maintenance.
  • Price: Huffy prides itself on some of the affordable rates for all their biking equipment. These benefits also include accessories.
  • Dependable: With the brand being around for more than 125-years, you can rely on them due to the dependability.
  • Sturdiness: One of the top features is the high carbon steel used in the construction, which offers durability and stability.
  • Beginner Bike: With all the adjustments available, it is one of the top options for beginners who haven’t been riding for a while.
  • Comfort: The seats are perfect for saddle riding, and even without the suspension, it is not hard on the road.

Cons Of Huffy Bikes

Not every bike comes with a great reputation, and when you have been in the market for almost 125-years, you are bound to have a few design flaws. Fortunately, the following downsides can be rectified with modifications:

  • No Suspension: No matter which bike you choose from Huffy, none of them have a rear suspension to reduce the strain.
  • Assembly: It could be daunting for beginners to set up the bike. Unfortunately, you need to follow the instructions carefully.
  • Beginners Only: One of the final issues is the fact that most professional riders might not get the features or kick they need.

The Breakdown – Benefits


One of the features we stressed is durability. When it comes to a top mountain bike, you need to keep durability in mind. Most Huffy Bikes are affordable, which means that high-carbon steel is used for the most part. However, the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for a combination of durability and weight.

Linking to the durability, you also have a few tires that will need to get you through some of the tougher terrains. The oversized tires can be found in different sizes, but they have a wider than average width. It should combat the smaller stones. Additionally, you can add a puncture kit to ensure that you endure everything the outdoors throws at you.

Woman-Specific Bikes

Additionally, you will find that females are gravitating more towards the outdoor lifestyle. In recent years, they had to rely on many of the male bikes, but Huffy has always been a brand that caters to female riders. The Huffy Women’s Nel Lusso Cruiser Bike might not be a bike for everyone, but it has wide wheels with an ergonomic female design.

With all the sizes available, smaller women can easily find the bikes that meet their posture. If you are used to horses, you will find that the saddles feel similar, and the seat adjustment is perfect for the length of your legs. The smallest adult sizes are 24-inches, while some can also accommodate oversized individuals with 29-inch wheel size.

Unique Designs

If you think of a bike, you will generally find a few specific bikes or designs that come to your mind. However, it is not everyone that wants to be bound by limits. Being in the market for so many years has ensured that the brand is designing bikes for every walk of life. The Huffy Arlington 26″ Adult Trike is unique with more riding comfort.

Additionally, the bikes from Huffy also have accessories that you can add when needed. For the above-mentioned bike, you can see that the bike has a basket at the back. Many of the cruiser bikes will also give you a basket at the front. However, these can manually be added to almost any type of bike you own.


There are many accessories on the market today, which means that every person can adjust the features and stats of their bikes to fit their needs. Huffy is one of the oldest brands, which means most of their bikes have a variety of accessories that one can choose from. The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike Escalate is made from aluminum, but the brakes can be adjusted.

If you look at the brakes of mountain bikes, you will find that the older linear brakes have been slowly phased out in recent years. Nowadays, many people choose the more expensive disc brakes but offer better stopping power. As for Huffy, you will find that the top disc brakes will amplify the quality of your riding experience.

A Bike For The Family

Cycling is a family endeavor that can bring everyone closer and allow you to spend some quality time with the ones you love. Whilst looking at the Huffy Bikes Review, we have found that they like to cater to children. The Huffy Disney Cars Kid Bike has a few small features and good looks that will make children excited.

These bikes are slightly smaller than all the others, which means that only children can use them. The smaller bikes are great for children and they will ensure that we can enjoy the road as a family. If you have children, anyone can now enjoy riding with their family.


We always look at the affordability before we consider a bike part of any list. One of the top reasons that people choose the Huffy brand is affordability. While these bikes won’t stand up to many of the rigorous terrains that the professional riders need to endure, they are great for beginners if you are new to cycling.

Additionally, the adjustability of the bikes will enable you to get the perfect leg to pedal ratio. Once you have the feature in place, you will find that your ride becomes more comfortable and tolerable. There are a few guidelines that one needs to look at for the brake to pedal ratio.

The Breakdown – Drawbacks


One of the downsides is the assembly of the bikes. While Huffy has a few great designs, most of the bikes will arrive at your doorstep in parts. The parts mean that you will need to spend some time assembly the bike. Many people have noted that it could take a couple of hours to have the bikes up and ready.

The larger bikes can take more time than some of the smaller versions. Most of the kid’s bikes from Huffy will be easy to assemble. We have noted that Huffy Mountain Bikes are easier to set up, and they are partially assembled. The cruiser versions of these bikes are what take up most of the time due to the accessories.

Suspension System

Whether you are buying a mountain bike or a simple cruiser bike, Huffy does not have rear suspensions in their bikes. The downside to nor buying a full suspension bike is that it reduces the amount of shock that one can absorb. A full-suspension mountain bike is more sophisticated, but it will reduce the strain on your body.

The Full Suspension mountain bikes tend to be a bit more expensive as well. Due to all the features and accessories, one needs to ensure that the bike has some smaller features to complement one another. It is worth noting that a full-suspension mountain bike requires a lot more maintenance. The additional maintenance will be in the form of lubrication.

Not For The Experts

We would like to stress the fact that these bikes are specifically designed for beginners. We have mentioned it a couple of times, but Huffy is more like a Jack of All trades brand. You will find almost everything you need as a beginner, but they do not have any specialized bikes unless it has been preordered.

Huffy is one of the ultimate beginner brands, and they have been in the market for the last 125-years, which means that the bike brand is tried and tested. We would recommend Huffy for the value they offer and the quality.

Bottom Line – Huffy Bikes Review

If you are in the bike industry, chances are that Huffy is one of the brands you already have known and trust. However, beginners might not understand why we make such a fuss of the Huffy brand. These Huffy Bikes Review should give you an indication of the top features and the value that the brand can offer any user.

We would love to read some of your thoughts and see which Huffy bikes you have used in the past or plan to use in the future. Drop a comment if you have any questions related to the top Huffy Bikes on the market today.

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