Best Helmet for Triathlon

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Best Helmet for Triathlon

As a triathlete, you need the best helmet for triathlon to participate in triathlon events. If you need the right helmet to compete effectively in a triathlon, consider the Giro Aerohead MIPS  triathlon helmet. This headgear comes with a vivid tech lens that adjusts your contrast for a clearer view. It also has a magnetic fastener, which makes it easy to put on and take it off. The exciting part is that the Giro helmet guarantees adequate comfort and ventilation.

As a triathlete, the last thing you need is to hit your head on the floor due to an unexpected accident when riding. Hence, you need the best helmet for triathlon to protect your head from injuries. With recent scientific improvements, the helmet even offers more comfort and doesn’t cause unnecessary sweat.

Getting the best helmet for a triathlon may be challenging, but our review and guide will make it easy for you to choose the right one. Let’s look at the reviews of the best bike helmets

best helmet for triathlon
Best Helmet for Triathlon

Reviews of the Best Helmets for Triathlon

1. Overall Best Helmet for Triathlon: Giro Airhead MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Break all your track records with a fresh lease of speed thanks to the Giro Aerohead MIPS  triathlon helmet. It offers you the needed aerodynamic efficiency to improve your momentum. It also gives you a clear vision while maintaining the comfort and calm you need to win a race.

The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) ensures you come out unscathed from a crash. You don’t have to worry about the effect of a hit because headwear is sturdy enough to protect your head from the impact. This way, the athlete is safe and fit to continue.

Moreover, the VIVID lens technology enhances your contrast and cognizance while on top speed. The optics feature enables you to get a quick hold of colors and objects in the heat of the contest. You can also slip it on and off with ease because it is fully magnetic.

The Giro triathlon helmet comes with the exclusive Roc Loc Air that helps the gear hang easily, enabling excellent airflow.


The helmet sizing is small, which poses a challenge for people with averagely large heads. You may also experience sweat dripping into your face and nose due to poor ventilation. The ventilation is not working fine due to the gear’s small size, and the visor fogs up during rides.

2. Best Aero Bike Helmet: SLS3 Triathlon Helmet

The SLS3 Triathlon Helmet offers absolute protection for your eye with an improved visor. You don’t have to worry about the sun as the visor has a shield that provides security against UV rays. It is easy to flip open and close because it is magnetic. The feature makes it easy to wear and reliable.

The design also makes it impossible for the visor to break or damage since you must remove the helmet before detaching. More so, all your sweaty and dripping problems are over as the SLS3 helmet goes the extra mile to keep you cool. It has eight vents in total, with four in the front and back of the helmet.

Additionally, you won’t have a problem with weight while wearing this helmet as it’s very light and comfortable. Talk about sleekness and think SLS3 helmets; it weighs 25% less than other aero helmets. And, in the event of a crash, the hard-shelled headgear keeps you unharmed with its slip and slide design.


The magnets on the helmet are not strong enough and could slip off in the middle of the race if not managed well. You should also be careful when tightening it as the circular piece breaks easily. Also, the sunglasses on the visor are not durable enough.

3. Best TT Bike Helmet: Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet

Guarantee your safety and protection with the Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet. The outer shell has a slide and slide design, which ensures security in case of an accident. Hence, you should not be afraid of severe torsion injuries as the thickened EPS foam absorbs most of the impact.

It also comes with a detachable magnetic lens that offers absolute protection against UV rays. Your eyes are safe from the reflection of the sun, and you have great vision with this helmet.

Additionally, the Exclusky Aero Bike Helmet clings firm to the head but is comfortable and comes off easily. Overall, it is lightweight and offers optimal ventilation and comfort.


The helmet didn’t consider people with above-average sized noses as the visor is too compacted. This would lead to extra expenses when buying other visors to fit into the helmet. Another downside is that the magnet on the bill is also a bit loose.

4. Best Women’s Helmet: Heemtle Bike Helmet Adjustable Men/Women

The Heemtle bike helmet offers optimal efficiency and aerodynamics. As a triathlon athlete, you need all the help you can get in ensuring safety. This helmet is the best triathlon helmet beginners can use with ease during any event. 

It has a unique tail geometry that makes it suitable for back profiles and triathlon positions. Furthermore, the helmet has undergone intense wind tunnel testing to make it ideal for outdoor events. The helmet has a lightweight fit system that helps the user to turn designated dials for easy adjustments.

One intriguing feature of the helmet is the 4-wind tunnel vents that aid internal channeling. It has washable inner padding that could come in handy for riders that like their helmet in pristine condition. You can also count on the helmet to give you a certain comfort level with its comfort liner and COOLMAX internal pads.


