Does The Best BMX Cruiser Actually Work For Commuting?

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Best BMX Cruiser

Does The Best BMX Cruiser Actually Work For Commuting?

The BMX bike is not often used for cruising. When you think of a BMX bike, you most likely think of stunts and occasionally racing. However, the BMX bike is one of the most adaptable bikes on the market today and it meets virtually any need. That being said, the best BMX cruiser can be used for a variety of purposes that you might need it for. To get you started, choose the Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX for all the fancy features at a fraction of the cost.

I generally look at the sports aspect of many bikes and commuting is not one of my strong points. Most of the bikes I own or have owned are used for racing in their particular sport, but I recently saw a couple of kids use the bike for commuting. This led me to think about which of all these magnificent BMX bikes I would buy for my son to commute back and from school.

My experience in testing and reviewing many bikes has given me somewhat of an edge when it comes to finding the best option on the market today. In this article, we have a look at many of the top BMX bikes that can be used for cruising or commuting. Also, keep in mind that these bikes can be used for all the other BMX niches, making them really functional.

Best BMX Cruiser
Best BMX Cruiser

Best BMX Cruiser Selection On The Market Today

The BMX bike is one of the smaller bikes on the market, but it does pack a hell of a punch when used correctly. Having seen many people from the younger generation prefer this method of affordable transport, why not help you choose the best options. Here are a couple of the Best BMX cruiser bikes on the market today:

Top Pick: Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX

For the top pick, I have chosen one of my all-time favorite BMX bikes. The Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX is an aluminum bike with a lightweight frame. However, it also includes Kenda tires that have been rated as some of the best in wet conditions. Aside from these commuting features, the braking is excellent and the bike will stop on your command.

While the wheels are quite small at 20-inches, you should not let this deter you. If you are willing to, these can be upgraded to 24-inch wheels. The design is made for the racing lover, but since the bike is available in two colors, you might choose the neutral white color. Personally, I think red is one of the best colors and will surely draw some attention your way.

Redline is one of those expensive brands that make people put you in a new income class. However, this bike can be found for a really affordable price. If you are looking to improve your social status amongst your friends with a good brand, choose this bike. As mentioned, it can be used for racing as well and it is featured in our best BMX bikes for racing article you should check out.

The Ultimate Cruiser: Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle

Mongoose is widely known for all of its freestyle BMX bikes. They are also at the forefront when it comes to sponsorships for these athletes. However, I found the Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle for cruising. To complement it, even more, the tectonic aluminum frame will keep the weight to a minimum, but increase the level of durability.

Upon looking at the design, you should notice it is somewhat larger than some of the other BMX bikes. I believe this is to make the riding experience a little more comfortable. To be honest, this bike is not that great for freestyle, unless you compete on the level of someone like Brian Foster. It does come with state of the art alloy V-brakes, giving you optimal stopping power as a beginner.

Mongoose is one of the affordable brands on the market today. However, they only have one catch. This catch is that you will need to have the bike expertly assembled for the warranty to kick in. It might be an expensive endeavor at first, but when you think long term, you should see the possibilities of saving. The WD-40 BIKE: All-Conditions Lube works well for keeping your chain in the best possible condition if you are competing.

 The Boss Bike: Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike

I consider the Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike to be one of the boss bikes when it comes to the BMX sport. This bike might not be the best bike for your stunts or races, but the 29-inch wheels make it great for adults. The aluminum alloy frame is great for durability and it will ensure that your weight does not become too heavy to decrease maneuverability.

Other than the size, the bike does have many of the same features as many other BMX bikes. I personally prefer this bike for all these top-quality features think the comfort level is off the chart. Unfortunately, only one color is made, but tests have shown that it can hold many users. Some of my expert friends agree that it could hold up to 250-pounds.

When you see a bike like this, your mind goes into overdrive when it comes to the price. Fortunately, Framed is a really generous brand and this bike is not too expensive. The price range is much similar to your average BMX bikes. We recommend this bike to the larger folks among us, but we also suggest you look at the best BMX for adults if this one does not do the trick.

The High-End Delight: Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

For many people, cycling is a hobby. However, with some die-hard BMX fans always looking for the best, I can say the Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser is one of them. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the bike is super lightweight. It also comes with massive 26-inch tires, making it perfect for someone around the 200-pound mark.

Compared to some of the older Redline bikes, I like the geometry and the braking system. Everything has been placed perfectly close to you and you will have the needed safety and protection. The Redline brand might not like this, but the SE Racing SE Bikes Flyer Seat is one of my favorite upgrades that you can make over time.

The reason I have added over time next to upgrades is that this bike is one of the most expensive. It comes with most of the new features and since it has been designed for an ergonomic fit, you can go wrong. Should the bike give you any problems, a limited lifetime guarantee has been included to keep you running. I recommend this for the die-hard BMX fans.

The Underrated Option: Eastern Growler 26 LTD BMX Bike Mens

I have been getting slack about this bike ever since I chose it for this list. However, the bike is really comfortable for the bigger folk. The Chromoly frame is lightweight and it can hold a large weight, but the ergonomic design is what makes the bike perfect. The Eastern Growler 26 LTD BMX Bike is designed for racing actually. However, when you need to cruise around town or from school, this bike can do it.

It is not as popular as some of the other brands, but when you come into bad situations, this is the bike that will get you out. With additional mechanical disc brakes being included, the bike will stop virtually anywhere on your command. I also found the larger tires to have immense grip and they stick to every surface with a lot of ease.

As I mentioned, this bike is underrated and many people look past the price. The price is not that expensive, but they believe in choosing a more recognized brand. If you need to stand out from the crowd and you are feeling a little adventurous, give this bike a try. We know it won’t disappoint you for your commuting.

Key Features To Consider Before Buying

These bikes are versatile, making it hard to narrow down the specific features. However, I have taken a few from the best commuting bikes to help me. Here are a couple of features that you need to look for before buying the Best BMX Cruiser:

Design Structure

When you think of the word cruiser, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort.  Most brands have now reverted to taking a person and designing the bike around an actual human. This is called an ergonomic design. These bikes tend to be a little more comfortable to ride with.


If you are using the bike for freestyle and cruising, you should keep the frame materials in mind. Aircraft-grade aluminum is one of my favorite materials to use on a bike. It keeps the bike affordable while making it really durable and lightweight.


Finally, you should find something that meets your sizing needs. The size of the wheels will be one of the best places to get started. I prefer the 24-inch wheels for their ability to conquer any terrain. They are also large enough for the average human.

Time For You To Get Cruising

These bikes all come highly recommended. Many of them have excellent reputations and those that don’t will soon have. I personally recommend all of them for commuting around town, but the Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX is my overall top choice.

Let us know in the comment section which of these bikes are on your wishlist. If you have ever used any of them, we would love you to share some of your experiences. Additionally, let us know if we might have missed any of your favorites.

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