Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000

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Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000

Cyclocross is a sport that not many people know about and most people might confuse these bikes with the standard mountain bike. However, once you have tried the best cyclocross bike under 1000, you might be persuaded to continuously use this type of bike in your future rides.  The State Bicycle Offroad Division Single Speed Cyclocross Deluxe Bike is one of the top lightweight options and features a wide frame designed from aluminum and carbon fiber.

Cyclocross bikes are much similar to standard road bikes, but they feature a wider wheelbase and the frames are somewhat different. While riding mountain bikes, I found these bikes to be really fascinating and dedicated a lot of time to research to find out more about these bikes and how they differ.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at the top cyclocross bikes you can buy for under $1000. These bikes have been rigorously tested to ensure they are capable of enduring everything that nature may put in its path. The bikes are incredibly durable and while they might be expensive, you will certainly get the best possible value for your money.

Best Cyclocross bike under 1000
Best Cyclocross bike under 1000

Best Cyclocross bikes under 1000

Cyclocross seems like a secluded sport that not many people understand and the trails are somewhat different from your standard mountain bike trails. This makes it harder for beginners to choose the ideal bike. With some in-depth research, we have come up with the top options available on the market today:

Top Pick: State Bicycle Offroad Division Single Speed Cyclocross Deluxe Bike

The State Bicycle Offroad Division Single Speed Cyclocross Deluxe Bike is the best cyclocross bike under 1000 on the market today. It has been constructed with a durable aluminum frame. The forks are made from carbon fiber and while it may spike the price, it does decrease the weight slightly. Vigorous riders will also enjoy the aluminum used in the handlebars and the seat post.

While the bike does not come with derailleurs already fitted, the design will enable you to add them as you see fit. Stopping is made easy in every weather condition and this is due to the inclusion of disc brakes on the bike. Navigating most terrains is made easy with the SRAM S500 tires with a wider base and excellent grips.

If you are looking for a stylish bike, this is definitely one of the top options to consider. The bike might cost a hefty price, but this is the ideal bike for those serious about the cyclocross sport. We also love the versatility it offers for those who like to use the bike as a commuter bike in the city. We would highly recommend this to advanced cyclocross riders.

Runner-Up: State Bicycle Co. Thunderbird Cyclocross Offroad Single Speed Bike

The State Bicycle Co. Thunderbird Cyclocross Offroad Single Speed Bike is much similar to our top pick and it also features a state of the art design. The frame is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with carbon fiber used for the fork. This ensures excellent durability as well as a reduction in the overall weight.

Stopping in different weather conditions or on different terrains should not be an issue anymore. The bike is fitted with state-of-the-art BB5 disc brakes. While you only have one speed, the bike will allow you to add your very own rear derailleur if needed. This is something that professionals might look into adding.

Unfortunately, the bike is really expensive, but this should not deter you from giving it a go. It might be overpriced for the beginner, but with all these features, it stands out as the perfect bike for the pro rider. If you consider yourself an avid bike enthusiast, this is definitely a must-have cyclocross bike to consider.

Best Pro Bike: Raleigh Bikes RXC Single Speed Cyclocross Bike

Raleigh is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to cycling and the Raleigh Bikes RXC Single Speed Cyclocross Bike has been designed with professional riders in mind. Constructed from a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, this bike is lightweight and really durable. This should be ideal for tough terrains.

The fixed gear design removes the need for unnecessary thought when shifting between gears. However, if you need to shift gears, you have the ability to add your own derailleurs and customize the bike to your needs. Wet weather makes stopping quite hard, but this has also been sorted with the carbon alloy disc brakes on the bike.

While it might be quite expensive, the bike is also rather stylish and this makes it ideal for those looking to stand out. With durability, you will never be left out in the cold. The bike is also quite versatile, making it perfect for those who love commuting to work and saving some cash in the process. It might be recommended for the pros, but anyone can enjoy the quality it offers.

Best Stylish Bike: Takara Genkai Cyclocross Bike

The Takara Genkai Cyclocross Bike is quite unique compared to some of the other bikes. The bike features a state of the art Chromoly frame and the design pattern will definitely turn some of the heads you pass. The bike features a massive wheelbase and this makes it ideal for even the larger riders to enjoy.

Unfortunately, I found the weight to be quite daunting. At 36-pounds, the bike is quite heavy and will offer some drag when going uphill. However, it is extremely sturdy and durable, with 700c tires that will enable you to tackle virtually any terrain. If you hate struggling with one speed, the 16-speed derailleurs will offer good functionality and enable you to tackle any terrain.

Compared to some of the elite cyclocross bikes, this one is also rather affordable. When you look at the design and the parts, it will also look professional, this makes it the perfect investment for any beginner looking to make it in the big leagues. We would certainly recommend this bike for the quality and value beginners might not know they need.

Best Budget Bike: Extrbici XC550 Racing Road Bike Bicycle

While you might not always have a $1000 to spend on a new bike, the Extrbici XC550 Racing Road Bike Bicycle is the best budget cyclocross bike under 1000. It is designed on the basis of the road bike and features a new and improved design. Steel has been used for the frame and this will add to the durability, but spike the weight

Aluminum alloy disc brakes are the real difference-maker when it comes to stopping. These brakes should ensure a comfortable and easy shopping experience in all weather conditions. You might need more control over the bike and this is where the 21-speed Shimano derailleurs will make all the difference.

The best thing about this bike is the price and it is really affordable. The frame might be a little too heavy, but as a beginner, you will certainly enjoy the quality and durability. We would highly recommend this bike to any beginner entering the sport. It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is 90% pre-assembled.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000

Not all cyclocross bikes are the same. They vary in terms of features and brands to make them stand out from the crowd. When selecting one of these bikes, you need to understand some of these crucial features. Fortunately, this bite-size guide will help you understand the important features when selecting your next bike:


Cyclocross bikes have different frames and the materials will vary as you would find on any other bike. Steel is the most affordable material, but aluminum is durable and offers a reduction in the overall weight. Most professional riders will only choose the carbon fiber frame for the excellent durability if offers.


It is easy to forget looking at the drivetrain and most people only realize this when it is too late. Some of the top bikes only come with one-speed settings, but you are able to add your very own derailleurs. We recommend looking at this feature carefully when making your decision to ensure you don’t need to spend extra costs.


When choosing a cyclocross bike, the brakes are fundamentally important and many people understate this. The brakes can make all the difference in precarious situations. You will need to choose between cantilevers or disc brakes. Both will get the job done, but disc brakes are a little more expensive. However, they require less maintenance.

Final Verdict

Cyclocross offers the perfect combination of riding on road or off the road. It is really fun and adventurous and will put you to the test. Choosing the right bike will make all the difference and certainly allow you to have some fun as well. We highly recommend choosing the right bike that meets your needs.

We would like to thank you for reading this article about the best cyclocross bike under 1000 and encourage you to share some of your thoughts. Let us know in the comment section which of these bikes you would choose. We would also love to know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite cyclocross bikes.

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