Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Buy This Holiday

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Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Buy This Holiday

If you watch any mountain biker, chances are that you focus all of your attention on the mountain bike and the features. However, the best mountain bike shoes should not be neglected, especially when you are a beginner and it could make a massive difference to your performance. This is most important for safety reasons and to keep you secure on the bike. I personally have fallen in love with the Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes for the stylish design and durable leather construction.

It is no secret that I have traveled to many areas and put hours of riding on my bike. However, the shoes have changed over time and they tend to wear out. While I have been testing some of the older shoes, there are many great new models on the market today. If you plan to take your mountain biking to the next level, this article is specifically for you. Perhaps you even find your dream pair.

Best Mountain Bike Shoes
Best Mountain Bike Shoes


7 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Key Feature

Our Rating

Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes

Best all-round shoe at an affordable price for professionals and beginners


Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe

Stylish shoe with a sneaker-like appearance that can be used for training in the gym as well


Tommaso Montagna 200 Shoe

One of the most comfortable shoes with a wide fit for virtually any foot type


Giro Empire VR90 Shoes

Expensive, but stylish shoe and one of the most durable shoes that will also enhance your power with each stroke


Sidi Dominator 7

A unique shoe that not many people have heard about, but still really comfortable and stylish to wear


Giro Apeckx II Cycling Shoes

A really popular shoes that have all the basic features you might need as a beginner


Mavic Crossmax Elite Mountain Bike Shoe

One of the basic shoes that you can find for an affordable price with some excellent features for every rider


Best Mountain Bike Shoes On The Market Today

Shoes are not as simple as many might think. You need to look for features like breathability and comfort, but all that is confined in our intricate buyer’s guide. For now, let’s focus on the best shoes and which of them will work for you. Here is my selection for the best mountain bike shoes.

Top Pick: Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes

When it comes to choosing the best bike shoe brand, Giro is one of the best options. The Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes are made from full-grain premium leather and it features a molded shank for more support. Since it has been designed to aid in the movement of the foot on the pedals, you don’t need to worry about any ergonomic additions.

The Good

  • Durable: Since leather is the main material that has been used, these shoes are really durable in all conditions
  • Moldable insole: EVA is one of the most comfortable insoles one could have. It will mold to the shape of your feet every time
  • Breathable: Synthetic materials have been incorporated in the laces and this will offer excellent ventilation on hot summer days
  • Stylish: These are some of the most stylish shoes. They are available in multiple different colors to match the rest of your apparel

The Bad

  • Sizing: Unfortunately, the shoes do run a little small in terms of sizing and you might need a larger size

Best Mountain Bike Sneaker: Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe

When it comes to stylish shoes, we can all agree that sneakers are really great for everyone and they are not only comfortable but also functional. The Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe is made from leather and mesh. This adds a layer of durability to the shoe while giving it the right amount of ventilation for long rides.

The Good

  • Lightweight: Unlike many of the standard sneakers we find, this is one of the lighter models on the market
  • Affordable: These might not be the best cleats for cycling, but they are definitely some of the most affordable
  • Wide design: If you have larger feet, these shoes should be really great for you. They are really comfortable
  • Men and women: These shoes are not only designed for us males, but the females can also use them

The Bad

  • Durability: These shoes might lack a little durability due to the softer sole. This might cause it to wear out much faster

The Best Shoe For Comfort: Tommaso Montagna 200 Men’s Mountain Bike MTB Spin Cycling Shoe

One thing we all like to have is a comfortable shoe. If your shoes are comfortable, you feel more confident and the Tommaso Montagna 200 Men’s Mountain Bike MTB Spin Cycling Shoe aims to give you this comfort. It is constructed from synthetic leather for decent durability and to keep the price down a little.

The Good

  • Fiberglass outer sole: Having a fiberglass outer sole might not seem comfortable, but it actually is when you take into account the added power you get
  • Precision fit: These shoes have an ergonomic design that will cater to most foot types. It also molds to your foot shape
  • Comfortable: The shoes are relatively wide, making them ideal for those with flatter feet
  • Affordable: Since only synthetic leather has been used for the shoe, they are quite affordable compared to the high-end models

The Bad

  • Weight: With a hardened outer sole, these shoes are a little heavier than many of the others and you need to get used to them

Best High-End Shoe: Giro Empire VR90 Shoes

While watching many of the professional riders, I have seen them mostly with the Giro brand. The Giro Empire VR90 Shoes feature a leather construction and Teijin upper for breathability. However, the main kicker is the carbon fiber outer sole that gives you more power in every stroke and could enhance your performance quite a lot.

