Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

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Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

As a mountain biker, it’s essential to install the best clip pedals for mountain bike. This component helps you to maximize power transfer while maintaining an excellent connection with the bike. All these you stand to gain with the Crankbrothers Candy Clip-in MTB Bike Pedal, which provides comfortable contact between the feet and pedals thanks to its ribbed body and customizable float. It’s also super lightweight and perfect for starters in mountain biking.

Clip-in Pedals (also known as clipless pedals) help you enjoy your riding as well as master the art of mountain biking. It ensures secure contact with your foot and gives you better control of your bike.

Additionally, using clip-in pedals makes you feel like you are part of the bike, thereby allowing you to swing more smoothly. You also feel more comfortable on the bike as your feet have no chances of slipping off. Riders that use the toe clip and strap pedals experience more fatigue, but you reserve more energy if you use a clip-in type.

While the above information has given you great insight into this component, let’s look into the 5 best clip pedals for mountain bike on the market.

Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike
Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

1. Top Pick – Crankbrothers Candy Clip-In MTB Bike Pedal

The Candy clip-in bike pedal from Crankbrothers offers riders absolute flexibility when riding. For beginners that want to master the art of mountain biking and enjoy a comfortable ride with friends, then these is your go-to pedals. It is one of the best cheap mountain bike pedals on the market because at the time of this review you can get them at a price below 50 dollars.

This Crankbrother Pedal gives maximum transfer of power thanks to its integrated traction pad technology. Hence, you can go on a long-distance ride without getting tired. Users can also customize the float and release angle of the pedals for a comfortable feel, easy engagement, and disengagement.

One good thing about these MTB clipless pedals is that it is lightweight. Light as a pin, this design on alloy wheels enables users to explore the bounty trails better. It also features excellent corrosion-resistant sealing, which means you don’t have to worry about rust.

What’s more, it has a fantastic design that offers precise fit and durability. You also don’t have to worry about manufacturer defects since it comes with a 3-year warranty.


One major downside this stunning component has is that it comes with inadequate cleats. It would be better if the manufacturers provided more cleats and ensure that each delivery goes with the correct parts. The bearing on them also wears off after a short while.

2. Best Performance Clip Pedals – SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

These Shimano spd pedals offer effortless pedaling for both the beginner and professional rider. It remains in action even after you’ve stopped applying force on it. The SHIMANO PD-M530 is one of the most efficient and best clip mountain bike pedals that perform great with a vast range of biker shoes. You can also ride comfortably on your bike thanks to the added recess cleat.

The SHIMANO PD-M530 is a modern modification of the usual toe clip pedals. This model integrated the pedal and outsole into a single system for unified power transfer. Hence, once you’re on these pedals, you will enjoy an incredible performance.

Moreover, it’s not only about the additional power it supplies to the pedal, but the SPD feature also increases the rider’s body control. Hence, it gives you greater comfort, stability, and efficiency while on the tracks. You also don’t need to worry about mud as the mud-shedding design expels all dirt once you step into the bike.


On the flip side, the tension is very rigid and makes it hard to get your foot out quickly. So, you need to loosen it a bit to avoid unexpected crashes and injuries. This SHIMANO PD-M530 Pedal may also add more weight to your bike since they are too heavy.

3. Best Clipless MTB Pedals for Beginners- Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal Set

If you are looking for pedals that offer you great versatility, then consider installing the Funn Mamba Mountain bike pedals. When it comes to universal use, nothing beats this pedal because it is perfect for freeride, endure, mountain, and downhill rides. The Funn Mamba Clipless pedals feature SPD compatible cleats, which means it can work efficiently with a wide variety of mountain shoes.

Do you feel like using both the clip and platform pedals? Then you should go for Funn bike pedals. It features a single-sided clip side with an option to use it as a platform pedal.

As a Mountain biker, you will love the pedals since it gives a lot of thrills to ride clipped in on a rough hill climb and stroll down on a comfortable unclipped ride. It is fun to have two pedals in one bike, that’s what Funn clipless pedals provide you. Moreover, this is the best clipless MTB pedal for beginners because it is easier to clip in and out.

What’s more, it features an automatic grease renewal system that enables you to top up the oil while maintaining clean hands. You also get the freedom of choosing from a wide range of attractive colors.


The clips on the pedals don’t allow quick release, which could cause unexpected crashes during rides. And if you loosen it, you reduce its ability to clip the foot. So, you should take the time to pull your leg away when using these pedals.

4. Best Lightweight SPD Pedals- SHIMANO XT PD-M8000 XC Pedal SPD

The SHIMANO XT PD-M8000 XC Pedal SPD sports a sturdy and durable design. It comes with a chrome-moly spindle with an extended wrench mount for easy coupling on all bikes. It also guarantees better stability while on the bike, thanks to the reduced lower platform height.

