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Best Child Bike Trailer

Choosing the best child bike trailer can be a tricky business, even though it seems so simple. There are tons of options to choose from, and a lot of questions to answer. Should you go for budget options? Should you spend the money on the best model made? Are there any models that are inexpensive but still give you the comfort of knowing that your child will be safe?

That’s why we’ve decided to do all the testing and research for you. The result of the seemingly endless hours of researching is a list of some of our favorite child bike trailers. Rest assured, each of these bike trailers is comfy and, most importantly, safe for your children to ride in.

Are you looking for a faster version of the best child bike trailer? Check out the Burley Kids’ Honey Bee Trailer. This is easily the best one out there. It has two seats, connects to your bike with ease, and can even be used as a stroller.

Best Child Bike Trailer
Best Child Bike Trailer


Best for a Budget: Instep Take 2 Tow Behind Trailer

If you’re looking for a trailer for a minimal price, then this is the one you want. It seats two children and fits most bikes with ease. The 2-in-1 canopy blocks your babies from the heat and keeps bugs from attacking them.

The Good

  • Big enough to see two children
  • Screened in to keep bugs away
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Comes with a safety flag for added visibility
  • Cargo area can hold up to 12 pounds
  • Easy to connect to your bike

One of the better aspects of this trailer is the large cargo area behind the seats. Several users were able to fit their oldest child’s bike in the bike when they got tired, and still be able to seat both of their children in there comfortably.

The Bad

There is one major flaw with this trailer; that problem being the tires on the bike. They are pneumatic tires, but the tube is way too small. It doesn’t take long for them to go bad and they aren’t easy to find either. But the bigger problem is that the tires don’t stay secured to the rim, and fall off easily if they are bumped. Also, you’ll have to purchase the bike coupler separately.

The Verdict

The Instep Take 2 is a good trailer if you’re only using it on smoother surfaces, but I certainly wouldn’t use it on rough terrain. If they upgrade the tires, then this would be a near-perfect bike trailer for your children.

Best Tow-Behind Trailer: Schwinn Echo Double Tow Behind

This is one of the better child bike trailers on the market. It’s large, durable, and lightweight. Plus it has wheels that can go on pretty much any terrain you’re comfortable riding on.

The Good

  • 20-inch alloy spoked tires
  • Collapses for storage needs
  • Smooth ride for the children
  • 5-point rider harness keeps your children safe for the duration of the ride
  • Comes with the bike coupler
  • Fits two children of up to 40 pounds each and still strong enough to hold 12 pounds of gear in the storage area

Parents rave about how much fun their children have riding in this trailer.

The Bad

The only issue I’ve seen with the Schwinn Echo Double is that there isn’t much room for your children’s heads when they are wearing their helmets. This is a fairly minor problem, and I certainly wouldn’t let it get in the way of getting this model.

The Verdict

I absolutely love this bike trailer. It’s an inexpensive model (relative to comparable models) and is extraordinarily durable. It doesn’t have a suspension, so you probably shouldn’t be riding terrain that’s too rough, but other than that, there’s little to dislike about it.

Best Overall: Burley Kids’ Honey Bee Trailer

This is easily my favorite kid’s bike trailer. It has all the room you could ask for, a smooth ride; it even has tinted windows. Plus the ability to convert it from a bike trailer to a much stroller is pretty convenient.

The Good

  • Comes with a 1-wheel stroller kit
  • 21-inches of legroom and 26-inches high offer your child plenty of room for a comfy ride
  • Tinted side windows that are UPF 30 rated
  • Push-button wheels
  • Easily changes from trailer to stroller
  • Safest bike trailer there is
  • Higher weight limit than other models

I have struggled to find people that didn’t enjoy this product, and virtually every parent marveled at how much higher the weight limit is. The Burley Kids’ trailer can hold up to 100 pounds.

The Bad

This is a trailer that is going to set you back a few hundred dollars; the price is definitely something that you’ll need to strongly consider. It’s also somewhat difficult to unfold, outside of these two things, this is pretty much a perfect product.

The Verdict

When you think of the Burley Kids’ Honey Bee Trailer; safety and luxury come to mind. Sure this is an expensive bike trailer, but it is by far the best one out there. Plus it can double as a stroller – no need to buy a new stroller. Besides, it’s got tinted windows!

Best Bang for your Buck: Booyah Strollers Child Bike Trailer

This is an excellent bike trailer from an excellent manufacturer. It seats two, has neck cushions for additional comfort, and a back window for ventilation. Plus its also got the ability to transform from a trailer to a stroller.

The Good

  • Two-in-one use (stroller and trailer)
  • Handlebar brake
  • Suspension for a cushiony ride
  • 20-inch alloy wheels
  • A rear window provides better ventilation
  • Plenty of leg space and headroom for the kids

The Bad

People have complained about the front wheel not swiveling easily enough when being used while jogging. This kind of defeats the purpose of being able to be both pulled and pushed, but it’s still great for going on slower-paced walks. Besides, you can adjust the wheel to move a little more freely.

I’m also not a huge fan of the way the trailer looks, but that probably shouldn’t matter much to you.

The Verdict

Few products are going to beat the Booyah Strollers Child Bike Trailer, and you’re still getting it for an awesome price. The handlebar brakes come in handy from time to time, and the suspension allows you to ride on some rougher terrain than you usually would with a trailer. It’s definitely a top-tier product.

Best Child Bike Trailer – Shopping Guide

Bike trailers are a fairly simple idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to shop for one. Here are some things you should address before purchasing one.


For the most part, all bike trailers will fit on pretty much any bike; but there are those occasions where your bike just doesn’t work for some trailers. Make sure your bike has the ability to work with your trailer.

Type of Terrain you Ride

Are you riding on paved surfaces only? If so, then you’ll probably be able to get away with smaller wheels. But you plan on going off-road at any point then you’ll need something a little better. Find something with 20-inch alloy wheels for a smoother ride when you go off-road. Your children will thank you for it.


It isn’t necessary to have a suspension on the trailer, although it is nice to have when you want to ride through trails with your kids. The more expensive models will have surprisingly good suspension systems, giving your children a calming, and comfortable ride.


A pretty obvious one here. You’ll want to make sure your kids can fit in the trailer and still have room to stretch out. There’s also the matter of how many children you need to fit in the trailer. Even if you’ve only got one child, we recommend getting a two-seater. If nothing else, at least the little guy will have plenty of room to move about and take in the views.


We all want to keep our children safe, and the harness is your first line of defense. You’ll want to get a 5-point harness.

Seat Angles

The more expensive models often give you the option to lean the seat forward or backward. It’s great if you are going on long rides and gives your baby a nice peaceful place to nap.

Sunshades and Windows

Most child bike trailers will have a canopy to shield the kids from sunlight. The better ones will let you retract it so that you can let more light in. And the best ones will have windows that are tinted. It’s always a good idea to get something that can close all the way with mesh windows – helps keep mosquitoes from biting your precious cargo.

Dual Capability

If you like to jog, or go on walks with your children as well as ride your bikes, then consider getting a trailer that can convert to a jogger. You’ll have to spend a few extra bucks, but it’s well worth the investment especially if you don’t already have a stroller.

Riding bikes is a great way to spend time with your children. It’s great exercise, there’s an awesome view, and sometimes it’s the only way you can get peace and quiet. But if your children are really young, you’ll need to get something to carry them in; and bike trailers are the way to go.

Are you looking for other baby-carrying options? Check out our article on the best baby bike seats. And if your kids are just beginning to learn how to ride bikes take a look at our article discussing the best bike for toddlers. You are sure to find something you like there.

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