Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner

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Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner

Aside from the IronMan competition, the triathlon can be one of the most daunting experiences for any fitness enthusiast. It takes your body to a whole new level and this best road bike for triathlon beginner article should shed some light on some of the best options to consider. These bikes are lightweight and they have all the intricate features you might need. The Kestrel Talon X Tri Shimano 105 Bike is my pick for the number one triathlon beginner bike.

I am fond of running and swimming, and the triathlon competition is something that appeals to me. Having so much respect for many of the athletes, I have taken some time to look at the top bikes that could aid you. Using my road bike skills and many hours of in-depth research, I managed to track down some of these bikes and the most important features to consider.

In this article, we take a deeper look at bikes designed from lightweight materials for the triathlon beginner. You should now be able to find the right bike without too much effort and improve the way you look at road bikes. We have included some of the top features that are specifically targeted when looking at a triathlon bike. This should definitely make life a little easier for you.

Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner
Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner

Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner On The Market Today

Before looking at some of these boring features, the bikes themselves might be much more interesting for you to look at. These bikes have been tested on the road, but we have specifically chosen them with the help of some expert triathlon athletes. Some might be expensive, but they have a proven record of improving your experience on the road as a cyclist:

Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner

Best Features

Our Rating

Kestrel Talon X Tri Shimano 105 Bike

At a budget price, the bike is perfect for the entry-level athlete, but still features high-end features

Eagle T Series Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bike

This is one of the most expensive bikes. However, it has the best features and accessories already included

SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike

If you are looking for versatility with a top range drivetrain, this will certainly be a great bike to consider

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

Schwinn is one of the best options when you are looking for a reliable and affordable brand

Kestrel 4000 Shimano 105 Bicycle

No list can be complete with the best time trial bikes and this bike classifies as one of the all-time best


Top Pick: Kestrel Talon X Tri Shimano 105 Bike Mens

Kestrel is one of the top brands when it comes specifically to time trial bikes. The Kestrel Talon X Tri Shimano 105 Bike features a lightweight carbon fiber frame and fork, adding a ton of overall durability. It features a longer handle for you to lay flat, which means the bike is perfect for aerodynamics and could potentially increase your speed.

The Good

  • Aerodynamics: With longer handles that enable you to lay down flat on the bike, you should be able to use the bike more efficiently to save time. This bike can also be used for time trial championships
  • Weight: Since this is one of the lightest bikes on the market today, it works well for all riders. It also has immense durability and the carbon frame is the biggest part of these benefits
  • Size: No matter which size you are, the bike is perfect for all riders. With numerous different sizes available, even someone over 6’4” will have comfort using it
  • Drivetrain: The state of the art Shimano drivetrain will make a massive difference when you need quality. This drivetrain is not only smooth but with 11 different speeds, you can find a comfortable rhythm

The Bad

  • Price: Unfortunately, this is also one of the most expensive options on the market today, which might be discouraging for many riders

Best High-End Bike: Eagle T Series Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bike

If you are competing on the higher levels, the Eagle T Series Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bike is a high-end option. Constructed from carbon fiber, it is lightweight as well, but additional technology has been integrated to help reduce road vibrations. Essentially, this should help you to reduce any additional fatigue that might be creeping in.

The Good

  • Frame: Once again, top quality Japanese carbon fiber has been used for the design and this will make the bike lightweight. However, it also adds a lot to the overall durability
  • Ease of use: The carbon handlebars are extremely comfortable and they include the shifter for the drivetrain already attached. These micro shifters will definitely make life a little easier to find the perfect gear
  • Comfort: For men, this bike features an ergonomic design, which means you have much more comfort. To complement this level of comfort, the bike can also be adjusted quite a lot to meet all your specific needs
  • Stylish: We all like to have a stylish bike that will actually stand out from the crowd. All these high-end features and additions should make a massive difference to ensure you get value for your money

The Bad

  • Price: Once again, this is another one of the most expensive options on the market today. For beginners, it should last you many years to ensure you get value for your money

Best Entry-Level Bike: SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike

When it comes to bikes, we all want to save as much money as possible in the longer run. However, triathlon bikes can be a little expensive. The SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike is designed for time trials and it also features mostly carbon that is used in the bike construction and the accessories.

