Eurobike Review: Best Budget Friendly Brand for Road and Mountain Bikes

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Eurobike Review: Best Budget Friendly Brand for Road and Mountain Bikes

Eurobike is one of the popular bike brands known to have a wide variety of bikes, including mountain, electric, and road bikes. They offer quality bikes with carbon and alloy framesets. But having read many Eurobike reviews and tested a few models of this brand, we concluded that the EURXC550 21 Speed Road bike standout among others. We will choose it for any other Eurobike bikes because its setup comes in handy in climbing hilly terrains and cruising rough flat roads. Besides, it offers an easy control system and rides faster than most bicycles in the road bike category.

No matter how challenging the route or terrain is, the bike’s quality comes through for you. The Eurobike brand has always provided a litany of high-quality bikes for both road and mountain biking. What does that mean? It’s simple! Eurobike got you covered on durability and efficiency if you are looking for a bike to cruise through rough terrain or for regular commuting.

However, if you are still pondering to ask the question, is Euro a good brand? Or if you are looking for the best Eurobike, then read on.  Here, we have provided in-depth Eurobike reviews, highlighting their best models, and explaining why you should buy a Eurobike.  

Eurobike Review
Eurobike Review


Brief Eurobike Brand History

The Eurobike brand was established originally in 1991 by Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid. This company’s idea came after the founders got involved in the cycle tourism industry in the 1980s. After several negations and meetings together, they formed a branch, Radwandern, which is the present Eurobike company’s foundation.

The following year, 1992, the first Eurobike catalog came to light. And not long after, this company moved to a more suitable place on an abandoned farm in Obertrum am See. By 2010, Eurobike created a new sales category, the Bike & Boat. Till this moment, Eurobike remains highly successful in the creation and sales of top-quality products and accessories.

Best Eurobikes Review

Are you a fan of the Eurobike catalog or a newbie to its wide selection? Here in this section of the Eurobike review, we reveal the top 5 best models to you, highlighting their features, benefits, and downsides.

1.  Overall Best Eurobike: EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

Get the EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike for an effortless cruising fun and fitness workout. This bike comes with 700cc wheels and a 21-speed shifting system, making it special for the road and commuting.  Besides, the features offer better balance while on top speed and make for a seamless stop, thanks to the dual disc brake system.

 It also comes with SHIMANO gear and shifters that offer better control and faster gear changing. Hence, you get to enjoy the best versatility and speed adjustment while avoiding crashes.

Moreover, the bike arrived already assembled up to 85%, so you don’t need to go through coupling stress. Also, its steel frame offers the durability, balance, and affordability you will not see in other brands. It equally helps to ensure long-lasting service without compromising performance.

Furthermore, this bike features an ergonomic handlebar and seat structure. It comes with a handlebar design that provides you with the best ride position and a relaxed posture.

You need not worry about losing control. The handlebar is placed in the right position to offer better control and eliminate backaches after a long ride. Even so, you can adjust the seat to any height you want to get lower back support and sitting comfort.

Finally, it does not have any complex parts, so the remaining assembly will not take more than a few minutes.


One of the biggest let downs of this bike is that its steel frame makes it heavier than other bikes with carbon frames. Even though the steel gives it balance, one of the material’s biggest flaws is that it is prone to rust. Hence, prolonged exposure could put your bike at risk of rust and damage.

2. Best Foldable Mountain Bike: Eurobike EURG4 Mountain Bike

For a better drive through the rough and bumpy mountain terrains, get yourself a Eurobike EURG4 Mountain Bike. It is one of the best mountain bikes that have come out of the brand’s workshop with a string of fantastic features. The 17-inch frame size makes it comfortable for cyclists of all sizes.

The bike also has dual suspension, making it easy to ride around mountainous terrains’ hilly bumps. Besides, it has a steel frame, which gives it rigidity and balance when in motion. It comes with a soft grip handlebar that offers comfort and better handling even when at high speed.

Another feature worth knowing in this Eurobike EURG4 review is the 26-inch dual-suspension. This feature gives it the balance to ride on mountain bumps with no fall problems.

It has a 21-speed gear and shifter system for graceful handling and effective stopping. The rims come in aluminum material, making the bike lighter and even more durable.  The wheels that come with this bike are larger than the ones found on road bikes. So, you have no issues traveling through different terrains.

With a frame size of 17 inches, it is one of the best unisex mountain bikes as it’s suitable for persons of about 5’4″ to 5’9″ in size.


The major downside of this mountain bike is the slightly faulty braking system. The disc brakes are not that strong, which means that they cannot come to a quick stop. The seat is also a bit hard and may present a little challenge for long-hour riders.

3. Best MTB for Men and Women: Eurobike 26″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Tour the mountains in style and elegance with Eurobike 26″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike. It’s one of the best MTB bikes out there for both your road and mountain ride adventure. It features a steel handlebar that guarantees absolute comfort and better handling/swerve.

