Best Mountain Bike for 1000

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Best Mountain Bike for 1000

If you are looking for the best mountain bike for 1000 dollars, then you have stumbled upon the perfect article for you. We are going to take you through a list of some of our favorite models of mountain bikes, that won’t break the bank.

Quick Note: If you want the quick version of our idea of the best mountain bike for 1000 dollars without reading an entire article; that’s cool too. Check out the Savadeck Deck300. This carbon fiber hardtail bike is unusually light and even more unusually durable.

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

You’ve been riding for a while now and you have gotten a lot more skilled. Now you are ready to start tackling the more challenging terrain. With that in mind, you quickly realize that your beginner mountain bike just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

What you need now is a bike that can hold up to the beating you are going to put it through. Something with parts that are a little more reliable. Something that will allow you to perform your best during your new, more arduous rides.

Sure, you could make some upgrades to your current bike. But what you need, is a higher tier mountain bike.

Best Mountain Bike for 1000
Best Mountain Bike for 1000

Here at we exhaustively search for the best mountain bikes that fit each riders skill level. We take pride in being a go-to source for your cycling needs; it is what we love.

Today, we are directing that love to those of you who need the best mountain bike for 1000.

Best Carbon Fiber Hard Tail: Savadeck Deck300

Grace and beauty aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind when you think “mountain biking.” It’s an activity that usually makes you think of speed and power. But what if you could find a bike with all four of those features: grace, beauty, speed, and power?

I’m willing to bet that is a bike that would interest you. And if it does, then the Savadeck Deck300 is the perfect bike for you. The Toray T800 carbon fiber frame keeps the bike light on its wheels, letting you attack rocks, hills, mountains, trails, and anything else you can think of with complete control over you, and your ride.


  • Shimano M315 Disc Breaks for impeccable stopping power
  • Michelin Tires keep your wheels planted firmly to the ground (only if you want them there of course)
  • Shimano front and rear derailleurs for smooth operation at all times
  • Suntour forks offer 100 mm of travel. Not too much, and not too little
  • Plenty of color options

Carbon fiber frames offer the perfect combination of speed and durability. The bike is lightweight and easy to maneuver but holds up surprisingly well to punishment. Almost everyone who gets to spend some time on this mountain bike marvel at how smooth the gears shift, and how much easier it makes your ascent up steep hills


There isn’t much to not like about the Savadeck Deck300, but it would have been nice if they offered some more colorful options. As it stands now, you have six options to choose from. But the frame is mostly black with highlights of color.

Some riders may not like the bulky, aggressive, look of the bike either. Of course, that’s all up to the individual though


If you love going fast, and you love punishing your bike, this is the perfect mountain bike for you. Its quality parts, and a frame that is impervious to punishment, mean you’ll enjoy yourself for years to come on this bike.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike: Diamondback Atroz

Diamondback bikes are known for a few things. Namely, their beauty, and their ability to handle anything you threw their way. The Diamondback Atroz takes that to another level.

This full-suspension bike gives you unbelievably smooth rides and allows you to take on some of the most arduous terrain imaginable. I’m confident in saying that, this bike will hold up as good as some of those more expensive models you’ve seen for 3 thousand plus dollars.


  • Full suspension frame
  • 27.5-inch wheels effortlessly roll over rocks and other obstacles
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tetra Aries disc brakes offer impressive braking power
  • 4-inch travel on both front and rear suspensions
  • Rugged Rockco Monarc rear shocks
  • aluminum alloy frame absorbs more punishment than you can send its way
  • Diamondback warranty

Many riders have suggested that having an 11-speed bike has made them even quicker on the trail. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the less often you have to switch gears, the more efficient you are as a rider. So if you are already a strong rider, with great endurance, this bike can help you step your game up a few more levels.


As much as I love this bike, I still have some gripes with it. The first is the weight of the bike. It weighs just around 32 pounds. And being an 11-speed bike means the jump between gears is a lot more drastic than with most bikes.