The Good

  • Price: Saving money on a carbon fiber bike is not always easy to do. However, this bike is much more affordable and should allow you to get better value for your money
  • Drivetrain: The 11 x 2 Shimano drivetrain gives you much more functionality when it comes to conserving energy. IT is really smooth when shifting and also offers you great value for your hard-earned money
  • Weight: At only 21.6 pounds, it can be argued that the bike is also one of the lightest, which should be great for beginners. However, the frame still gives you the much needed overall durability

The Bad

  • No real cons are actually present on this bike

Best Budget Bike: Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

Being strapped to a budget is something many beginners deal with when buying a new bike. However, the Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike is a much cheaper alternative. It is constructed from 6061 aluminum, which means it is slightly heavier, but still extremely durable. Anyone with some taste should fall in love with the stylish black design.

The Good

  • Drivetrain: This bike has a 16-speed drivetrain, which offers you more functionality when it comes to finding the right gear. It should work wonders for those beginners who need a lot of rest
  • Brakes: Caliper brakes are not always recommended for all weather conditions. However, this bike features top range caliper brakes that offer you some of the best stopping power seen in a long time
  • Price: As we have already mentioned, it is one of the more affordable options, which should give you added finds to add your very own specific handlebars

The Bad

  • Large riders: Many large riders have complained about the lack of braking power. You might need new brakes or consider a bike for larger riders

Editor’s Choice: Kestrel 4000 Shimano 105 Bicycle

Last but certainly not least, we have the Kestrel 4000 Shimano 105 Bicycle. This is another one of the top time trial bikes that are often used for triathlon competitions. It features the same full carbon fiber design and stylish black design. Once again, it can also be used for touring if you don’t like the best touring bikes we have reviewed.

The Good

  • Frame: As we have mentioned, carbon fiber has been used for the construction, which means the bike is not only durable but also really lightweight. This works with the stylish design
  • Ergonomic design: Most of the top Kestrel Bikes have an ergonomic design. This means the bike should be really comfortable for the average body type. However, you still have room for a few adjustments
  • Size: While the bike might be a little expensive, it can be found in various sizes for every rider. I personally think this bike can even compete with the best road bikes currently on the market

The Bad

  • Price: You might have noticed by now, but these bikes are all really expensive compared to your top mountain bikes. However, for the road, these bikes are perfect.

Most Important Features To Consider For Your Triathlon Bike

Now that you have seen the top 5 bikes that we have recommended and tested, you should keep these features in mind as well. Understanding them means the bike will be perfect for your needs and you will never be left feeling like you wasted money. Let’s look at the most important features:


Triathlon riders want to keep the frame as light as possible. Durability might not play such a major role, but the weight does. Carbon fiber is the best material for the job, but it is also rather expensive. If you are strapped to a tight budget, you can use aircraft-grade aluminum. However, the fork should at least be carbon fiber.


Conserving energy is fundamentally important when you have a long bike ride and then a run to deal with. If you have a versatile drivetrain, you can find an easier gear for more comfort. SRAM and Shimano are two of the best brands to consider for a drivetrain.


Nothing is more important than comfort and the bikes need to have an ergonomic design. Fortunately, all the bikes we have selected will be excellent for helping you have the best comfort. Kestrel is also available in virtually all different sizes.

Which Bike Is The Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginners?

Now that you have seen all the top quality bikes, you might also be wondering which one is the very best. The Kestrel Talon X Tri Shimano 105 Bike is one of the top options from a reliable brand. Time trials and triathlons are perfect for using these bikes. If you don’t agree, we would love to read a few of your comments or opinions.

If you want to have a deep comparison of the tri bikes vs road bikes for a triathlon, we have the perfect article for you.

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