Best Entry Level BMX Bike

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Best Entry Level BMX Bike

Looking at entry level BMX bikes can be a daunting prospect for many people. Without any real knowledge, it is really hard to make an informed decision. Many people also believe that an entry-level BMX bike should be the cheapest. However, the best entry-level BMX bike was chosen on merit, with features being the primary dictator of choice. I really love the Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike as the best pick on the market today.

Thinking a BMX bike is only for a child is a massive misconception I recently had to deal with. Asking many friends and family, most of them made this statement, leading me to prove them wrong. To see why and which bikes are ideal for adults, you should check out the best BMX bikes for adults as well. Doing the research, I focused on the best entry level BMX bike. This should help you make the best decision.

Bikes have varying features depending on the purpose you will be using them for. To ensure the best quality, you need to understand these features. In this article, I have included small buyers guide to help you with decision making. However, looking at the bikes is more fun. You can simply choose any of the bikes and they will help you get into the BMX scene.

Best entry Level BMX BIke
Best entry Level BMX BIke

Best Entry Level BMX Bikes Reviewed And Rated

My favorite BMX bikes are fairly expensive, but this is generally the case when looking for the best features. However, these bikes offer a combination of excellent features and affordability. If you are just starting out as an adult, or you would like to have your child be more active, these bikes should be some of the best options:

Top Pick: Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike

I always say that when everything else fails, you should consider Diamondback as your brand. The Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike is one of the best versions on the market today and it is also made from high-quality steel. With a stylish design and the Diamondback logo clearly visible, the bike might even have you look professional.

A 1-piece steel crank is included and this makes the bike a little better for beginners. No more intricate features that you need to navigate. I found the simplicity fairly simple to use, giving both beginners and adults the freedom to focus on the riding. For stunt riders, the brakes can be removed, keeping them out of the way if you are doing freestyle stunts. However, I won’t recommend this for beginners.

As for the price, this is one of the more affordable Diamondback options out there. It simplifies the learning process and you won’t need to struggle with the bike. If you are looking for a cheaper version, this bike comes in other versions as well. However, I recommend the latest version to ensure the best value for your money.

Best Youth BMX Bike: Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20″ Wheel Youth BMX Bike

Once again, Diamondback takes the second spot on this list. The Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20″ Wheel Youth BMX Bike is durable with a steel frame. Diamondback claims that although the bike is a little heavy, the 20-inch wheels will hold up well for larger kids. However, I did not try putting it to the test with my weight.

Most of the Diamondback bikes feature excellent simplicity. The single-speed drivetrain and crank make the bike easy for children to use. A U-brake system is the ideal braking system for beginners, helping them to stop in the queue. Many of my smaller friends also gave the bike thumbs up for the features and the quality.

I don’t get too carried away when looking at the price for Diamondback bikes. They are generally back by excellent warranties for all users. As for this bike, it is really affordable and ideal for your kid. If you are a little hesitant for your child, try adding the Wald W10252 Bicycle Training Wheels. They run smoothly and fit like a dream for any Diamondback BMX.

A True Favorite: Mongoose LSX 20″ Boy’s Bicycle

Mongoose is one of my personal favorite BMX bikes. If you have read most of the other reviews, you already know this by now. The Mongoose LSX 20″ boy’s Bicycle is one of the smaller bikes, designed for the younger folk. However, the steel frame is designed with excellent geometry for boys to get in stride. An 18-inch tube adds more space, but it could make the bike a little harder to control.

When it comes to safety features, Mongoose is a brand that stands out. Most of their bikes include the U-brake system. Testing these in some of their other bikes has left me satisfied that they will keep you safe when needed. The handlebars might be designed for the younger folk, but with a couple of adjustments, I had them close to perfect for an almost 6-foot friend.

The bike not only includes some of the latest features, but the design is really stylish as well. The neon green color will be exactly what you need when you want to stand out. My biggest Mongoose problem is the warranty. They will force you to have it expertly assemble for the warranty to come into play. I find this frustrating as I do have decent assembly skills.

The Feminine Brilliance: Mongoose Girl’s LSX Bicycle

Mongoose is known for designing different bikes for each gender. While you might consider this incorrect, it is actually great. Instead of forcing someone to ride on a bike that doesn’t fit, you can find the ergonomic fit for your body type. Once again, solid steel is used for the Mongoose Girl’s LSX Bicycle and the pink color appeals to the feminine part in us.

While the bike does have massive 20-inch wheels for larger riders, the geometry of the design is what caught my attention. Having a female friend give it a go, I found the bike to be perfectly balanced. Once again, the U-brakes are added, making the bike safe and giving you stopping power. The downside for me is the weight, not the ideal option for freestyle stunts.

Since the bike is made for beginners, it is quite affordable as well. Mongoose has included their familiar warranty, but you will need to have it expertly assembled to have this active. Fortunately, it won’t take the expert too long and your bike will be ready in no time. Also, I recommend adding the TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand to have it stable when not in use.

A Timeless Favorite: Mongoose Legion L20 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike

The Mongoose Legion L20 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike is a timeless classic and still used by many of the top freestyle riders. The bike is made from solid steel for durability and the 25x9T cassette is one of the best for simple gear navigation. The tangle-free braking allows you to leave the brakes on the bike when performing stunts as a pro rider.

The tires are around 2.3-inches wide, making the bike ideal for wet weather conditions. I never recommend performing on slippery tracks, but the knobby tires should prove vital in your assistance. 4-freestyle pegs are included for lifting your friends, but any pro will be using them for grinding. These pedals are ergonomic for the average foot type.

As for the price, the bike is really affordable and should cost you an arm or a leg. I consider this to be a timeless favorite that should last you many years. The bike is not only designed for children, but many adults also prefer it. Additionally, the X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle is great for stunt riders and freestyle professionals like Brian Foster.

Keep This In Mind When Buying The Best Entry Level BMX Bike

I think that many of the intricate features won’t apply to you as a beginner. If you don’t like any of the bikes we have selected, these features will be great for you to keep in mind:


Every professional rider has a favorite brand. Generally, they have sponsors that design the bikes for their every need. However, you should stick to the elite brands. Most of them will take care of you and their features are designed to accommodate beginners as well. As for freestyle, you should always trust the most reliable brands.


Safety is paramount for every beginner when selecting a bike. Looking at the brakes will be an excellent place to start before checking the additional equipment. We recommend U-brakes, the same as you generally see in the top Mongoose or best BMX bikes. However, cantilever brakes are also good but mostly found in affordable mountain bikes.

Room For Upgrades

There is always room for improvement and upgrades. These upgrades need to be added as you become better, or you need to buy a new expensive bike. When looking at the bike, you can easily see if they allow you to add or remove brakes or even cranks. However, these upgrades could be expensive for a beginner.

Are You Ready To Buy A New BMX?

These bikes are affordable and they offer many great features. However, they are not the best bikes for professionals. As for the best entry level BMX bike, the Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike is my personal favorite. I also love the Mongoose brand and when in doubt, they are a perfect go-to brand for beginners.

If you have found the best bike for your needs, I would love you to let us know in the comment section. These bikes were carefully selected, but you might have a different bike that you like. We like reading your comments and finding new bikes that we might have missed. Happy BMXing!

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