Best First Bike for 3 Year Old

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Best First Bike for 3 Year Old

As a parent, it is reasonable to get a bike for your 3-year-old. However, buying a good toddler bike is one of the hardest choices to make for a first-timer. If you don’t know which one to buy, give your kid a surprise gift with the Schwinn Koen Boys Bike. It has a light frame with crank and pedals positioned forward for comfortable riding. The Schwinn Koen Boys bike also comes with a hand and coaster brake that the kid can use to stop the bike when in motion.

During your search for a suitable kid bike, you will come across various models with different specs. But keep in mind that the best first bike for 3 year old boy or girl should be lightweight and sturdy enough for regular use. Also, it must be comfortable for your kids to ride.

To make your purchase very easy, I have picked the best bikes for kids at age 3. The selected models are highly durable, offer comfort, and easy to ride.

So, let’s get down to the review of the best first bike for a 3 year old

Best first bike for 3 year old
Best first bike for 3 year old

5 Best First Bike for 3 Year Old

Best Toddler bike for 3-year-Old – Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

You might call it a kid’s bike, but the exciting thing is that Schwinn Koen boys bike comes with impressive features. It’s the perfect bike for a 3-year-old boy to drive on the sidewalk around the neighborhood. At about 14-inch in size, it is suitable for kids under age 5. Its lighter frame makes it easy for the little starter to push around.

Besides, it has pedals positioned forward and carries a gearing design that allows simple rides. It also has smaller grasps, which are perfect for a kid’s tiny hands. With that in mind, the bike includes a coaster brake if the hand stop feels hard to pull.

For easy height adjustments, it has a saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle. With this feature, your kid grows gradually into the full length of the bike. Furthermore, it comes with training wheels, chain guard, and number plate all assembled and ready to hit the road.


One of the biggest downsides of this toy is that it comes with so many missing parts. The assembly tool that holds the seat is not in the package, so you have to buy it separately. The instructions that come with the bike are not also easy to understand. Hence, to get a clear understanding of the bike, visit other Schwinn bike reviews of kid models.

Best Starting Bike for Kids – Joystar Totem Kids Bike

The Joystar Totem Bike comes with a fantastic design for little kids to quickly start their biking life. It features a stable training wheel for an early riderNot only that, but it also has a quick-release seat to help adjust the height.

Moreover, it has a perfect foot brake for a kid who cannot pull the hand stop. If you also cannot find the training wheel, you can saddle it with the holder. You don’t need to bother about damage during the bumpy rides as it has a premium steel body.

What’s more, it comes with a black durable latex tire and a single speed. That means you don’t need much maintenance on the bike. All part of this bike comes pre-installed apart from the tire, so it won’t take up to ten minutes for the kid to rock his new ride.


If you have a plus-size kid, then this bike might not be for him as it will hurt his rump due to its small size. The handlebar comes in an upside-down position, giving you issues when trying to assemble the bike. Also, attaching the stem to the frame is difficult.

Best Kid’s Bike for Girls – Huffy Glimmer Girls Bike

The Huffy Glimmer is one of the best bikes for three-year-old girls with a height range of 37-42 inches. It comes with a bright streamer that makes riding fun for your little girl. The chains attached to the pedal is decorated with beautiful ornaments perfect for a girl’s toy.

Furthermore, the bike’s design and brilliant colors (pink) make it a suitable toddler bike for girls. It comes with both the front brake and the back-coaster footbrake, so all you have to do press or is reverse to stop. This feature is useful for toddlers that are trying to learn their bike’s balance.

A girl’s bike should have enough space for her essentials, and this bike is not lacking at all. It comes with a bag in front to hold other play items for your little princess. The rims and training wheels are removable, which helps for easy maintenance. It also has an alloy seat with a quick release to aid faster height adjustments.


This Huffy Bike review of the kid model won’t be complete without stating its few downsides. The brake pedals of the bike are geared backward and would need a readjustment before she rides. The training wheels also bend after a short ride and are not highly durable. The bike’s balance is also a problem as it always leans to the right when it’s in motion.

Best Unisex Bike for Kids – RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls

For your kid to stay healthy and fit, get the RoyalBaby kids bike for boys and girls. It’s a fantastic gift for your child on his or her third birthday. It comes already assembled and ready for a ride, saving you the stress of putting it together. So, you don’t need to be an expert to get it assembled.

