Best Women’s Mountain Bike Saddle

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Best Women’s Mountain Bike Saddle

If you are looking for the best women’s mountain bike saddle, then you should check out the Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s. The designers of this saddle took every aspect of the female body and riding form into consideration when creating this superior seat. You will swear that it is a custom fit. Serfa has been offering excellent biking products for over 24 years. They proudly stand behind their innovative items.  

One of the best bike gear investments you can make is finding the best women’s mountain bike saddle. If you are a biking enthusiast, then you are going to spend hours perched atop a bike saddle while you ride across rough backcountry terrain. Having a seat that fits your contours comfortably is critical. Ultimately, at the end of a long day of riding your body is going to thank you.

If your mountain bike saddle does not fit your rear end correctly, then riding could become a pain in the butt. After only an hour of crossing rough, bumpy roadways your derriere will not only be sore, but the pain often stretches all the way into your upper thighs and lower back. Focusing on your physical discomfort destroys the entire ride. Ideally, whatever mountain bike saddle you opt to purchase should mold to your body nicely. The seat must provide adequate padding, and create no pain point triggers.

Best Women's Mountain Bike Saddle
Best Women’s Mountain Bike Saddle

Top Pick:  Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s

The Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s features a full-length anatomical groove that runs down the middle of the saddle. Compared to other saddles, the seat position is also more elevated to eliminate the pressure and numbness of your soft tissue. The entire design of the leather focuses on putting your body’s weight in the mountain bike saddle exactly where it belongs so that your form’s sit bones absorb the impact of the bumpy track.

Undoubtedly, with the Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s you are going to be able to spend more time on the trail. The correct seat means you can easily enjoy an all-day backcountry riding adventure. Within the design of the saddle is a contoured, anatomic channel that helps blood flow throughout your neurovascular system. The unrestricted blood flow means that you are less likely to experience any numbness or discomfort even if you ride for hours across rough terrain.

The Serfas RX-922L features what is known as the Infinite Comfort System (I.C.S.). The I.C.S. refers to four layers of closed-cell foam, gel, and microfiber covers that are built within the saddle to provide maximum support and comfort. The gel-infused padding not only creates a comfortable seat but also reduces friction and chafing.

At the base of the Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s is a soft, flexible rubber-like material that supports your sit bones. Furthermore, each side of the saddle rotates independently to reduce irritation and friction. The raised tail end of the seat alleviates pressure in the neuro-vascular bundle without compromising the saddle’s nose stability.

Runner-Up: RockBros Mountain Bike Carbon Saddle for Women

The RockBros Mountain Bike Seat Carbon Saddle for Women is a small breathable seat. The saddle is fashioned of superior shock-absorbing carbon fiber so that it is exceptionally strong. The surface of the leather is smooth, so it causes less rubbing and chafing. The middle of the seat is hollow to create more airflow and provide relief from the heat of cycling.

The ergonomic design of the RockBros Mountain Bike Seat Carbon Bike Saddle Women provides a comfortable perch for long rides. You can mount the mountain bike saddle onto any mountain bike. You merely loosen the bolts and slip the post and adaptor out of the seat railing.

The sleek design and comfortable care surface of the RockBros Mountain Bike Seat Carbon Saddle for Women wipe clean easily. The saddle is waterproof, so if you get caught out in the rain you won’t have to deal with a squishy seat. Undoubtedly, this saddle is built to last even across the toughest trails.  

A Great Mountain Bike Saddle Choice: AIKATE Bike Saddle Professional MTB With Gel Cushion Pad

The AIKATE Bike Saddle Professional Mountain bike with Cushion Pad is made of durable PU leather. The real gel lining affords superior comfort even across the bumpiest roads which prevents muscle soreness. Above all, the saddle seat is highly breathable with a lightweight design. The streamlined form of the saddle helps reduce resistance and shock. Therefore, you can increase your riding speed while conserving energy. All of these features combine to allow you to ride for a long time in comfort.

The design of the AIKATE Bike Saddle Professional MTB with Gel Cushion Pad contours to your form. The saddle’s design offers a hollow with a deep center cutout. The entire painstaking design fits your shape. When riding, you will experience no painful pressure points or pinching so you can effortlessly ride for miles.

The AIKATE Bike Saddle Professional Mountain Bike with Gel Cushion Pad is easy to install and fits most mountain bikes. Also, the surface of the mountain bike saddle is washable. If you decide to hit the trails hard on a muddy day you can quickly wash away the debris.

Additional Mountain Bike Saddle Choice:  DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Mountain Bike Saddle Cushion with Taillight

The DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Mountain Bicycle Saddle Cushion with Taillight features excellent designs for everyone. The soft wear-resistant leather of the saddle conforms nicely. The saddle’s surface is waterproof and scratch-resistant. The high-density foam interior is shockproof to absorb even the bumpiest trail surface. The bike seat comes with one year warranty. The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee. As a result, if you are not completely satisfied with the feel of this saddle then you can return it.

Bright waterproof tail light located on the DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Mountain Bicycle Saddle Cushion with Taillight is a handy feature. The light makes riding safer. Made up of five pieces, the bright LEDs have three lighting modes so they last up to 36 hours when left on steady mode. The bright light also increases visibility so night riding becomes safe. 

The ergonomic design of the DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Mountain Bicycle Saddle Cushion with Taillight prevents chafing. The narrow saddle lets your thighs move freely with no rubbing. The air groove and hollow features on the seat speed up air circulation and alleviate pressure points. The seat also has dual suspension rails for shock absorbency.

Also for Consideration: Brooks Saddles Women’s Team Pro S Bike Saddle

The Brooks Saddles Women’s Team Pro S Bike Saddle boasts chrome-plated features. The saddle offers optimum strength and style so you can ride in comfort. The saddle is handmade in England using 100-year-old traditions. The finest vegetable-tanned leather covers the surface of the saddle. Noteworthy, the sides have a unique hand-skived design with a small strip of the leather’s surface cut back to add even more comfort. Undoubtedly, the saddle’s flair showcases its optimum design.

The rivets only add to the upscale appearance of the Brooks Saddles Women’s Team Pro S Bike Saddle. The nose and tail of the saddle also exhibit hand-hammered rivets so the soft leather of the saddle is exceptionally form-fitting. The seat contours to your body to create an enjoyable riding surface that relieves pressure points.

The Brooks Saddles Women’s Team Pro S Bike Saddle is slightly wider than the male saddle version to better fit a woman’s body. The mountain bike saddle installs easily on a standard bike seat post.

Key Features of The Best Women’s Mountain Bike Saddle

In recent years, female participation in the sport of mountain biking has grown by leaps and bounds. Female riders have created an undeniable need for superior saddles. Key features to look for in the best women’s mountain bike saddle are the width, material, and surface design. Any of the above mountain bike saddles will fit a woman’s unique form. They create a comfortable riding experience even across the most adverse singletrack, backcountry, or man-made trail systems. Therefore, I am sure that you will find the MTB saddles listed here ideal for all of your biking needs.

Wrap Up

Even if you invest in a top-of-the-line women’s mountain bike, there is no guarantee that the saddle is going to fit your body correctly. I purchased a bike a couple of years ago, and the first thing I did was swap out the saddle. I couldn’t ride for longer than an hour on the trail without experiencing extreme physical discomfort. Once I placed the new, form-fitting seat on the bike, it became a whole new riding experience. The Serfas RX-922L is now my favorite on the bike and my go-to for extreme riding.

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