The SHIMANO XT is one of the lightest SPD pedals that allows easy slide in and out of the clips thanks to the robust retention claws. It also features an incredible mud-shedding system that flushes out any debris when the rider mounts on the bike.


The mud-shedding mechanism doesn’t work great to remove snow when it clogs the pedals. The SHIMANO XT PD-M8000 XC Pedals is also one of the most expensive models on our list. So, if you are looking for the best budget clipless pedals, this is not the perfect choice for you.

5. Best Budget MTB Pedals- Venzo MTB Mountain Bike Sealed Clipless Pedals

The Venzo MTB pedal is one of the budget-friendly options on our list of the best clip pedal for mountain bike. These Pedals are compatible with the universal Shimano spd pedals systems. What this means is that you can use these cleats on Shimano MTB pedals or cleats from Shimano on these pedals.

The cleat cage is made of high-quality steel, guaranteeing durability, and stability. You can adjust the tension on the cleats by reducing the tightness of the side screw. This allows you to achieve that seamless clip in and out feeling.

Additionally, they are of solid construction, and easy to get your shoe in and out of the pedalsThe bearings also come with LSC bushing and a top seal giving you smooth riding without stress.


One of the downsides about these pedals is that even if you use the best shoes for mountain bikes, it may slip off during rides. The reason is that the cleat’s tension doesn’t provide enough grip to shoe cleats. Another biggest drawback is that it doesn’t have any stoppers to prevent the tension screws from falling off when loose. This downside may lead to buying a new set of pedals.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

Clip pedals (aka clipless pedals) have come to stay, and they are the perfect choice if you are looking for safety and convenience when mountain biking. But how do you select the best clip pedals for mountain bike? Here is a guide to ease you through the hassles of choosing the right one.


As a buyer, your first line of consideration should be how to get the best clip pedals for a mountain bike that fits into your budget. For pedals, getting the best cheap mountain bike pedals might save you more money, but they aren’t the best option.

The reason is that the most expensive pedals are of great quality, feature adjustable pins, and have a well-coated mechanism to improve riding performance. If you also want bigger pedal systems that offer enough balance to your feet, then be ready to spend more. Clipless pedals made from high-quality steel like titanium with well-shaped bodies make the bike lighter, but they are also more expensive.

However, due to the numerous available options on the market, you should know that spending more doesn’t always guarantee getting the best. Instead, put into consideration the important things needed.

Product Functionality 

It is important to consider weight and price, but give equal attention to the pedal’s suitability. Some bikers are more comfortable using a type of product while others feel more at home with a different functionality type.

Models like Shimano SPD pedals have broad design combined with adjustable release tension spring. The clips in feature and tension springs on Shimano products vary in size and functionality, and the shoe-to-pedal is not adjustable. For Crankbrothers, the addition of hoop-based mechanisms gives smooth and easy engagement and disengagement during biking.

However, floats in pedal designs come in different variations that allow you to move your feet between 0o-20o degrees. You can alter them by moving the cleats left or right or using any cleat shape. Among existing brands, Crank Brothers remain the best when it comes to the available range of options.

Floatation refers to the degree to which a biker moves the foot before releasing the cleat from the hook point. If it takes too much to unclip from pedals, it can cause the shoes to affect the crank arm before the cleat releases.


Most parts of the best clipless pedals for mountain bikes are made from the same materials. While most of the clipless and flat pedals are aluminum, some pedals are now made from titanium. These exotic materials make bikes fanciful, durable, and lightweight and are easy to manufacture.

On the other hand, your budget is a major determinant of the type of material you will buy. If you prefer value, then you need the lightest mountain bike pedals that are durable. Pedals made from titanium or aluminum are the best models on the market. For a smaller budget, other less exotic materials are still great in terms of performance and convenience.

Easy Exit

Using clip pedals that are easy to exit implies that you can unclip your biking shoe faster and comfortably when necessary. Clips that give a hard time make mountain biking unsafe and sometimes deadly. Imagine your feet still plugged in your pedals while falling off on dangerous terrain. You already know the repercussion.

Unclipping your shoe when riding doesn’t only happen at the end of a ride. You also need to unhook one of your feet to maintain the required balance for that stunt when navigating a bend or sections of a road.

A good mountain bike clip pedals give room for a quicker and easier exit without any hassles. Also, getting the best mountain bike shoes and pedals that are compatible is a great way to enjoy unhindered unclipping and navigating bends. The reason is that they do not have complex features that cause obstructions, unlike some pedals with complex grub pins.

Final Word on the Best Clip Pedals for Mountain Bike

Maximum power transfer depends on your mountain bike shoes and pedals. Hence, you need to get the best clip pedals for mountain bike that assures you of a smooth ride and an incredible performance on the tracks. 

Don’t rush but ensure you take your time to read through our review and features. It will help you make the best choice for your mountain rides. However, you’d enjoy it better if you had a single-sided mountain bike clip pedal

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