Best GoPro for Mountain Biking

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Best GoPro for Mountain Biking

Riding through the rough mountain terrain is fun, but it will be more exciting to have clear video recordings of your biking adventures. With the best GoPro for mountain biking, you can capture all your moves when cycling downhill or dirt jumping. However, of all the GoPro camera models, I recommend the GoPro Hero7 black edition as it delivers smooth footage when biking over rough terrain. Aside from creating superb video, it is highly waterproofed and sturdy enough to withstand knocks and falls.

Do you want to show off your biking experience to friends after a cross country ride, dirt jumping, or trail riding? Then you should get the best GoPro for mountain biking to help you catch the actions. Your friends might indeed join you on the next cycling adventure, but you may not hit the same stunts again. So, capture the fun and relive it for eternity.

Surely, you want to know which GoPro has the best camera for mountain bike photography. In this buying guide, we have listed the best GoPro for mountain biking.

Best GoPro for mountain biking
Best GoPro for mountain biking

Best GoPro for Mountain Biking Review

Top Pick: GoPro HERO7 Black

Capture stable videos and photos with GoPro HERO7 Black. It supports clear video recording even when you’re on the move because of its time warps feature. You can also fasten the video to create scenes for every moment.

Moreover, it has Hypersmooth feature that keeps the camera stable even when you’re riding on bumpy terrain. This feature also helps you produce a clear video when you’re using the 720p live Streaming feature. What’s even better is that you can use this gadget to broadcast and share your video with friends.

The GoPro is waterproof and sturdy, so you don’t have to bother when the rain comes. It features 16 voice commands that enable a hand free control when biking. With this feature, you can say things like “take a picture”, immediately it does it for you without touching the camera.

What’s more, with Hero7, you will get clear pictures in HDR quality. One incredible part is that it reduces any noise interference so you can get a better image.


The camera heats up too much when you’re snapping or making a video. Also, battery life is small and doesn’t support HD videos. Besides, it can be frustrating as you cannot shoot and record a 4k video at the same time. And there is no preview for HD shooting.

Best Live Streaming GoPro – GoPro Hero8 Black

The streamlined design of the GoPro Hero 8 black makes it more portable than others that are in the same series. It features a new side door that makes it faster to replace the battery. The GoPro Hero 8 also comes with an impact-resistant lens that can withstand all the bouncing of the mountain terrain.

Moreover, the LiveBurst feature helps you to record faster (1.5secs between shots), making it easier to select the best frame. If you want to take a fast ride, you can easily adjust the motion speed and lighting with TimeWarp. What’s even better is that you can record a high definition video and share it with friends at the same time with this GoPro model.

This camera also has room for expandable mods that gives you improved performance while recording. With this mod, it stands as the best go pro for cycling as you will get enhanced sounds and lighting. However, these mods are not included in this GoPro hero 8 as you would buy them separately.


The package is difficult to assemble as there is no preview to help. Also, the battery door falls off without opening after prolong use. Another downside is that you will need to remove the battery and card slot to connect the external mic adapter.

Best Digital Action Camera: GoPro HERO6 Black

The GoPro HERO6 is a digital action camera designed for people on the trail – including cyclists. This camera allows you to capture your exploits on even the roughest terrain quickly.

Since it has a waterproof body, thanks to this feature, you can bike through puddles and ponds and not worry about damages. Besides, the body is sturdy so that it can withstand the bumpy ride on rocks.

Surely when you ride through the trails, your mountain bike will shake constantly. For this reason, Hero 6 has a video stabilization feature that promises smooth videos in your unstable hands or on the bike mount.

It features a voice control that allows you to use the camera without taking your hands off the handlebars. This saves you the trouble of touching the GoPro display screen frequently.

The GoPro Hero6 is the best compact camera for cycling as it does not take up much space. You can place it on your helmet with the best GoPro mount and not feel the extra weight.


If you want the best Gopro for mountain biking with long battery life, you will have to look elsewhere. Instead of offering a decent time, it provides an hour worth 4K30 recording. This letdown means that you will have to travel around with a charger or spend extra cash on replacement batteries.

Best Digital Lens GoPro: GoPro MAX

With GoPro MAX camera, you can shoot any style of video while biking. It comes with many fantastic features that give you a clear video than high-end smartphones. As with other GoPro in this series, it has an improved stabilization to provide you with 180-degree capture.

Moreover, digital lenses mode makes photography a simple procedure. You can take pictures and create videos in narrow, linear, and max supervised -the largest. No matter the speed you’re riding on your mountain bike, the Max time warp features help to stabilize the camera so you can capture every moment.

Furthermore, It has inbuilt 360 mics that ensure you get even the smallest sound for a real-life video. More so, you can increase the speed back to the original by clicking on a button. It comes with a long-lasting rechargeable battery to ensure uninterrupted videoing.


