Best Fat Bikes Under 2000

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Best Fat Bikes Under 2000

The world is full of terrains with extreme terrains and you do need a great bike to help you get through the snow or mud. The best fat bikes under 2000 will make life easier and allow you to do this with much greater ease.  Since they are unstoppable, they offer much more fun, making the world much more attainable for you on your cycling journeys. The Mongoose Dolomite is our pick for the top bike with all these features at an affordable price.

This article has been designed for you if you have trouble with tough terrains, or you simply want to give the fat tire bikes a try. These bikes have been tested on snowy and muddy conditions to test the functionality and the stopping power. If you feel like upgrading to something a little more adventurous, this article is definitely for you.

Best Fat Bikes Under 2000
Best Fat Bikes Under 2000
Best Fat Bikes Under 2000Best FeatureOur Rating
Mongoose DolomiteThis is the complete fat tire bike. It features a massive size and weight limit at an affordable price★★★★★
Mongoose Argus Comp Fat Tire BicycleIf you need a top-flight aluminum bike, this bike will be your best friend. In, addition, it should keep the weight down and offer durability★★★★
Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat BikeThis is one of the lightest bikes on the market today, making it perfect for all riders. The sizing also works for the smaller riders★★★★
BEIOU Full Carbon Fat Tire BicycleCarbon fiber bikes are the most durable and this bike might be expensive, but the carbon frame and fork is worth it★★★★★
Mongoose Argus Expert Fat Tire BicycleAs you move up to the pros, this bike will be what you need. Once again, it is expensive, but with all the elite features★★★★★
Goplus 20″ Electric Mountain BikeBeginners might enjoy having an electric bike that helps them. This bike has a powerful 350-watt motor that reaches almost 25 MPH★★★★


Best Fat Bikes Under 2000 On The Market Today

The features required to find the right bike is much similar to most of the other bikes we have tested. However, we have included a few of them to help you when making the right decision. Before diving into the intricate aspects of the fat tire bikes, you should first see the right options. Here are the top bikes that we have selected for all terrains.

Top Pick: Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike

The Mongoose Dolomite is an affordable bike with a steel frame. It features massive 26-inch wheels for the larger riders. A 4-inch diameter means the bike is really functional for tough terrains and the 7-speed derailleurs will give the rider full functionality when it comes to choosing the different gears.  Shimano is the main sponsor for the add-ons.

The Good

  • Price: There is no doubt that this is one of the most affordable bikes. Mongoose has a reputation for keeping the price to a minimum
  • Crank: A 3-piece crankset is exactly what is needed for a heavy rider. This combines with the 26-inch wheels to make life as easy as possible
  • Durability: Steel is used for the frame and while this might be a little heavier than usual, it is still really durable for most riders
  • Brakes: The mechanical disc brakes are what you will need for those tough terrains. It offers you excellent stopping power in the wet weather

The Bad

  • Shocks: With no rear shocks, the bike can be a little tough on you. Larger riders might also need to replace the saddle if needed

Best High-End Bike: Mongoose Argus Comp Fat Tire Bicycle

If you are looking for an elite bike, the Mongoose Argus Comp Fat Tire Bicycle is one of the very best options. The 26-inch wheels are ideal for large riders, but hydraulic disc brakes sponsored by Shimano gives you peace of mind. These tires are 4.5-inches wide and it can actually work through any terrain, but the aluminum frame is what keeps the bike lightweight. It is much like the top mountain bikes.

The Good

  • Brakes: You cannot look past the hydraulic disc brakes that have been included. This is the best brakes on the market today
  • Frame: The lightweight aluminum frame will be exactly what you might need for keeping the weight to a minimum
  • Tires: As we have mentioned, these tires are 4.5-inches wide and the Kenda brand is one of the most highly-rated brands.

The Bad

  • Price: Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive bikes, but with all these features, it will be worth it

Best Lightweight Bike: Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

Occasionally, we need to keep the weight down and aircraft-grade aluminum is one of the best materials. It might not be carbon fiber, but the Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike is only 55-pounds and the 26-inch size is ideal for the 300-pound rider. Once again, hydraulic disc brakes will make a difference when it comes to stopping in all conditions.

