Best Youth Mountain Bikes

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Best Youth Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is one of the easiest ways for anyone to get started. The mountain bike is efficient in every terrain and it is much more affordable than the top road bikes. The best youth mountain bikes can be a great way for your child as a beginner to get started. It is also the ultimate way to ensure your child understands some of the cycling basics. The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike stands out as one of the best for youth riders.

I might not be able to comfortably fit on the top youth mountain bikes, but they do make a difference to most youth riders. Having a few friends with children testing some of these bikes, we found out which of the features are the most important and how to help you get the best value for your money when selecting one.

In this article, we discuss some of these features and look at the top bikes currently available on the market today. These bikes have been tested heavily and we have taken them off-road and on the roads around town. Now, you can decide which bike will be the best for your child, without having to visit the store or consult with a pro specialist at a fee.

Best Youth Mountain Bikes
Best Youth Mountain Bikes
Best Youth Mountain BikesSizeOur Rating
Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike20-inch★★★★★
Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike20-inch★★★★
Guardian Ethos Series 20-Inch Mountain Bike20-inch★★★★
WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike20-inch★★★★★
Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Girls Mountain Bike20-inch★★★★
Mongoose Kong Boy’s Fat Tire Bike20-inch★★★★★


Best Youth Mountain Bikes On The Market Today

Before delving deeper into all the key features, we should start with the top bikes for your riders. Instead of wasting time and money at a store, you can now find them here, including all the features that make them good or bad. Let’s look at all the top youth mountain bikes and the features that set them apart from the rest:

Top Pick: 20″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

Starting this list, we have the Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike. Mongoose is an affordable brand and it features an aluminum frame for durability and keeping the weight to a minimum. With a full suspension design, your kind won’t need to endure saddle pain from bumpy roads, while the 20-inch tires give them enough elevation off the ground.

The Good

  • Full Suspension: Since it has a full suspension design, the bike is really comfortable. It also reduces some of the bumps on the saddle
  • Brakes: Linear brakes are much easier to actually use as a youth rider. The brakes will also give the child excellent stopping power
  • Derailleurs: Having the 7-speed derailleurs will make the bike easier to control in all conditions. It also teaches your child about the drivetrain system
  • Price: Mongoose is known as an affordable brand and this will make life much easier when it comes to upgrade prices

The Bad

  • Assembly: Unfortunately, you need to deal with the assembly feature. This is needed for the warranty to kick in

Runner-Up: 20″ Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a reliable brand, the Huffy Bike Brand is one of the top brands. We have singled out the 20″ Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike for all the features and the design. Having a hardtail design makes life easier when it comes to climbing. However, the stylish design will also make it really attractive for youth riders.

The Good

  • Assembly: While most bikes will require some sort of assembly, this bike definitely comes 90% assembled already
  • Drivetrain: The 6-speed derailleurs are sponsored by Shimano and this makes life easier for youth riders to understand
  • Tires: Having 1.95-inch tires, you can use the tires on all different terrains. Fortunately, we have not had any troubles with punctures

The Bad

  • Shifting: Many people have complained about the gears being a little harder to shift than normal.

Best Brake System: Guardian Ethos Series 20-inch B07BZ9JYCQ

If you have some safety issues, the Guardian Ethos Series 20-inch mountain bike is one of the top options to consider. While it might be a newer brand from the Shark Tank series, the patented braking system is what sets the bike apart. It is available in multiple different colors and also features a lightweight and durable frame.

The Good

  • Design: With a stylish design, this bike definitely stands out as one of the favorites. It has numerous colors and an impeccable style.
  • Braking: Voted as one of the safest bikes on the market today, this bike is also safe for any kid to use
  • Price: Guardian is still a new brand. This means they are not too expensive. You should also note that the bike is 99% assembled

The Bad

  • Gears: Once again, the bike has a few gears shifting difficulties that many people can’t really deal with, especially beginners

Best High-End Bike: WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike

Woom is not one of the most common brands, but they have some of the best tech features included in their state of the art bikes. The WOOM BIKES USA Woom 4 Pedal Bike features top additions, many that you will find in the best mountain bikes. Kenda is used for the tires, giving you affordability and reliability with this expensive bike.

The Good

  • Weight: At just under 17-pounds, this bike is actually lightweight and this makes it perfect form beginners stating out
  • Drivetrain: Instead of using Shimano, the SRAM 8-speed derailleurs are some of the easiest to shift for weaker riders
  • Braking: Mini V-brakes have been included and these offer you much more functionality and accuracy when you need to brake on the go

The Bad

  • Price: Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive bikes we have on this list. However, it does come 99% assembled

Best Bike For Girls: 20″ Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Girls Mountain Bike

Once again, we have the Huffy brand at the forefront of our selection. The 20″ Huffy Summit Ridge 6-Speed Hardtail Girls Mountain Bike is the female version of the previous bike we have selected. It also comes with massive tires for more grips, but the glossy pink color is what sets it apart from the rest of the bikes for girls.

The Good

  • Tires: With 1.95-inch tires, this bike is one of the top options when it comes to grip and it can take on any terrain
  • Colors: The gloss pink color is something that should turn the heads of most girls. It is highly recommended for girls
  • Price: Once again, it an affordable option, which means you can upgrade the derailleurs to something a little easier to shift

The Bad

  • Gear Shifting: As with the male version, you still need to look for an upgrade in gears. They can be a little harder to shift when just starting

Best fat Tire Boys Bike: Mongoose Kong Boy’s Fat Tire Bike

last but certainly not least, you might be interested in a fat tire bike as well. The Mongoose Kong Boy’s Fat Tire Bike is designed by Mongoose and it features a patented design. However, the width of the tires is what will be making the ultimate difference. The width of the tires are around 4.25-inches and takes on any terrain.

The Good

  • Frame: This frame features an ergonomic design. It makes it much easier for beginners to have comfort on the bike
  • Price: Mongoose is one of the cheapest brands and this bike definitely stands out as one of them
  • Tires: You might have guessed it, but the tires will be the ultimate feature that sets this bike apart from the rest

The Bad

  • Weight: Unfortunately, the bike is also slightly heavier. At around the 40-pound mark, it might be a little too heavy

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Youth Mountain Bikes

While these bikes are fun and exciting, understanding the features will help you choose any other youth bike as well. If you still don’t know which bike to select, consider these features. Here are some of the top features we used to select these bikes:


If the bike is too large, it might not be comfortable for your youth rider. We have seen the 20-inch wheels are the most comfortable for children of various different ages. However, you might also need to look at the design. An ergonomic design does make a huge difference.


Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to keeping your child safe. To ensure your child does remain safe, you should consider having a V-brake or disc brakes if possible. However, this can be upgraded with time.


Kids might not always understand the drivetrain as of yet. However, they do need to learn how to use it efficiently. Shimano is one of the best brands when it comes to a quality drivetrain. However, SRAM should be your number one brand if you can afford it.

Which One Is The Best?

After testing many of these bikes, we also have a favorite. While they all have a special place in terms of quality and features, the 20″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike has stood out as one of the very best currently available. Now, you should let us know in the comment section which of them you prefer to be the best.

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