Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

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Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

No matter which bike you choose for your adventure, the terrain will have a massive effect on how the bike rides. And although the terrain will make a difference, you can eliminate the terrain effects with the right bike. Since gravel bikes are expensive, we have set out to find the best gravel bikes under 2000. The Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle is one of the top options for beginners and experts.

Aside from the bike tires, there are many more specific features that one needs to consider. Fortunately, we have dug beneath the surface to look at a few of these features and find the right bikes. In this article, we explore the best gravel bikes under 2000, while also revealing some of the key features that make them stand out.

Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000
Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

Top 3 Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle (Top Pick)Cannondale Slate Ultegra Gravel Road Medium Bike Bicycle (Best Value)Devinci Hatchet Apex Allroad Bike (Best Aluminum Bike)
Frame MaterialAluminumCarbon FiberAluminum
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Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000 On The Market Today

Before we look at all these special features, those in a hurry might only be interested in the bikes. Fortunately, the following bikes have been vetted, giving you some great features to ensure that you can take on any terrain. We have selected these bikes based on merit and believe them to offer the best quality and value for money.

 Top Pick: Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Whether you like to take on gravel or any form of cobblestone, the Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle is one of the top options. The bike features a full aluminum frame, but due to the carbon fork, it has flexibility and durability. Double alloy rims will ensure that the bike is durable and does not rattle.

What We Like

  • Wheels: One of the main features related to gravel is the wheels. They feature double alloy rims that will offer durability.
  • Brakes: The brakes are very close to the shifter and work with calipers that will give you stopping power in loose ground.
  • Various Sizes: No matter which skills you have, it is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all riders.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small Wheels: The bike might have durable wheels, but they can often lead to the rider slipping on loose gravel.

Best For Loose Gravel: Cannondale Slate Ultegra Gravel Road Medium Bike Bicycle

Cannondale is one of the brands that have come to light in recent years. These bikes have a huge reputation for quality and value. The Cannondale Slate Ultegra Gravel Road Medium Bike Bicycle features a wheel design specifically made for loose gravel. It comes with a special drivetrain to mitigate the effects of fatigue.

What We Like

  • Lightweight: One of the main benefits is weight. Due to the lightweight of the bike, it tends to work much better in the gravel.
  • Stylish: It might not be a top feature, but people will recognize you on this bike due to the Cannondale reputation.
  • Modifications: If you like to enjoy different terrains, the quick-release features mean the bike can be used in any situation.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Price: Since Cannondale is a leading world brand, you can expect to pay a couple of bucks for the bike.

Best Aluminum Bike: Devinci Hatchet Apex Allroad Bike

Carbon fiber might be one of the best materials for cyclists. However, the Devinci Hatchet Apex Allroad Bike features an off-road design, with a combination of road bike features. The adjustable handlebars are easy to modify. Additionally, all the shifters are close to the rider to ensure great value when riding.

What We Like

  • Drivetrain: One of the benefits is the addition of the SRAM drivetrain that will ensure more functionality as you ride.
  • Fork: Carbon fiber is used for the fork, which ensures that the durability is on par with top range bikes.
  • Mitigated Vibrations: Since gravel can give you a lot of rattling, the bike features a solid frame to help reduce any of these effects.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Associated Costs: One of the downsides is all the costs associated with the bike. It might set you back a couple of bucks to add modifications.

Best High-End Bike: Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike

To be honest, Diamondback is one of the most expensive bike brands on the market today. The Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of these bikes, slightly being more than $2000. However, the full carbon fiber frame is lightweight and ideal to trek through gravel terrains and on the road.

What We Like

  • The Frame: Nothing beats the strength and the lightweight of a carbon fiber bike, especially with carbon shocks.
  • Brakes: It can be hard to generate enough stopping power in the gravel. However, the mechanical disc brakes will make it much easier.
  • Durability: The Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the most durable bikes with a great weight capacity.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Professional Bike: You will also find that the bike comes with a hefty price tag due to the frame materials.

Best Adventure Bike: Takara Shiro Adventure Bike

One thing that you will notice in the buying guide is the emphasis we place on the versatility aspect. The Takara Shiro Adventure Bike is a combination of gravel of cyclocross, which means it can be used for any terrain. It is often compared to the best cyclocross bikes and bikes for heavy riders due to the durability of the frame.

What We Like

  • Modifications: One of the main features that we have to stress is all the modifications that the user can make.
  • Disc Brakes: Once again, we see that a disc brake is a common option for bikes that need to endure tedious terrains.
  • Drivetrain: Shimano is the designer of the drivetrain, which will give you 21-speeds for various purposes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy: The weight is not specifically mentioned, but for gravel terrains, it could be heavy or get stuck.

Most Popular Bike: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Many people might think that cycling is not a popularity contest. However, the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is rated as one of the best mountain bikes, but also has the features needed for gravel. It features an aluminum frame and carbon fiber shocks. The alloy wheels are thick and provide resistance to loose gravel.

What We Like

  • Versatility: As mentioned, the bike flourishes on the versatility that it offers all riders that enjoy the road.
  • Adjustable Wheels: The bike has a setup with universal wheels and a quick-release system to lift the size of the bike.
  • Price: Most bikes that fall in these categories have a hefty price tag. However, this one is under $1000.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tire Thickness: One of the downsides can be the thickness of the tires that might be a drag in loose gravel.

Best Budget Bike: Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike

You don’t always need to choose carbon fiber for your bike frame. The high carbon steel used for the construction of the Omeng Shock Speed Mountain Bike is durable, but a bit stiff. However, it allows the rider to generate more power with each pedaling thrust. The wheels are specifically designed for wind resistance and stability.

What We Like

  • Power Generated: It can generate a lot of power with minimum effort that will push the rider out of the gravel terrain.
  • Wind Resistance: The bike can resist the wind due to the pedals that are similar to time trial bikes.
  • Durability: As mentioned, it features a high-carbon steel frame that offers a ton of overall durability for the rider.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Untested: While the bike is tested for various situations, it is not tested to work in loose gravel conditions.

What You Need Look For In The Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

With all the products now discussed, it is up to you to make the right decision. However, gravel bikes need a more delicate approach for the user. We have isolated a few key features that you need to consider before buying these bikes. We have also used the same features to ensure that the bikes we selected adhere to your needs.


One of the first things that you will need to consider is the tires. The tires are commonly thicker than average. The reason for this is to provide you with more traction. While the best mountain bikes can also ensure that you get the same traction, the additional weight could potentially drag you down and cause you to remain stuck.


While the weight capacity is one of the main factors that need to be considered, we often look at the overall weight of the bike. If the bike is too heavy, you might find that it does not get through the loose gravel. However, the bike should also have a decent weight capacity to ensure the rider can be sustained. There is nothing like tackling loose gravel to tire yourself out. Cycling is a great way to improve your sleep schedule.


One of the most common accessories to any bike is the brakes. For gravel, you will hardly use your brakes, as this could lead to potential slipping and falling. It is recommended that you have disc brakes that are similar to that of the top road bikes. However, cantilever brakes should suffice for those riding while being careful.


It is very rare to find a gravel bike that will give you the maximum traction and have the right high adjustments. Many people find that lifting the handlebars can help them have more comfort. An additional seat adjustment will also make a huge difference to ensure that you have maximum pedal power.

Wrap Up – Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000

In conclusion, the best gravel bikes under 2000 can be hard to come by and many people will use alternatives to find a bike that can be modified. However, the bikes mentioned above have all the features that will allow you to get the best results. We would like to read some of your comments on these bikes if you have any questions. Let us know if you have the best gravel bikes under 2000 in your arsenal,

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