The foldable bike comes with high-grade Shimano 21-speed shifters, which provide easy usage and simple operation. The full suspension feature gives you ultimate comfort even on the coarse grounds of the mountains. It is very affordable when compared to bikes in this category.

Moreover, the bike is lightweight and simple to carry around. It is your best bet for a mountain tour far away from home as it folds and fits snugly into the car trunk. The chain brakes are consistent, and the bracket does not stick or drag, making it suitable for women looking for the best women’s full-suspension mountain bike.

Finally, with a little air pump into the 700cc tires, you are good to go.


The drawback of this bike includes a quick-wearing wheel sticker and a very heavy steel frame. Moreover, the screws that hold the left and right pedals loosen after a short while if they are not fastened on arrival. The assembly may pose a little challenge if you decide to DIY.

4. Best Road Bike: Eurobike Road Bikes 700C

This Eurobike 700C Road bike features an all-steel design and body finishing, having a frame size of 54cm. This bike’s steel build allows a maximum load-carrying capacity of 300lbs, making it suitable for oversized persons.

It features a 21-speed shifting system which allows for faster and quicker cycling. Furthermore, It has a dual disc brake system for improved braking efficiency and effectiveness. Going fast is great but having a solid and reliable brake system compliments makes riding better and safer.

Unlike some other bike products, It arrives 85% already assembled. All that remains to install are the pedals, front wheel, seat, handlebar, and air the tires. This makes it easier for beginner installers to perform quick setups after purchase.

This Eurobike sports a 700C wheel size and 28C full tire – with its freewheel at 7plus, 14-28T, and having a standard pedal. These bike parts allow for a quicker, more grippy, and safer brake.

The best cyclist for the 700C Eurobike is the one with heights from 5″ 8 and above. This bike is suitable for riders with heights even above 6 feet.


Amongst the many great positive attributes of this Eurobike road bike review, it also has its downsides. This bike is highly unsuitable and uncomfortable for individuals of height 6″ 5 and above. 

The Eurobike 700C manual for finishing the assembling is mostly unreliable. Many customers have complained about how vague and uninformative the instructions can be. A significant disadvantage of this bike is its ability to rust upon prolonged exposure to water quickly.

5. Best 700C Road Bike: Eurobike XC7000 Road Bike

The Eurobike XC7000 bike comes with an aluminum-designed framework construction with a height of 54cm. This road bike’s build material gives it a net weight capacity of 28lbs with a maximum carrying load of 330lbs. This makes it suitable for a wide range of persons, both light and heavy weighted.

The XC7000 sports a 14-speed shifting system that allows you to go faster and brake safer at different speeds. It features an aluminum caliper brake with a Shimano Claris brake lever for additional safety braking at high speed.

This bike comes 85% already assembled; all that remains is to install the pedals, front wheels, seats, handlebars, and air up the tires. According to Eurobike, this happens to make installation much easier, especially for the newbies.

The XC7000 Eurobike features a double 700C wall aluminum rim, a 28C full black tire, an 8-plus freewheel, and a 34/50T chain wheel. Additionally, racing-style handlebars allow for proper control and handling of the bike on any terrain.

This uni-sex XC7000 Eurobike is primarily suitable for persons with heights up to 6”1 due to its super comfortable seat, pedals, and handlebar placement. If you are looking to have a very comfortable ride with less stress, you should consider this bike from Eurobike.


As much as this bike might seem perfect in this Eurobike XC7000 review, the rims are comparatively small, which doesn’t appeal to many people. When it comes to off-road or mountain terrains, it performs terribly.

If you love to ride with a companion, this bike might not be for you. It has a space that is suitable for only one person per ride. You might also need to pack a pouch to keep your bottles if you intend to ride for long hours – no bottle holders on this bike.

Why Should You Buy a Eurobike?

Often, people get confused between several bike brands regarding which to choose. Amongst the many brands, the Eurobike company has stood its ground as one of the best producers available. If you need a reason to purchase a Eurobike, here are some.


When purchasing any product, you need to put into consideration its cost-effectiveness. Eurobike is well-known for providing bikes with top-quality materials, features, and specifications you get to find on only premium models. This brand gives new or old cyclists a chance to own premium bikes at a very reasonable and affordable rate – unlike the competition.

Premium Quality

Eurobike prides itself on using the best available materials to achieve good bike quality and overall design. They ensure all their production materials go through severe testing and quality checks. And this checking process continues until the bike reaches the hands of the buyer.

Good Customer Service

At Eurobike, amongst their many aims, providing the best customer service is paramount. Eurobike offers qualified, well-researched, and vastly educated customer attendants to aid buyers. Whether you want to know how to use a particular product or learn more about the brand, they are there to help.

Final Word on Eurobike Review

With every piece of information provided above in this Eurobike review, you already know what this brand has to offer.  It is one of the top brands that offer quality and affordable road and mountain bikes. 

We have highlighted the best Eurobike models. They all offer the nicest features and optimum comfort with sturdy wheels and an effective shifter system. 

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