Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

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Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

We know you’re here because you trust us to give you the low down on the best Black Friday deals you can find for all your cycling needs. That is why we have scoured the net in all it’s corners and crevices to find you the best Black Friday electric bike deals.

Now I’m going to say it was easy. Great electric bikes at a great price are rarely easy to find. But after we put in all the man-hours, and maybe the occasional Bing search here and there. We have managed to come up with a list of eight awesome electric bikes, one of which is sure to suit your needs.

Below we have a list of top-notch products and even a handy guide on how to shop for electric bikes.

Of course, some of you already know the ins and outs of bike shopping. All you want is the answer to your question. What are this year’s best Black Friday electric bike deals? I’ll tell you.

The Elby Bike 9-Speed is easily one of my favorite electronic bikes I had the pleasure of researching for you. The bike is uber portable and even folds up for the added benefit. Plus the rear suspension keeps your ride smooth and comfortable no matter how rough the road you commute on gets.

Not to mention, it has three different riding modes on it; Throttle only, pedal only, and power-assisted pedal. The bike looks awesome, performs awesome, and is an all-around great electronic bike. Commuters will love this one.

Black Friday Electric Bike Deals
Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Best Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

The following examples all having featured prominently in the sales last year and could very well make a return entry this time around:

 Black Friday Electric Bike DealsOur RatingCheck current price
Elby Bike 9-Speed ★★★★★
SwagCycle Pro Folding Bike ★★★★
Razor Power Rider 360 ★★★
Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike ★★★★★
Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike ★★★★★
Tomasar Power Electric Bike ★★★★
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike ★★★★

The Charm of the Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

If you are looking at Black Friday electric bike deals, then it is safe to assume that you know how awesome this class of bicycles actually are. Or at the very least; the person who you are shopping for has an understanding of them. I suspect that electric bikes became an idea of wishful thinking the moment that electricity was invented and put to use.

And then, in 1897, a Boston man found a way to make it happen. Of course, this was nowhere near an efficient way to ride your bicycle around in those days. So it never really picked up steam. But fast forward more than a century later, and we’re are finally living in the age of the ‘electric bike.’

And in the last decade or so, electric bikes have become an even greater force of nature. They let you zip through traffic without having to drop so much as a bead of sweat on your freshly clean and pressed suit. And the ability to rapidly accelerate can get you out of some sticky situations too.

Yeah, electric bikes are awesome. They like their manual counterparts; they aren’t one size fits all. There are different classes of electric bikes, and it helps to know what those are before you go out and shell out a ton of cash for one.

Electric Bike Classes

There are as many e-bike classes as there are in any other bike category. Some are made for getting you around without having to put any effort into pedaling, while other e-bikes are merely there to act as a pedaling assistant. Here is a look at some of the most common classes of electronic bikes you will see on the streets today.

Pedal Assist

Pedal Assist bikes are the most prevalent electric bikes on the road today. This class of e-bike is made to help the riders when traveling up-hills, making it easier for steep climbs. It works by upping the power that goes into the back wheel; helping riders to power up-hill.

Pedal-assist electric bikes are excellent for riders with bad knees (and even older riders) who can’t put a ton of pressure on their legs but don’t want to give up their favorite hobbies. Some of the best pedal-assist e-bikes can help you reach up to 15 miles per hour – going uphill. Great for mountain biking.

Speed Pedelec

Pedelec is another name for pedal assistance. And speed pedelec e-bikes are (as the name would lead you to believe) are made to help riders increase their speed. The high-end speed pedelec bikes can reach top-end speeds of up to 28 miles per hour. But, because of the speed, these rides can reach, many places require riders of these bikes to be licensed.

Throttle Electronic Bikes

Throttle bikes are a lot like scooters that operate using an electronic throttle. Actually, they are exactly like that. This class of e-bike uses the throttle to move the bike ahead, without the rider having to do anything extra. No, pedaling, just hit the throttle and go.

Unfortunately, there are several countries that have outlawed throttle bikes entirely. So before deciding to purchase one of these bikes, be sure to check the laws regarding electronic bikes in the city you live in.

These are the least common e-bikes, but they are also my favorite class of electronic bikes. They are perfect for daily commutes. You don’t have to expend any extra energy in getting to your destination; they get to your destination with speed. And they cost significantly less than vehicles do.

What to Consider When Shopping for Black Friday Electric Bike Deals

Shopping for an electric bike isn’t the same as shopping for most other types of bikes out there. Sure, you’ll need to get the right size, like you always do. But there is so much more to it. For instance, do you want to get rid of the need to pedal all together? Or are you just looking for some assistance when you have to pedal up those steep hills?

Also, the nature of electric bikes (at least for now) is that they are extremely controversial. Their so controversial that some high-profile politicians are actively trying to outlaw them altogether. Places like New York have gone on the offensive and began confiscating several hundred of these bikes.

So do some research before you opt to purchase the Black Friday electric bike deals. Does your city require you to be licensed to ride one, what ages are allowed to ride them? Do you need to get insurance and register them? These are all important questions that require accurate answers before you make your purchase. You can find some info on the requirements your state has for riding electric bikes here.

Keep in mind this table is subject to change. To stay up to date with your cities electronic bike rules and regulations, make sure you visit your state (and cities) website to stay informed about any law changes.

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