There are no major complaints about the helmet from users. While this attests to the helmet’s quality, it also shows how dependable the helmet can be for most users. The features of the helmet will suit the taste of every single user.

5. Best Road/Triathlon Bike Helmet: Rock Bros Road Bike Helmet

The Rick Bros Bike helmet comes as the best budget triathlon helmet that gives you style and comfort in one piece. This helmet is all you need. For one, it has a magnetic fastener that ensures the helmet fits perfectly on your head. The side strap adjusts button makes it easy for you to adjust the helmet whenever you please.

No one likes to wear a smelly helmet, and your bike helmets need to be washable at any instant. The mere fact that you can detach and wash the pad in the helmet makes it a bargain. The Rock Bros helmet also features 40% air resistance and top-notch heat dissipation.

 If you’re a fan of fashionable helmets, you should know that this helmet has a teardrop shape. You can also wear the helmet in virtually any outdoor condition as it’s designed to maintain perfect aerodynamics. This triathlon helmet is made from multi-density EPS, and this gives it excellent toughness; it can take high-impact blows efficiently.


One of the major drawbacks of this helmet is the thickness and quality of the straps. The straps on the helmet are thin, and users are unable to fit the ends together. The helmet doesn’t have detachable visors and pads. Another major downside is the lack of a proper sun visor in the product’s package.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Helmet for Triathlon

Now that we have listed the top 5 helmets for triathletes on the market, you’d also want to know what we checked when picking the best triathlon helmet, to help make the right choice when shopping for one. Below is a list of important factors to check before choosing a brand or model of a triathlon helmet.


The essential feature you should consider in a helmet is the design and build. Since it’s for a triathlon, you should look for one that enhances your vision and improves your speed. Most athletes do things in various ways, so you should try to get the design that fits your style.


Another essential to look out for is the helmet’s weight. As a beginner triathlete, weighty helmets would cause inconvenience, so you should go for lighter ones.

Wearing a lightweight helmet will help you to focus more on the race than the weight. Although it might be light, this helmet offers excellent protection and durability.

A lighter helmet helps you to be faster even though it’s more expensive. It’s understandable, though, because it takes extra finesse to make a headgear both functional and lightweight. Hence, you should consider your pocket before choosing. However, there are also low-budget triathlon helmets on the market that are not heavy and provide enough protection.

The Size Matters

The size of the helmet is also as important as when shopping for the best bike for triathlon beginners. For example, if you have a big and wear a smaller helmet, this will tighten the blood flow in your veins and make you uneasy. 

On the other hand, a bigger helmet drops instantly and doesn’t give you the needed protection. Hence, it’s essential that you buy a triathlon helmet that fits into your head perfectly.

Comfort Is Necessary

The fit of your helmet is usually as important as the size of the helmet. You will enjoy your ride when you wear a fitted helmet. The helmet should hug your frame snugly without necessarily being too tight.

On most occasions, you might need to wear the helmet for long periods, and this is where comfort becomes a necessity. An excellent helmet should have all the conditions that give you much-needed comfort while you wear it. Psychology plays a crucial role in triathlon, and it’s essential that you are comfortable throughout each phase of the event.

The typical triathlon helmet is often equipped with features that ensure optimal fit and top-notch comfort. Features like straps and paddings are designed for this purpose.


The helmet’s ventilation goes a long way in determining the level of comfort you get to experience while using the bike helmet. For most people, the lack of proper ventilation in the helmet leads to uneasiness and discomfort. You also start to experience discomfort when your sweat accumulates inside the helmet. 

As a greenhorn triathlete, the best triathlon helmet beginners should use to allow a steady inflow of air through allocated channels. The constant flow of air enables designers to pad the helmets for sweat accumulation easily. 

An excellent helmet should have a functioning aerobic system that’s tested to be efficient. Such helmets allow steady inflow and outflow of air while you wear them.

Furthermore, proper helmet ventilation allows you to ride seamlessly in windy climes. It would be best if you look out for the ventilation of any helmet before making the purchase.

Final Word on the Best Helmet for Triathlon

Indeed, nothing matters more to us than your safety while in the competition. The best helmets for triathlons not only guarantee your security but puts you in a better position to win.

Besides, the world has advanced technologically, and so have bike helmetsWith the new aerodynamics used in these helmets, you’re sure to shed some time from your record.

Whether you are riding on a road bike or a triathlon bike, you need a good helmet to keep you safe from head injuries in case of an unexpected crash.

We’ve highlighted other features and reviewed the best triathlon helmet on the market. We hope you find the reviews and buyer’s guide helpful in your choosing the right one.

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