Best Commuter Bike Under 300 Reviews

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Best Commuter Bike Under 300 Reviews

The commuter bike has always been considered an old-school bike that cannot do much, but these days are long gone and more people are now choosing the commuter bike to have some fun and explore. The best commuter bike under 300 can be hard to find, but with some digging, we managed to track them down and ensure you get the best bang for your buck. The Vilano Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c stands tall as one of the best due to its affordability and versatility.

When looking at a new bike, I consider myself more of a mountain bike expert. After years of riding numerous different bikes, I have come to find that commuter bikes can also be quite versatile. The commuter bike is mostly designed for cruising the city and taking you from point A to point B with a purpose.

Moreover, they are not made to take a lot of punishment, or so we thought. With new improvements and advancements in technology, the commuter bike can now easily replace a normal cruising bike and offer you some versatility in the process. In this article, we have made a purpose to find the top commuter bikes that will offer you the best in terms of versatility without breaking the bank.

Best Commuter Bike Under 300
Best Commuter Bike Under 300

Best Commuter Bike Under 300 On The Market Today

If you find yourself thinking that the commuter bike is simply a weak version of the road and mountain bike, you are definitely in for a surprise. We did a lot of legwork and tested numerous bikes to find the top commuter bikes and this was the results that we found:

Top Pick: Vilano Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c

The Vilano Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c is a state of the art, yet still affordable commuter bike. It is constructed from 6061 aluminum and this is the same aluminum used for aircraft. The narrow tires are capable of taking massive amounts of punishment on the roads and we found cobblestone to be no challenge at all.

21-speed derailleurs have been added with state-of-the-art Shimano shifters. This makes the bike perfect for taking on virtually any terrain without any real hassles. The bike is capable of reaching decent speeds and the alloy calipers used for the brakes will ensure you are safe. They also enable you to make an emergency stop if needed.

While the bike is not the ultimate commuter bike, it is definitely one of the top affordable commuter bikes. You will find it in different sizes to accommodate your weight and size and the different colors are ideal for finding one that meets your style. We would definitely recommend this as the top pick for any commuter.

Runner-Up: Critical Cycles Harper Urban Commuter Bike

The Critical Cycles Harper Urban Commuter Bike is a really close competitor to the previous one and this is why we consider it to be a very close runner-up. Steel is used for the construction and since it is handmade, it might be a little more reliable. This adds a little bit of personal touch to the bike when compared to some of the others.

With only one speed, you need not put too much thought into the different gear selections. Your safety is really important and brakes are included at the front and back end of the bike. Now you can ride at much greater speeds and even attempt an emergency stop if needed. Wanda City Tires have also been included and these are somewhat wider than your average road tires for a little more comfort.

Moreover, the bike is designed for users of all sizes. It can be found in a massive variety of different colors as well, which should be perfect for men and women. The frame durability is what stands out and we would recommend this as the ultimate durable option.

Best Commuter Bike For Women: Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Lady’s Commuter Bike

Why should we leave out a female-specific bike on the list when you can have some fun with your wife? While most of these bikes are unisex, the Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Lady’s Commuter Bike is designed specifically for the female riders. The handmade steel construction will once again add that little personal touch and offer good durability to the bike.

The 7-speed drivetrain definitely stands out for helping you navigate more terrain types. Using this is rather fun and simple and it makes easy work of most terrains, no matter how hard they might seem. Wanda tires are also included to ensure the bike is much more stable and safer to ride for beginners. However, off-road is not the place to try out this bike.

The bike also features a unique design and this makes it very comfortable for those with bad knees or arthritis. The handles are slightly higher, reducing the effort you need to put in when riding. If you are looking for something to ride to work and back, this commuter bike will definitely be a great option. We recommend it to all female riders.

Best Hybrid Bike: Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 Hybrid Bicycle

Making the transition from mountain biking or competitive bike racing to the commuter bike is not always easy. Hybrid bikes are a great way for you to do this without too many hassles. One of the top hybrid bikes for commuting is the Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 Hybrid Bicycle and it is lightweight with some road bike features.

If a lighter weight is what you are looking for, this aluminum frame will certainly help you keep it down. The 21-speed drivetrain is the most important part for those who love competitive racing. This addition should help you reach fast speeds, while the commuter design will offer maximum comfort when cruising the city.

The bent handlebar is one of the standout features for those with posture problems. When riding, we tend to have the wrong position, but with these handlebars, you will no longer be slouching. If you are suffering from any problems in the back or with your posture, this is one of the top options to choose from.

Best folding bike: Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Commuter Foldable Bike

Folding your bike always makes subway journeys easier and this is one of the first things that you will see with this bike. It makes it much easier to maneuver on the train and it won’t take up too much space when stored. The Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Commuter Foldable Bike is the perfect combination of a mountain bike and commuter bike.

Carrying the bike can be a little tougher due to the solid steel construction. However, tackling any terrain should also be easy with the addition of the massive 26-inch wheels. The 21-speed Shimano drivetrain offers excellent versatility and you now have the option of controlling every part of the journey.

The maximum weight limit is around 220-pounds, making it ideal for larger riders. We also found it in three different colors and while it does look like a bike for men, women can also use these features. With the features of a mountain bike and commuter bike, this is a true hybrid. If you love off-road journeys, this is the option for you.

Key Features To Consider When Looking At The Best Commuter Bike Under 300

Commuter bikes are somewhat different from most road and mountain bikes. They have a few different features you need to keep in mind. With some digging, I found the most important features to keep in mind, simplifying your selection process if you are looking for a different bike.


Commuter bikes feature a slightly different design and they have handlebars that are above the seating. Having this on your bike will make the ride much more comfortable and you can maintain an upright position. With lower back problems at a premium, it eliminates the need to visit the doctor occasionally.


When looking at the wheels, you need to consider the purpose of the bike. If you are only making your journey on the road, you can stick to slimmer wheels. However, off-road commuter bikes will have much thicker wheels. This makes it possible to take on a wider variety of different terrains.


The drivetrain is fundamentally important to choose any bike. However, understanding all these gears is a daunting prospect for many. If you are cruising, you can simply choose the fixed gear option. No guessing gears will need to be in your mind with one gear. Advanced riders should consider a 21-speed drivetrain.


Having a foldable bike is not imperative, but it does make a difference. If you are using the train as part of your journey, the folding feature should enable you to make it easier when transporting your bike. It is also a great benefit to have when storing the bike and taking up as little space as possible.

Final Thoughts

Commuter bikes are a real benefit to anyone looking for a new bike to make it around town. The best commuter bikes under 300 are easy to find if you are willing to look a little deeper and we definitely recommend all of the bikes on this list.

We hope this article has helped you find the bike you are looking for. We would also like to encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these bikes. Let us know in the comment section if you think we might have missed any of your favorite commuter bikes.

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