Best Women’s Road Bike Under 1000

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Best Women’s Road Bike Under 1000

Cycling has become more and more competitive and everyone is trying to find the best bikes without breaking the bank. The best women’s road bike under 1000 is not all that hard to find with a little bit of searching, you should easily find the ideal road bike that meets all of your needs. This price range can also help you find a competitive bike if you love racing. The Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle is a state-of-the-art bike for the active women and it comes with some high-quality features.

With a couple of years of experience in the cycling industry, I have found out how easy it can be to find the ideal bike if you have the knowledge. By combining my knowledge with some of the latest trends, I managed to track down some of the top road bikes that every competitive woman will love to have in their arsenal.

In this article, we have taken a deeper look at some of these bikes. This helped us to make the right picks and leave you with the top bikes. We have also included a small buyer’s guide of important features. This should enable you to have all the right knowledge when it comes to choosing the ideal bike elsewhere.

best women's road bike under 1000
best women’s road bike under 1000

Best Women’s Road Bike Under 1000 On The Market Today

While many people are always stumped when they look for the right bike and they believe that buying something expensive will be the way to go. We have taken a different approach and instead of adjusting your budget, you only need to adjust your skills to meet those features that the bike will offer. Here are the top road bikes for women on the market today:

Top Pick: Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

The first bike on our list is the Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle and this bike is designed with a durable aluminum frame. It also features a decent carbon steel fork to enhance overall durability. The bike is not only stylish but really effective on the road and the 14-speed Shimano drivetrain should give you plenty of functionality options.

The ally caliper disc brakes might not be on the same level as the mechanical disc brakes, but they offer great stopping power. The bike is also designed for speed and all of these features weigh next to nothing compared to some steel bikes. Finally, it is also available in 2 different colors to match the needs of each woman looking to get on the road.

In terms of the price, Schwinn is not one of the most expensive brands, but we have selected this bike for the overall quality it offers. We would highly recommend this bike to any woman who loves cycling and it is also highly rated by many pros.

Best Stylish Road Bike: Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike

Most women will love to have something stylish that will complement their overall look and enable them to make short work of choosing the clothing they need to wear. The Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike is designed for active women and with an interesting color combination, it is sure to turn some heads as well.

Made from lightweight aluminum, this bike is not heavy at all and this means that even smaller women can have some fun when riding it. The bike features a 16-speed drivetrain and this will also allow you to tackle virtually any terrain. It is available in 2 different sizes and these sizes are ideal for small to medium women looking to have some cycling fun.

The bike is designed for competition purposes, but if you feel like you need to commute around the city. This bike should also allow you to do this with relative ease. We would highly recommend it for the price and the design. It should also make the perfect gift for your wife to join you on those cycling trips around town.

Best Hybrid Bike: Handsome She Devil 8 Speed Step-Through Women’s City Bicycle

Having a hybrid bike is often the best way to go if you are looking for versatility and value for your money. The Handsome She Devil 8 Speed Step-Through Women’s City Bicycle features a hybrid design that will make the ride much more comfortable. Doing competition is always fun, but this bike might need a couple of adjustments to be competition ready.

With a step-through frame, it is really easy to get on and off the bike. It has also been constructed from durable aluminum, keeping the weight to a minimum to help you reach faster speeds. Unfortunately, the drivetrain only features 8 speeds. This might limit you when riding on unforgiving terrains.

It is also worth noting that this is one of the most expensive bikes on this list. However, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and this means that it could be the last bike you ever buy. Making competition adjustments are really easy and your bike will be ready for racing in virtually no time at all.

Best Road Bike For Commuting: Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike

Vilano is a widely recognized brand and they don’t overprice their bikes like many of the other brands. Having a road bike for commuting is also great for saving money on gas prices and this is where the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike is a handy addition for you to get back and to work without breaking your budget.

Designed with an aluminum frame, the bike is lightweight and this makes it ideal for smaller women as well. It also comes with a 21-speed drivetrain and this enables you to handle any situation with real ease and comfort. The bike is also available in two different colors, enabling you to match your clothing.

In terms of the price, the bike is definitely affordable and this makes it a great investment for anyone looking to save on his or her commuting trips. The bike won’t let you down and it can be easily assembled with only basic tools. It is also worth noting that expert assembly is available.

Best Budget Bike: GMC Denali Road Bike

Last but certainly not least, we did some digging to find a cheaper bike. However, it will still offer you excellent value. The GMC Denali Road Bike is a state-of-the-art road bike with excellent features and it has been designed from top-quality aluminum that will keep the weight down, but still add the needed durability.

While this bike might not be as expensive as some of the other bikes, it has been designed for competition purposes. If you are into competing with your friends, this will be one of the top options to consider. With a 21-speed drivetrain, the bike can also handle any terrain and situation with real ease.

If you need something cheaper and affordable, this will definitely be the bike to go with. It meets most of the safety requirements for great bikes and the brand is trusted as well. We like this bike for its affordability and some of the excellent features you will get at this affordable price.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Women’s Road Bike Under 1000

Now that you have seen the top bikes, you might be wondering which features we highly recommend you look for. Finding the right road bike is easy if you keep these features in mind. These features will ensure that you are happy with your purchase.


We like focusing on the materials and having great materials will make a difference. When it comes to choosing the best women’s road bike under 1000, an aluminum alloy is the best material for the job. However, if you are a competitive racer and you have a hefty budget, carbon will be your best option. You should choose the materials based on your skill level and purpose.


Much like on the top mountain bikes, your drivetrain is definitely important. The gears will enable you to tackle different terrains with much greater ease. Female riders should enjoy a drivetrain of around 16 speeds for tackling tough terrains.


A stylish bike might not be all that important to men. However, female riders love to be in fashion and this means the design should be fashionable as well. Buying a bike with stylish decals will definitely allow you to stand out from your peers.

Final Verdict

Fun is also one of the main reasons why many people choose the road bike and it is not only for speed. These selected bikes should offer you the ideal combination of having fun and racing. We would highly recommend all of them for the quality and value they offer, especially our top pick for the best women’s road bike under 1000.

Finally, if you are a beginner, we would highly recommend reading our article on the Best women’s road bike for beginners.

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