Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding

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Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding

Adrenaline sports and extreme lifestyles are often associated with BMX biking. However, many of us also love the BMX bike for commuting. It might not be the best commuter bike, but the best BMX bikes for street riding will make life a little easier. They are really affordable and offer excellent value to the user. The Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series Bike is my pick for the number one option.

I have recently been studying the world of BMX to find out why these bikes are worth the money. However, breaking legs and having a few stitches is part of the testing process. One cannot help but be entertained and tempted to try some of the tricks. Nevertheless, the experience was definitely worth it and I found some new knowledge on the best mountain bikes.

Before you read this article, you should keep in mind that the bikes we have chosen are aimed at street riders. Yes, they can be used for stunts, but they might not have all the delicate features to attempt some of these stunts. In my personal experience, the BMX bike is an excellent investment if you are looking for a great bike or hobby.

Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding
Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding

Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding On The Market Today

There are many excellent features that you need to look at. However, bikes are more important. Looking at the bikes will be much more fun. I have included a small buyer’s guide for the tech wizards, but beginners looking to buy a new BMX bike should continue below. Here are my full best BMX bikes for street riding list.

Top Pick: Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series Bike

Tony Hawk is one of the legends in the world of extreme sport. His name definitely helps people aspire to reach the next level. The Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series Bike helps beginners to reach this higher level. Made from durable steel and excellent graphic designs, the bike is definitely something that will; draw your attention.

While it is marketed for youth riders, the wheels are around 24-inches. Having larger wheels like this means, the bike can be used by larger riders. Promax alloy U-brakes are included for decent stopping power and the larger wheels have been perfectly threaded for more stability. I personally found the saddle to be a little loose, but this might be my heavyweight.

Compared to many of the best mountain bikes, this bike is really affordable. It is mostly recommended for children, but I have seen many teens and even people in their early 20s have some fun with the bike. The limited lifetime warranty that has been included should keep you protected and allow you to test the bike features as much as you like.

Runner-Up: Mongoose Legion L100 20″ Wheel Bicycle

Mongoose is one of my favorite brands when it comes to BMX. I found the Mongoose Legion L100 20″ Wheel Bicycle to be an excellent bike. It also features a durable steel frame for durability. The Chromoly fork is ideal for adding support and this will keep the bike strong and moving forward. It is worth noting that the 2.4-inch width of the wheels makes it really stable and offers some additional traction.

Rear U-brakes are once again included for stopping power, but I did find the saddle to be really solid and stable. With such a saddle, it is easy to do a couple of tricks without having accidents. While you might not need it the 25x9T cassette gearing system will offer more versatility. However, I personally never really used it. The bike runs perfectly as it is.

Beginners may find the bike to be a little expensive, but when you start looking at the features, it is definitely worth this price. I find the design to be a little stale, but this is something that can be changed over time. Since it is available in two colors with different wheel colors, both boys and girls can find their ideal bike.

Best New Bike: Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

The Elite 20” BMX Stealth Freestyle Bike is one of the bikes I could not wait to get my hands on. The bike is designed with a lot of attention to detail. However, the Hi-Tensile steel frame is something that might be a little heavy. Chromoly is used for the fork and as we have mentioned, it does offer a couple of benefits when it comes to stability.

Personally, you can take the bike for a new paint job if needed. The design is somewhat stale, but might also be classy for many individuals. I saw people have smooth and comfortable riding experiences, this is both boys and girls, but it is a little small for larger individuals like myself. I would also like to mention that the brakes have great stopping power.

As a new bike without much infield testing, people are generally scared of buying it. I also felt hesitant at first, but so far the investment does not give me any complaints and I would definitely buy the bike again. If you need a bike that has been made with the latest features, the Elite 20” BMX Stealth Freestyle Bike is one of the top bikes.

Best BMX For Youth Riders: Mongoose Title Pro 20” Boy’s BMX Race Bike

If you are a parent like most people are, you want to give your child the best possible bike that you can afford. When it comes to BMX bikes, Mongoose is one of the leading brands. The Mongoose Title Pro 20” Boy’s BMX Race Bike is made from solid aluminum for children of virtually all ages to break into the sport.

An integrated headset offers more safety for the user and the cables have been designed internally. This will keep them out of harm’s way when you are riding, which means you won’t get occasional snags. I love the large pedals and they definitely make it much easier for you to keep your feet in the right place. I love the design and it was a comfortable experience when testing it, even though I am quite large.

In terms of the price, the bike is designed for those strapped to a budget. It might be a little too affordable for many people and they may think it lacks features. However, Mongoose is great at keeping the price down to a minimum while offering you some of the best features. I would definitely recommend this bike for your youth rider. The newer Mongoose M42709M20OS-PC Title Pro XXL 20″ Boy’s Bike is also now available, but slightly more expensive.

Best Freestyle Bike: X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

While I was testing and looking at many of these bikes, I could not ignore the fact that freestyle stunts are popular amongst BMX riders. These stunts may be a little reckless and even quite dangerous but with the right bike, you can have some peace of mind. The X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle is one of the best options and it is made for boys and girls.

With a classy design and stylish picture added, the bike is definitely ideal for your child. I personally love the X-Games professional saddle that is added and this will add some stability. With large wheels, we believe your child will remain safe at all times. Additional support wheels can also be added if you need to use the bike as part of a training bike.

Many of the elite bikes are really expensive, but this bike is definitely not one of them. The bike is affordable and since it can be found for boys and girls, you can buy one for all of your children at once. If you love the sport, you should consider it and I personally would recommend all of the X-Games bikes for the quality and value they offer.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding

If you think testing these bikes is easy, you should try to do this for yourself. I love research and with a few contacts, I managed to get in touch with some local experts. I also asked friends who had experience with the top features they would look for. If you are looking to buy a new BMX bike, keep these features in mind when making your decision.


If you are an adult, you need to keep the size in mind and look carefully. The wheels are important and having wheels that are 24-inches will definitely allow you to have some fun. Your child will be fine with a 20-inch bike, but be sure to keep the age recommendations in mind as well, as this will be really important for safety.


The brand is really important to keep in mind. There are many top brands on the market today, but cheap manufacturers are also starting with new bikes. I focus on choosing the best brands to ensure that you get value. You will also notice warranties included for many of the top bikes to keep you protected.

Frame Materials

The frame materials are generally not important for many beginners. With steel being cheap, you will find many bikes with steel frames. However, aluminum is a much better option and it should keep the bike lightweight.

Wrap Up

BMX races are fun, but a BMX can also be used for commuting. It might not be the best bike for commuting around town, but this is possible. The best BMX bikes for street riding gave me many challenges to find. However, I believe the Tony Hawk Dynacraft Park Series Bike stands at the front of the pack.

There are many questions that some beginners have when it comes to BMX bikes. I would like you to ask your questions in the comment section or let us know if you have some other thoughts. If you like to try the best road bikes or the best mountain bikes, you should also check some of these articles.

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