The Good

  • Lightweight: With the combination of the above-mentioned materials, this is one of the lightest options
  • Durable: Leather is one of the top options when you want your shoes to last for many years and save a couple of bucks
  • Odorless: Giro has also incorporated their own antimicrobial fiber technology to ensure that you need not deal with any festering smells
  • Stylish: The shoe is available in numerous different colors and it will definitely turn some of the heads around you

The Bad

  • Expensive: Unfortunately, these are some of the most expensive shoes on the market today and you need to bite your tongue when buying

Best New Shoe: Sidi Dominator 7

The Sidi Dominator 7 Shoe is one of the latest releases and the shoe features a leather and microfiber upper that gives you some of the best durability you could expect. The outer sole is constructed from fiberglass as well. However, I have tested it to be really great for competitions and improving your pedaling strength.

The Good

  • Durable: This is one of the most durable shoes I have ever tested and it won’t give you many troubles
  • Hook & Loop: Instead of dealing with laces, the hook and loop closure will give you much more functionality and a tighter fit
  • Fully compatible: These shoes are also fully compatible with most mountain bike pedals, removing the need to change your own
  • Great for long trips: Since they do not lose any of their comforts, many people also choose these cleats for their longer trips

The Bad

  • Expensive: Once again, this is one of the most expensive brands on the market today, but you will get value for your money

All-Time Favorite: Giro Apeckx II Cycling Shoes

The Giro Apeckx II Cycling Shoes is one of my all-time favorites and while the shape might be a little different than you are used to, the shoe definitely offers a lot of value for your money. Synthetic materials have been welded together to form the upper and the bottom. This gives the shoe an added level of durability.

The Good

  • Durable: Welded upper and bottom gives it a really durable feel with the added comfort level included
  • Comfortable: Your comfort is really important and EVA is one of the best materials for this
  • Compatible with all pedals: This should be self-explanatory, but also really useful and you don’t need to change your favorite pedals
  • Affordable: We have seen some of the most expensive models on the market so far, but this is definitely an affordable option

The Bad

  • Fit: Some people have complained about the fit is a little narrower than some of the other models we have seen

Best Basic Shoe: Mavic Crossmax Elite Mountain Bike Shoe

Last but certainly not least, we have a basic shoe in the Mavic Crossmax Elite Mountain Bike Shoe. This shoe does not have some of the elite features of the previous two, but it is still constructed from durable leather. The additional ventilation holes have made this one of my favorite shoes when it comes to taking longer tours.

The Good

  • Lightweight: This is one of the lightest models on the market today, not dragging you down on longer trips
  • Comfortable: Comfort is guaranteed with the dual-density footbed that has been included
  • Support: The arch support is one of my favorite aspects and it should definitely keep you from experiencing any pain

The Bad:

  • Pricey: This is also one of the slightly more expensive models, but I still; have mine and it hasn’t given any problems

Key Features To Consider When Choosing A Mountain Bike Shoe

Now that you have seen all the different shoes we selected, let’s have a look at some of the key features used to select them. With some expert help, I could easily find the best features that will help anyone find the perfect shoe:


There are so many different materials that you can choose from, but leather still remains one of the all-time bests for every situation. If you find yourself strapped to a tight budget, you might consider looking for something like synthetic leather instead. I also believe having some sort of mesh will definitely help the comfort factor. This will add some breathability to your shoe when you are pedaling.


The inner and the outer sole will be really important to ensure that you do get the best fit and value. For the inner sole, EVA is really comfortable and it molds to the shape of your feet. However, memory foam is slightly more expensive, but more therapeutic features.

When it comes to the outer sole, you will have many different materials. Fiberglass is really effective and affordable but can be a little heavy. Carbon fiber is definitely the go-to material as you have also seen with some of the best mountain bikes.


It might not be important to you as a beginner, but as you grow, you will need to look more professional. Yes, the best gloves and helmets will help, but most people look at your shoes to see the level you are riding at. Fortunately, all of the options we selected are really great for improving your general cycling style.

You might want to have a look at our article for the 510 Mountain Bike Shoes review, for a deeper review of a stylish brand.


Wasting money on many shoes, I will tell you what many reviewers won’t. I have seen how important the compatibility factor is. When selecting any of these shoes, you will need to make sure they can be used in conjunction with your favorite pedals to save you a couple of bucks. Pedals generally 2 or 3 mounting holes depending on the pedals.

Our Final Selection

There are so many different mountain bike shoes to choose from, but we only have the opportunity to choose one. While all of them have their purposes and I would also select them, the Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes are some of the best and they offer value. Your comments matter to us and I would love for you to share some of your thoughts on these shoes.

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