Best Fixed Gear Crankset

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Best Fixed Gear Crankset

A fixed-gear crankset is one of the essential components of a fixie bike. One of my favorite is the State Bicycle Fixed gear. This crankset enables you to ride smoothly, and it helps reduce the need for constant maintenance. It also comes in different colors, so you can choose one that will make your bike look attractive.

The joy of having a bike comes during and after an efficient ride. So, you’ll agree that it’s a great deal to get the best fixed gear crankset. Of course, gears, expensive rims, and bars are also essential, but a fixed gear crank arm is much more important.

However, shopping for this component feels challenging due to the numerous brands on the market. But, with the information in this guide, getting the right one won’t be a problem. We’ve made things easy by carrying out in-depth research and drawing up an exclusive list of the best fixed gear crankset.

Best Fixed Gear Crankset
Best fixed Gear Crankset

Best Fixed Gear Crankset Reviews

1. Overall Best Fixed Gear Crankset – State Bicycle Co. Fixed Gear Bike Crankset

If you fancy a gold touch on your bike, then go for the State Bicycle Co. fixed gear bike crankset. But there are also other color options in case you don’t like flamboyancy. You can get this crankset in black, red, white, and polished aluminum colors too. And it comes with a forged aluminum finish to enhance reliability.

The State Bicycle Fixed gear crankset features a 46-tooth chainring, enabling it to run smoothly on bumpy terrains. Also, you don’t have to worry about the weight as it comes as light as 734g. The chain arm length is also 170mm long enough to give your bike the perfect alignment.

Furthermore, the State bicycle crankset is easy to unfasten when you need to run a quick fix on the components. Once you grease the screws and fastened pieces, you’re sure of no drags or friction. It is the best stand-in crankset for any mountain or road bike.

Above all, it ensures a snag-free ride when you apply enough oil to the components. It is also easy to disassemble in case you hit a snag and need to liberate the chainring.


Although it is one of my fixed gear crankset recommendationsit still has its downsides. First, it doesn’t come with a bottom bracket, so you need to get a square taper. The crank arm and chainring also don’t line up perfectly. Moreover, some of the bolts were missing when delivered.

2. Best Quality Fixed Gear Crankset – Lasco Forged Road Bicycle Fixed Gear Crankset

The Ride Scoozy has continued to maintain top quality over the years, and this Lasco forged bike fixed gear crankset is not an exception. It is one of the best cranksets for fixed gear when it comes to durability and style. Before your tours, try and pair this crankset with a 103mm bottom bracket for a good chain line. Ensure you do the pairing in its original composition.

This bike component features 44 teeth chainring with a fixed gear crank arm length of 165mm. This top-quality gear sports a forged alloy finish with anodized color giving your bike a stylish look. It has a standard bolt diameter of 130mm, and it has a lightweight frame.


This crankset is of excellent quality; nonetheless, it has a few letdowns. The bolts that hold the crank arm in place loosen quickly and make it fall off all the time. Also, you need to call for a hand or two before detaching the components. You might as well get an expert because it is difficult.

3. Best Single Speed Crankset – CDHPOWER Single Speed Crankset

It’s best to give it a go! The CDHPOWER single speed crankset comes with forged alloy crank arms. Imagine the durability guaranteed by the carbon steel chainring, fascinating. However, it is compatible with 9/16-inch pedals and quarter-inch chainrings.

Besides, the crankset is super lightweight and doesn’t cause snags on bicycles’ speed when installed. It is also easy to fix thanks to its square taper interface and 200mm length. And the brakes are so fluid since it has pedal crankarms that are 165mm long.

The product doesn’t just come as a complete package on the left and crank arm; it also includes the chainring. It is incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it also comes with 12-month parts and a labor warranty.


A bigger chainring in front comes with its issues and drawbacks. One of them is that it is harder to ride up the mountain terrain with this chainring. You need the best crankset for mountain bikes with advanced gearing to be able to surmount a steep and high hill. And that would lead to extra expenses.

4. Best Budget Fixed Gear Crankset – CYSKY Fixie Crankset Set

Are you looking for strength and durability combined in one tool? Then CYSKY Fixie Crankset Set is the device for you. It features a sturdy and lightweight frame to ensure ultra-ease riding and fixings. The 170mm crank arm doesn’t have any overlap of both the arm and chainring bolt.

