Best BMX Freestyle Bikes: The Ultimate Guide

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Best BMX Freestyle Bikes: The Ultimate Guide

As road bikes are becoming more popular amongst adults, some of us still enjoy the thrill of taking on the challenge of the BMX bike. The Best BMX Freestyle Bikes are designed to make life a little more fun. These bikes will help you overcome not only fears but spike the rush of adrenaline to help you realize the fun of going out. If you are in a rush, check out the Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser as out overall top pick and winner.

As a child, I was constantly someone who got into trouble. While I personally decided on going the route of mountain biking, I occasionally found myself doing tricks and even falling on my face. Once I visited a small park, I saw what people could actually do with the BMX bikes. I could never really ride these with comfort, but believe that many children can grow into the sport.

While your aspirations might not be to reach the X-Games, the Best BMX Freestyle Bikes will help you live out your dream of adrenaline. If you are an adult, they can be used to live out some of your childhood dreams. In this article, we discuss some of the best freestyle BMX bikes and help you to make the right selection for your personal needs.

Best BMX Freestyle Bikes
Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

Best BMX Freestyle Bikes On The Market Today

BMX bikes are frequently sought after. They are much cheaper than you top range mountain bikes and they are easier for children to learn. The bikes rarely have many gears and they enable a straightforward approach to cycling. Here are some of the top Freestyle BMX Bikes that could potentially work for you as a beginner or avid hobbyist:

Top Pick: Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser

Made the Redline Company, the Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser is more commonly used for racing. However, it has made a name for itself amongst some of the top freestylers. The bike has an aluminum frame and this will keep the weight down for performing many of your tricks and stunts. Should you inevitably hit the ground, your frame will be protected.

To enhance many of your freestyle attempts the bike has a lightweight seating with limited cushioning. This forces the rider to remain upright whilst they are riding the bikes. It is designed for beginners and adults with a stylish frame. Most of the features are fairly basic, making it really easy for you to control jumps or the road.

The bike might not be in the same price range as the high-end road bikes, but the price is still rather steep. With the excellent durability and the top range features, it should be no surprise that you will pay for them. However, with an excellent warranty, this one stood out as one of the best bikes on the market today. I also love Redline and have been supporting them for many years as part of gifts and personal bikes. The Proline Junior 20 Youth BMX Race Bike is the ideal bike for your child to get them started.

Best Adults Bike: SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29″ Yellow BMX Bike

As we have mentioned, many people might not have had the opportunity to live out their childhood dreams. However, the SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29″ Yellow BMX Bike 2019 makes this possible nowadays. With massive 29-inch wheels, it can carry any large individual if you are willing to float down into the low seating.

If you think the bike won’t handle your heavy frame, it is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. As you already know, this means the bike is lightweight and durable, without costing the same as the high-end mountain bikes. The features were pretty basic for me, with enough stopping power to keep me from serious damage.

With the latest technology, the bike can easily be compared to a large mountain bike. However, it is much better in terms of price. I love the stylish design and the “Big Ripper” logo really seems badass. You will definitely get a couple of compliments if you like to stand out. However, the bike is only available in a yellowish color that might not be your cup of tea.

The Dream Freestyle Bike: Proline Pro 20 BMX Race Bike

I personally have no real liking for this bike, but since this article is about the best bikes and not my personal favorites, I have to include it. The Proline Pro 20 BMX Race Bike is also made by Redline with the same top-quality steel they always use. It is really durable and will definitely not break, but the weight is a little too high.

Redline has developed their very own gear cassette in recent years and this makes the bikes really unique. This bike has a durable chain that should not give you any problems at all. However, I don’t like the small wheels they have included. They do claim this can be changed, but the replacement wheels can be rather expensive.

Yes, redline is an expensive brand, but they definitely make it worth your while. The bikes will definitely last a couple of years without any additions needed and virtually no maintenance. However, I do only recommend this bike for the top freestylers who are shorter in stature. The bike also works well for children who love the sport. Personally, I like the larger Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruise Bike for the comfort it offers.

The Show-off Bike: Mongoose Title Pro 20” Boy’s BMX Race Bike

The Mongoose Title Pro 20” Boy’s BMX Race Bike is not the most expensive bike on the market today, but the bike is always highly rated and many people using them believe they are the best.  With a tectonic aluminum frame, who am I to argue that the bike does hold up well. The lighter weight also enables better stunts by serious riders.

The bike stands out for all the key features that they mention before you buy it. However, the impressive 44x16T gearing system and the U-brakes are the most important. This will make the bike stop when you need to stop. It also means every meter you ride will be smooth, with virtually no snags to trip you up.

Since it is really affordable, the bike is also quite common. However, common is not always a bad thing and this means that many people rely on the bike. I love the design and I think this is one of the best bikes Mongoose has ever designed. It might even surpass their collection of mountain bikes, not to step on any mountain bike rider’s toes.

The Dark Knight: Framed Attack BMX Bike Mens

In every book you read about social dynamics, you always find the odd one out in a group of people. The Framed Attack BMX Bike seems to be this odd one out.  Made from solid steel, some believe more than 25-pounds might be too much. However, the bike always makes it onto the freestyle circuit to prove many people wrong.

Alloy U-brakes have been used for the braking system and this will inevitably make the stop whenever you need it to. The gearing system is smooth, but much like the Dark Knight, the bike features a dark and mysterious color. This will either appeal to you or not. However, a lighter color is always available if you want to be part of the crowd.

One of my personal favorite aspects is the affordable price. The bike always seems to turn up when you least expect it and I believe the cheaper price does have an influence on this. It might not be the bike you will use when you go pro, but it can be used as a stepping-stone. I also personally recommend it for younger adults who are strapped to a tight budget.

The Key Features To Keep In Mind For The Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

If you are not a serious rider, these features may not resonate with you. However, I have included them to help you find a different bike if none of these appeal to you. Here are some of the key features you should keep in mind:


Freestyle riding is much more hazardous than taking on a flat road. For this specific reason, you will need to keep the size of the bike in mind. Any size around 20-inches will be perfect for beginners and young adults. However, larger individuals should stick to 24-inches or higher when selecting a new BMX bike.


Falling and being hurt will be imperative, especially if you are a beginner. To keep you from having to constantly replace the bike parts, you should consider looking at a great warranty. However, you need to have the bike fully assembled by a technician for the warranty to be effective. This might be a little expensive for many.

Does The Bike Meet X-Games Standards?

Depending on how serious you are as a rider, you should keep this in mind. You should always do some research to see if the bike is competition ready. If not, you can have an expert technician help you make all the modifications needed. Keep in mind that the X-Games and any other competition will have strict rules and regulations.

Conclusion – Are You Ready To Eat Some Dirt?

I might sound a little mean, but falling is inevitable with any bike. However, the bikes we have selected should help you overcome many obstacles. As the Best BMX Freestyle Bikes, we definitely recommend all of them. However, the Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser is my number one pick for the win.

If BMXing is not your thing, we have also reviewed some of the best mountain bikes and I have taken them to their limits. You should also check out the best BMX for beginners. The top road bikes could also help you get into the world of fitness. Drop a comment in the box below and let us know if you enjoyed the article. We would also like to see which bike you love the most.

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