But those things can be overlooked. What cannot be overlooked is the suspension. As good as these shocks are, there is no option to be able to lock them out. Not allowing suspension lockout can take the fun out of riding because it reduces pedal efficiency when going uphill or riding on smooth terrain.


Full suspension bikes are great for riding rough surfaces, and I firmly believe everyone should give them a try. If you can put aside the weight of the bike and the fact that there are only 11 gears, then the Diamondback Atroz is one of the best full suspension rides you can purchase at the price point we are looking at today.

It may take some time to get the fact that you can’t lock out the forks. But you shouldn’t let that hold you back from experiencing the greatness of this bike. Besides, you could always upgrade forks if you want to.

Best Women’s Hard Tail: Diamondback Lux Comp for Women

When it comes to cycling, women tend to have a more difficult time finding a great mountain that suits their budgets as well as their need. Which is why I had to include this hardtail aluminum frame bike Diamondback Bicycles. It is made with women in mind with some much needed standover clearance. Far too often seats on the mountain bikes are too high for women of an average to below-average height.

Where you get your money worth with this bike is the RockShox 30 fork. It has 100 millimeters of travel and gives (amazing) smoothness to your ride, even on the roughest of terrains. The 27.5-inch wheels with Ropic Rob tires give you an added boost when rolling over large rocks too.


  • RockShox 30  suspension fork offers tremendous rebound
  • Available compression adjustments let you fine-tune the forks for a perfectly customizable ride
  • SRAM NX 11 speed drivetrain offers great pedal efficiency
  • Shimano hydraulic disk brakes (180 mm front and 160 mm rear) give a superior stopping power
  • Diamondback warranty comes with all Diamondback bikes
  • Forks can be locked out


This bike is rather heavy, weighing more than most hardtail bikes, new riders may find it difficult to pedal this bike up large hills.


The Diamondback Lux Comp was built with women in mind and offers all of the bells and whistles you could possibly ask for in the best mountain bike for 1000. This bike is built from the bottom up to fit women just right. It will allow you to push your boundaries on trails. And it will do this all while fitting your body perfectly, allowing you to ride in a neutral, and natural, position.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

There are a few types of mountain bikes that you can purchase. Some are made strictly for trail riding. While others are built with endurance riding in mind. Of course, since you are probably only purchasing one bike, you are likely looking for a bike that can suit all of your riding needs.

Keeping that in mind, we tried only to list bikes that are great for both endurance and trail riding. Instead, we broke everything down into two categories; hardtail and full suspension. I like hardtail bikes more than I like full-suspension bikes. But that may not be your preference.

Let’s take a look at the differences between each.

Hard Tail

These bikes are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They have a solid frame that doesn’t have any extra shock absorption at the rear wheel. Typically, these are better for large jumps and performing stunts.

They are always going to be lighter than a full-suspension bike (shocks weigh a lot more than a solid frame does). And because they don’t have nearly as many moving parts, hardtail bikes are typically much easier to maintain. This becomes a huge money saver if you don’t do the maintenance on your bike personally. And if you do maintain your own bike, well then it becomes a huge time saver.


These bikes are great for going downhill. They offer the smoothest ride possible, even while traversing the roughest terrain imaginable. The added weight can make it more difficult to go uphill, and even more difficult to build up speed while riding flat level ground. But once you get to the downhill portion of your ride, and both suspensions work in unison to give you a smooth and beautiful ride. You’ll fall in love.

Wrap Up – Best Mountain Bike for 1000

In the cycling space, there is no time more exciting than when you graduate from beginner to intermediate. You start gaining confidence in your skills and begin feeling comfortable taking on more dangerous and (let’s face it) more fun trails. 

But this graduation requires a certain level of a bike. No longer can you use your old discount bike. You must start investing in your equipment. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for injuries.

That is why we spend so much time reviewing, testing, and researching which bikes are best for who. And we are confident, that one of these bikes is going to help you take your rides to the next level.

With that in mind, we are confident to say that the best mountain bike for 1000 is the Savadeck Deck300.

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