CYSKY Fixie Crankset Set is the perfect toolset for single-speed bikes, track roads, and fixed-gear bicycles. You’re sure of the durability even when cruising on rough terrains thanks to its robust components.

With a 9/16 inch pedal and 1/8 inch chains, you are in for an ultimate joy ride. It also features a 60 Tooth chainring that enables you to hit the last gear on the bike with ease.


One big issue this crankset has is that the chain is not properly round. Its irregular shape causes the chain to fall off often when you are just about to hit top gear. It also reduces the size at which you move, thereby taking away all the fun in the ride.

How to Choose the Best Fixed Gear Crankset

Luckily, there are easy ways to find a fixed gear or single-speed crankset. Here are the important things to consider.

Crank Arm Length

best fixed gear crankset

Cranksets come with different crank arm lengths. Here are the two reasons for the differences.


Longer crank arms enable users to switch between gears faster, and they offer higher speed. But this crank arm length causes pedal strikes on fixie gears.

However, you can reduce the pedal strikes problem using a short crank arm instead of the lengthy type. Besides, they provide a faster cadence that can help potential knee pain. But they offer less power than with a more extended-sized crank arm.

Knee Pain

If you experience some knee pain when riding a bike, this might result from using the wrong bike size. Most times, an unsuitable crank arm length can also be the cause of this problem.

You can deal with achy knees by replacing an ill-sized crank arm. But before you take this step, ensure to check out for other causes of this pain, so you don’t end up wasting your money.

Tooth Count and Gear Ratio

Compared to traditional bikes, the gear ratio for a fixie bike is simpler to understand. The reason is that this bike has just one gear ratio.

If you check the diagram of a crankset, you will notice some teeth. This structure represents the gear ratio and has the symbol 44:16. The number 44 depicts the chainring’s front teeth, while 16 stands for the number of teeth at the backward cog.

It isn’t easy to get an ideal gear ratio. But if you can calculate the gear inches, it will speed up your search.

A higher number of gear ratios enable the bike to travel long distances faster with a single pedal stroke but requires excess pushing power. For a lower number, it feels comfortable to pedal, but shorter and slower distance travel.

The mid-gear ratio is around 70 gear inches. If you enjoy pedaling your bike, stick with a model that offers more than 80 gear inches. But ride more often over hills, a gear crankset with less than 70 gear inches will be a perfect choice.

The ideal fixed gear crankset recommendation is 42/44 at the front and 16/17 on the back cog. So, if you want optimum speed or something that can go over hills, you should choose a crankset with this ratio.

Fixed Gear Hub

Yes, a fixed-gear hub is an essential component for your fixie. These parts allow you to join two opposing sets of threads on the right end of your bike. One of the threads is for the fixed cog, while the other is for the lockring.

As the lockring moves in the opposite direction, it rests on the cog. Thanks to this arrangement, the cog will remain secure and not come off.

There are several brands of fixed gear hubs. If you want something special, you should pick one from Phil Wood.

On the left side of your bike, the hub features two sets of opposing threads, while others feature regular freewheel threads. If your fixie has the latter model, it allows you to place a different-sized cog on the other end or install a single one-speed freewheel on one end.

When you combine cogs of different sizes or use freewheels, you can move without pedaling (for short distances) or switch gears by flipping the wheel.

Most Fixie rear hubs also feature threaded axles with top-quality nuts. This component makes the wheel not to change its position.

Avoid Purchasing the Crankset in Parts

Don’t purchase crankset gear in separate parts. Instead, get the crankset as a single set because the component works together. If you prefer buying piecemeal, you might end up with mismatched parts that don’t fit.


What’s it’s a bike without the best fixed gear crankset? That’s hard to say because this component not only makes the ride enjoyable but also keeps your bike in top condition. In a world where the fastest ride is the best, a fixed gear crankset increases your bicycle’s speed.

That said, one problem is getting the best cranksets on the market. No one wants to spend on some cheap and inferior components to hit the market again once it damages. Since everybody wants the best, that’s why we’ve provided you with the best fixed gear cranksets

Each one of them comes with several unique features to make your bike a wonder. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch fixie bike crankset, there are more than enough options for you.

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