The Good

  • Weight: While most of these bikes can be in excess of 60-pounds, this one is a mere 55-pounds when fully assembled
  • Drivetrain: If you need to shift between gears, the 18-speed drivetrain will be exactly what you might need
  • Brakes: This time mechanical disc brakes have been used, which offers a lot of stopping power. They are a little more affordable than the hydraulic alternatives

The Bad

  • Chain: We have had a few problems with the chain being weak. Additionally, it might often slip off and you might want to replace it with something better

Best Carbon Fiber Bike: BEIOU Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle

Carbon fiber is the lightest and most durable frame material on the market today. It might seem expensive, but the BEIOU Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle is quite affordable. It has a tough 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes that have been all added from Shimano. The top road bikes can be compared with all this technology.

The Good

  • Frame: We cannot look past this carbon frame that keeps the weight down and adds the overall durability
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes are designed to give you maximum stopping power.
  • Design: Personally, I think this is one of the most stylish fat tire bikes for every rider to stand out
  • Weight: At only 32-pounds, this bike is one of the lightest models. This means virtually any rider can use it

The Bad

  • Delivery: You might wait a little longer than general for this bike. It does take even longer to arrive over the festive season

Best Pro Bike: Mongoose Argus Expert Fat Tire Bicycle

Once again, we have another excellent bike from the Mongoose brand. The Mongoose Argus Expert Fat Tire Bicycle is one of the very best bikes and this expert version is made with an aluminum frame. The Shod Bluto solo air RL 100 mm travel fork is really durable and helps you in all terrains. The tires are also larger than average at 4.5-inches.

The Good

  • Drivetrain: Shimano has sponsored the 20-speed drivetrain with an excellent chain. Microshifters also make life easier with fast shifting
  • Brakes: The Shimano Blm506 hydraulic disc brakes are functional to ensure you can stop on every terrain
  • Add-ons: The add-ons like rust protection will make a massive difference to keep the chain protected

The Bad

  • Price: This is one of the most expensive bikes, but the features make it worth it. You will save instead of having to upgrade

Best Electric Bike: Goplus 20″ Electric Mountain Bike

When it comes to fat-tire bikes, you occasionally find one with an electric motor. These bikes are excellent for beginners. The Goplus 20″ Electric Mountain Bike 48V 350-watt motor, helping you reach speeds of 35 km/h. Additionally, the aluminum alloy frame will ensure that you can ride with the least amount of weight holding you back.

The Good

  • Motor: This powerful motor is exactly what is needed by any beginner. However, it will help you get into the works of these bikes
  • Transmission: The 6-speed transmission system is what helps you to shift gears with ease. It can also be used when the battery is off
  • Shock absorption: Compared to most of the other bikes, the seating has excellent shock absorption technology

The Bad

  • Weight: The added weight might be a little frustrating for many riders looking to reach faster speeds. You should also note the weight limit of around 270-pounds

Top Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Fat Bikes

The top features we have selected are also used to choose some of the other bikes we have on this site. However, these features have been designed to ensure you find the ideal bike for your needs. It might not be the complete list of features, but these should still help you.

Tube or Tubeless

The tubeless tires are great for those looking to save weight. They also work much better to help you avoid potential punctures. One of the downsides is the price that might be more expensive. However, many beginners will be better off with tube tires. You can easily find a patch and repair kit for punctures.


These bikes are only available with hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. Of these, the hydraulic disc brakes are the most expensive and they have better-stopping power. However, the mechanical disc brakes should also help you in most conditions or terrains.


Not all these bikes have a suspension system, but having one is ideal for those rocky terrains. Some of the top bikes with have a front suspension, but the elite versions have a rear suspension as well. This will increase the overall weight and the price of the bike.

Conclusion – Best Fat Bikes Under 2000

All these bikes are highly recommended and they offer some excellent value for the money. However, the Mongoose Dolomite is our option for the number one bike. It is well priced with some of the basic features that any rider could use. If you need the best fat bikes under 2000, you should consider these bikes.

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