Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

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Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes come with tires that are made for rocky terrains and are no good to roll on normal asphalt road. But if you wish to ride on rough terrains and plain roads with no issues, install the Schwinn replacement bike tire. This is one of the best road tires for a 29er mountain bike that can go up to 500 miles without a flat. It also offers a high grip (20-inches) for freestyle riding on the road.

It may look abnormal to ride a 29er mountain bikes on a plain road, but this is common. These bikes come with crooked tires designed to ride mainly on rough terrain. Trying to ride these bikes on a smooth road will make the tires wear off quickly and slow down your ride.

Luckily, the above problem now has a solution as there are road tires designed for mountain bikes that roll smoothly on the road. These tires turn the mountain bike into multipurpose bikes. In this buying guide, we have selected the best road tires for 29er mountain bikes to make your purchase a lot easier.

Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike
Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

Top 5 Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

Best High Grip Road Tire: Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire

The Schwinn replacement bike tire has a flat resistant layer for all-round protection while on the road. This layer helps to reduce the impact of the smooth gravel lanes on the tire and ensure better rides. This Schwinn bike tire also has an ultra-durable steel bead structure bound to traction and fitted for road and trail riding.

It delivers additional friction when you hit the path both on the mountains and plains. With a 38-mm width and 29-inch dimension, the tire fits 700c wheels, making it ideal for mountain bikes.

Furthermore, it offers top durability to cut back the chance of flats with a built-in resistant patch. The feature makes it one of the best mountain bike tires for road and trail This 29er road tire has a high grip to ensure on and off-street protection offered.

Even though you have a small rim say 1.5 inches wide, the tire would fit perfectly into the front and back. No matter the manual’s specification, it fits snugly on the rim even without enough air in the tube. And then, it’s easy to install using a simple bike tool.


Despite the strong points of this tire, it is considerably heavy, slowing down the whole bike movement. The extra mass of the device makes your driving sluggish and rotation slow. Also, due to excessive folds, the wheel is difficult to mount. However, after the first installation, you will find it easier to fit it into the rim.

Best Urban Assault Tire: Maxxis Hookworm WC Wire Tire, 29-Inch

The Maxxis Hookworm WC Wire tire is the best street urban assault tire for your 29er mountain bike. It resists pinch flats with the help of Maxxis downhill-specific casing. This case acts as the protective layer that shields the outer side from wears. It also comes with a slick curved design that ensures a smooth ride, whether on the hills or plains.

Moreover, this tire has a considerable air volume that helps to absorb the excess shock of awkward landings. It also guarantees full road slicks for youth mountain bikesBesides, it features a 60A durometer that ensures longevity even when you ride on paved surfaces.

What’s more, it features a rim to rim tread that protects the sidewalls of the wheel. It has a durable and robust wire bead design that controls friction, giving you the perfect ride no matter the plains. This structure further helps you maintain excellent traction when descending from stairs or riding around the skate park.


This might be one of the best mountain bike tiresbut they do not fit properly on springle rims. The tire doesn’t fit well with metal wire beads. It is also the heaviest piece of latex you’ll ever come across, making it less suitable to use on the road.

Best Durable Tire for Cross Country: WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire

The WTB slick 2.2 comp tire has a smooth centerline that minimizes rolling resistance, making it perfect for hilly rides. It comes with a design of wire beads structure to withstand wobbles. Also, the area of the rim contraction (bead) interconnects throughout the length for improved durability.

It features a proprietary 60A durometer rubber that offers perfect rolling efficiency. This proficiency applies to the traction for cross country and trail riding. The DNA rubber used to produce these tires are versatile and long-lasting. It’s not expensive and has impervious casings.

What’s more, the outer grooves provide cornering traction and the evacuation of water. It is one of the best mountain bike tires for road and trailIt’s ideal if you want to go dirt jumping as well as riding on smooth plains. Above all, they offer quiet and smooth rides.


The tire is not ideally round and makes plain riding seem like the bumpy mountains. The deformity in the roundness presents a much challenging ride on smooth plains and makes you go slow. More so, being tubeless, it is prone to flats and deflations.

Best Touring Mountain Bike Tire: Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire

The Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire has a three-layer lineup of 3- mm puncture protection belts. These belts are made from a complex blend of natural rubber and recycled material. Despite this network of designs, Schwalbe tires are very light and roll like regular latex wheels.

This excellent touring bike tire is exceptionally durable. It also features a technology that protects the surface from getting punctured. The punch resistance is due to the flexible rubber that protects it against thorns and share.