Since the child’s height also matters, it has an adaptable bicycle seat that you can adjust to suit your kid’s height. It also features a safe and cool paint color that makes it more attractive. Moreover, it has a reinforced steel frame that is durable and sturdy for kid driving lessons.

Additionally, the chainguard prevents entrapping and keeps your kid’s cloth as neat as possible. It also has an anti-slip pedal to enhance balance on the bike and ensure smooth ball bearing rotation. This feature works in tandem with the steel tube frame to keep it steady.


The RoyalBaby bike wheels are a bit sticky and don’t spin as freely as it should. Another biggest downside is that this bike is heavy. Considering its bike for kids of 3-5 years, it shouldn’t weigh up to 28 pounds to aid easy pick up when it falls.

Best Balance Bike – GOMO Balance Bike

If you are looking for the best balance bike for toddlers, think no further than GOMO bicycle. It’s super light and easy to drag, and surprisingly it’s still the sturdiest kiddies’ bike on the market. It looks charming, which helps the kid to want more of it even after falling to the ground.

Moreover, it features a turn limiter that aids better control when trying to perfect the act of steering. The padded seat gives the kid a cushioned effect when they hit their first bump. Also, you can prevent the tires from falling off with the Through-Wheel Axle feature.

What’s more, Go with GOMO, if you are looking for the best 14″ balance bike for your kid. It is a lightweight bicycle with a steel body feature that ensures your baby enjoys a prolonged ride without any damage.


The GOMO bike has more plastic material on their bodies part. Although a plastic body might be safer than metal, it’s not as durable as you expect. Hence, the handle brakes spoil within a short period.

How to Choose the Best First Bike for 3 Year Old?

Size Matters

When looking for the best first bike for 3 year old kid, it is advisable to consider your child’s height. After all, children of the same ages tend to have different heights. Also, some bicycles offer features that can handle a specific body shape size.

If you don’t know what size bike for 3 years old to get, you should start by measuring your kid. The inseam should share the same size as the lowest seat height.

By taking the above step, the child will get the best form of comfort while remaining stable on the wheels. You should also find models that allow the child’s feet to touch the ground.


Aside from the size, you should also consider the weight of the bike. Since you want the best first bike for toddlers, consider getting a lightweight model. If you stick with a heavier bike, the child will lose interest in it.

A suitable bike shouldn’t weigh more than 30% of your kid’s overall body weight. So, keep this in mind when getting a bike for a 3-year-old kid.


A 12-inch bike comes as a suitable option for toddlers (max three years old. Young children feel more comfortable when riding on this bike. It also is the perfect option for children who have used a balance bike from an early age.

But if your child is almost 4, try getting a 14 “inch variant and ignore toddler bikes with training wheels. With this size, your child will enjoy a smoother ride than with the 12-inch option. However, a bike with 12-inch wheels rides better over everyday obstacles like rocks, cracks in the pavement, and road bumps.

The Bike Frame

Steel or aluminum frames are the popular options for toddler bike for 2-year-old kids or older children. However, your choice depends on your requirements.

Let’s say you want a more durable bike for your kid, get a model with a steel frame. But if you want something lighter, go with an aluminum frame.

Check Out the Brakes

There are two common types of brake used on kid’s bikes– the coaster and hand brakes. For the coaster brake type, your kid can stop the bike movement by reversing the rear wheels and pedals. However, bikes with coaster brakes come with several issues.

One of the downsides is that the rider needs to push the pedals backwards with speed, especially if they want to coast. This approach could lead to many problems, particularly when your kid is riding at top speed or down a slope. Besides, coaster brakes stop too quickly, which might lead to accidents.

If you get a bike with handbrakes, the child can experience better coasting and smooth stops. These brakes promise better safety than coaster brakes.

Furthermore, it is easy for a 3 year old to master handbrakes. But ensure that the brake levers are easy-to-use. They should also feel comfortable to hold.

With everything said in this section, bikes with coaster breaks only might not be a better option for kids. They even slow down the learning curve of young riders.

Final Word on the Best First Bike For 3 Year Old

In a world where many kid bikes are available on the market, you will need help to choose the best first bike for 3 year oldYou have to make their first riding a special one, so try to get the best pedal bike or balance modelsWith our buying guide, you are sure not to make a mistake in selection and purchase.

Ahh, and don’t forget to wear your kid the best helmet, remember to teach them ‘safety first’.

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