GoPro MAX doesn’t have 4k video quality, which is a big downside compared to other cameras in the series. More so, it shoots a poor-quality image when the object is close. Also, the layout of the lenses makes pictures blurry because of the sun’s reflection on any of them.

Best GoPro Camera for Cycling Photography: GoPro Hero 7 Silver

If you’re looking for a cheap bike camera with the GoPro Hero 7 Black specs, this is for you. The GoPro Hero 7 Silver has voice control commands that give you the ability to operate hands-free and still get fantastic footage when biking. It features 10-megapixels that offers you quality footage even when there is a shadow or excess bright light.

The touch screen is easy to handle, and that makes it fast to capture and record the beautiful scenery. It also has a simple system of operation. And when riding on a rough terrain don’t even bother about shakes, because its video stabilization feature allows smooth footage.

The Hero 7 Silver is one of the best cycling cameras as it can shoot vertical videos and capture in a portrait. It also has a price tag that is significantly cheaper than that of the Hero7 black edition. Above all, it works great to give a more stabilized footage when used with the best GoPro bike mounts.


At first glance, the camera looks very cheap. The images it captures have so much noise in them, and the 4k video isn’t of high quality as advertised. Also, the playback videos aren’t looking very clear after a long recording.

The GoPro 7 silver has a poor battery life and occasionally freezes after prolonged use.

Best Cheap Bike Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black (E-Commerce Packaging)

If you are looking for an easy to use GoPro, the Hero 5 ticks all the boxes. Like most GoPro models, this camera supports voice commands, which ensures hands-free use. To give it more control with hands, GoPro offers a single button that you can use to operate all the digital features of the camera.

The exciting part is that the Hero5 saves your content on the GoPro Cloud when you take a picture or make a video. That means you can access files on your smartphone or PC anytime and any day.

Moisture does not affect the camera as it is water-resistant up to 33ft. Whether you are riding on the best youth mountain bike, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged as you pedal through a rainstorm.

What’s more, you can capture your mountain biking actions in 1080p as you ride down the mountain path. But if you want a higher quality, you can adjust the Hero 5 to 4K resolution for a smooth video recording during high-speed races. Coupled with its video editing app called “Quik,” this GoPro is the best camera for mountain bike photography.

Above all, one of the best GoPro hero 5 settings for mountain biking that will interest bikers is the GPS feature. With the GPS setting, you can ride deep into any terrain while keeping track of your movement.


However, the camera does not perform well in low lighting. Also, it has a faulty connection with the GoPro cloud storage. As for size, it is too bulky.

The software in Hero5 is also another downside to consider. The video playback tends to crash after prolonged use. The voice command function also performs poorly in noisy areas.

Buying Tips for the Best GoPro for Mountain Biking

Although GoPro is a brand known for quality sports cameras, you should look out for some features before buying one. Here are the important things you should consider before choosing any of the best GoPro for mountain biking.


Cycling on the best mountain bike through the mountain terrain will surely be rough and bumpy, so you have to go for a GoPro that is sturdy and durable. You should consider this feature if you don’t wish to keep replacing broken cameras. So, for you to scale bumps without damaging the camera, go for one that can withstand continuous knocks and falls.

However, this won’t be much of a problem since all GoPro cameras come with trusted durability. They all have waterproof and has rugged features to endure harsh landscapes and weather. So, take on that mountain biking adventure having in mind that a GoPro has got you covered.

Video and Picture Quality

When You are going on a mountain ride, you should come prepared with a high definition camera. The best GoPro for cycling you choose should be able to take good photos and videos. Ensure also that your camera has high resolution so you can get high-quality footage of your biking experience.

Battery Life

When you are looking for the GoPro for mountain biking, get a camera that offers decent battery life. This ensures that you capture every action of your cycling adventure. Although having one with long battery life is good, it will be best you also got a spare one.

Video Stabilization

Cameras use video stabilization to ensure smooth footage as you ride through the rough terrain. In other words, video stabilization allows you to use the camera with an unsteady hand or mount. Most GoPro cameras have this feature, but some tend to do a great job better than the others.

Final Word on the Best GoPro For Mountain Biking

You have seen from our best GoPro for mountain biking reviews that you can record your biking activities while riding through the trails. No matter the landscape and climate, you can trust a GoPro for a fantastic shot or video.

From all the listed GoPro models, we recommended the GoPro HERO 7 Black. This flagship camera doesn’t just come with impressive specs like waterproof features, it also guarantees high-quality pictures and video.

However, if you happen to be on a tight budget, you can go for the GoPro Hero5. It is a cheap bike camera that produces 4k quality video and comes with essential components including a frame, curved and flat adhesive mount, and carrying case.

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