Besides, the anti-aging sidewall features help it to withstand the typical cracking. It protects it from tears that result from insufficient inflation pressure due to overloading for an extended period.


This 29er road tire comes with higher rolling resistance than thinner tires, slowing it down on plain roads. Also, Schwalbe tires experience tougher friction than those without thread patterns. Moreover, it is expensive and not affordable for low-budget mountain riders.

Best Budget 29er Mountain Bike Tire: Serfas Drifter Tire with FPS

The Serfas Drifter tire will help reduce your risk of deflations with its exquisite design. It does this with the use of thin weave nylon layers between the tire casing and the tread layer.

It also features a combined protection system against flats thanks to the hardened rubber substance on the inside. These robust components offer enhanced rolling resistance and improved longevity. This friction reduction is due to an inverted tread pattern on the tire.

The softer substances that are on the outside helps the rider to improve his grip. It also features a dual-density technology that uses plenty of rubber to enhance durability and texture.

What’s more, the double layout of the smart inverted tread allows the tire to decrease whirling difficulty. This feature makes it ride faster and smoother but offers ample grip if you decide to go off track. If you are using the best mountain bike under 1000, you should go for Serfas Drifter Tire with FPS.


The weight of this tire is its biggest drawback because it hinders a smooth ride and slows down the bike. Also, the roundness is not perfect, so if you’re looking for perfection, you might have to consider other tires.

What to Consider when looking for the Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

Remember, the aim is to find and buy the best road tires for 29er mountain bike to enjoy a smooth ride. So, you need to keep an eye on some essential features when purchasing new tires. Each feature is as necessary as the other, and if you find them all in one tire, it is a big win.

Tire Durability

There are soft and hard tires, with each having advantages and disadvantages. Soft tires have firm grips on the road but can wear quickly. Hard tires last longer but do not have a firm grip on the smooth and grainy roads. Look for 29er tires for road and trail that combine the advantages of soft and hard tires so you can enjoy the ride for a long time.

Size of Tire

The tire size is also vital as this determines the ultimate performance of your mountain bike. The best mountain bike tires come in different sizes, such as 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. Wider tires give the bike balance and control during a speed ride and especially when taking a bend.

Rim Width

The wider the rim, the more reliable the tire will be when rolling on the grainy or smooth road. The rims of wider mountain bike rims fit well into the tire and prevent the wheel from coming apart when spinning at high speed. It is an essential feature to consider when choosing the best road tires for 29er mountain bike.

Puncture Proof

The idea of protecting your tires while riding on the road is something to think about before purchase. Even though street roads pose less danger than rocky terrains, puncture protection is something to put in place. With silk or cotton 29er tubeless road tires containing long threads per inch, you are sure of safety.

Tire Sidewall/Bead

The sidewall of a tire is the flat area between the ruffled top and the bead. The bead is the area closest to the tire rim, and it holds the tire firmly to the edge. A good bead should be flexible and floppy to make the tire easily foldable.

Tire bead acts as a prevention against tire puncture and keeps the rim from blowing off at the slightest sign of air pressure. However, while you need tires with a flexible bead and quality sidewall, ensure that your tires are easy to remove.

Type of Tire

Different types of roads require special tires that suit the surfaces they spin on. This feature should be a top priority when choosing the best road tires for 29er mountain bike. Types of tires include tubeless tires, clincher tires, and tubular tires.

Tubeless tires do not have inner tubes but can seal tightly to the rim to give no room for air leakage. The trapping of air in this way provides the tire its characteristic inflated shape. While 29er tubeless road tires make you enjoy a good ride, they are not easy to install as they require adequate skills.

On the other hand, clincher tires are easy to install and uninstall. They come with detachable inner tubes that can fold and unfold. Its ability to fold makes it easy for a biker to carry from place to place. The only downside to this type of tire is that it is expensive, even with its lightweight.

Lastly, tubular tires have inner tubes like a clincher, but the only difference is that the tire rim has a casing attached to it. The downside to this type of tire is that it is difficult to repair when punctured.

Final Word on the Best Road Tires for 29er Mountain Bike

Most people will not welcome the stress of getting different bikes for mountains and roads. So, to transform your mountain bikes into the versatile bicycle for road and rough terrain rides, you should install the best road tires for 29er mountain bikes.

Our top pick tire for a 29er mountain bike is the Schwinn replacement bike tire. Going by our review of the Schwinn road bike tirethe wheel is a perfect blend of durability and affordability. It also features mixed traction that gives the bike smooth running on the road.

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