Best BMX Bikes For Adults

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Best BMX Bikes For Adults

Lately, I have been thinking back to the past of how all the other children were having fun with their BMX bikes. However, as we grow older, we believe we cannot really get back into having some fun on BMX bikes. To debunk this myth, I found the best BMX bikes for adults, helping you relive those glory days. The Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser is one of the best options on the market to get you started.

Since I have been spending more and more time studying some of the top BMX bikes, I became more reluctant to try my luck and see how I would do on these bikes. The results are not something to brag about, but at least, it is an excellent way to have some fun in the sun. Since it is a learning experience, I also learned many things about these bikes.

In this article, we look at the best BMX bikes for adults and see how they could be beneficial for your life. We have included a couple of considerations for you to keep in mind as well. This should help you when you are looking for a different BMX bike that we may not have tested. Read on to find your ideal BMX bike and how it could help you relive the past.

Best BMX Bikes For Adults
Best BMX Bikes For Adults

Best BMX Bikes For Adults On The Market Today

The BMX bike is mostly used by some of the younger people in society. Since it gives a sense of status and helps kids fit into groups, you won’t really find many of them designed for adults. However, I have tested a couple and as a large man, I have only chosen the bikes that I felt comfortable with riding. This means most people should be able to use them as well

Best BMX Bikes For AdultsFrame MaterialsWheelsBrakesPriceRating
Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race CruiserAluminum24-inchesTektro 918 Linear$$$★★★★★
Proline Pro 24 BMX Race CruiserAluminum24-inchesTektro 930AL Linear$$$★★★★★
SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29″ Yellow BMX BikeAluminum29-inchesTektro 387 Al V-Brake$$★★★★
SE Bikes Fat Ripper 26″ Yellow BMX BikeAluminum26-inchesAvid BB5 Mechanical Disc$$$★★★★★
Framed Twenty9er BMX BikeAlloy29-inchesRear Disc Brake$★★★★

Top Pick: Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser

Redline is one of the brands I have grown fond of. The Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser is a large bike, made from lightweight aluminum. As a large rider, the wheels are ideal for you to remain off the ground. It is also really durable and will ensure the weight is kept to a minimum. Due to this reason, it definitely makes it possible to perform some of your stunts.

The race bike seat is one of the best elements and I found it to be really sturdy and keep you really comfortable. It also includes decent brakes, which will ensure the best possible stopping power in all conditions. It is also worth mentioning that the size of the tires can be upgraded if you feel the need to do so.

Redline is definitely one of the more expensive brands. However, they have an excellent reputation for the quality and the value they offer clients. This bike is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the frame as well. However, you should have the bike expertly assembled if you are to have this great warranty activated.

Personal Favorite: Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser

The Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser is much similar to the previous bike and it has also been constructed by Redline. However, the bike is much more stylish in comparison. The chromo steel construction adds to the overall durability. Additionally, most of the other parts have been constructed from aluminum, reducing some of the weight of the bike.

Once again, the seating is really well designed to offer you more control and stability over the bike. The wheels are large at 24-inches, but this can be upgraded if you feel the need to do so. With the inclusion of the comfortable pedals, I find that the bike will definitely be perfect for those who are looking to have the best comfort.

This is my personal favorite since I am a large person. However, it is also really expensive for a BMX bike. Many people believe it borders the same price as the top mountain bikes, but if you are a BMX fanatic, this will be the bike you need to consider. Lastly, the bike does include a limited lifetime warranty on the frame.

Best Bike For Large Riders: SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29″ Yellow BMX Bike

Are you a large rider looking to try out the world of BMX bikes? If so, you should consider looking at the Big Ripper to get you started. The SE Bikes Dogtown Big Ripper 29″ Yellow BMX Bike is made from lightweight and durable aluminum while featuring a state of the art design. Most of the parts are also aluminum, keeping the weight to a minimum.

While I might not like the yellow color, it will definitely help to keep you going if you are around the 200-pound mark. With massive 29-inch wheels, you will be completely elevated from the ground and ride with comfort. However, I personally think the bike might be a little too heavy for you to perform any stunts and you need to keep this in mind.

With such a massive price tag, the bike might not be ideal for everyone’s budget. However, if you are eager to take on the world of BMXing, this will be the best way to get you started. It is important to keep in mind that there are many standards for the action sports. After checking briefly, I don’t believe this bike really meets them for competition purposes. You might need to get a little smaller first to find the right bike for this purpose.

Best High-End Bike: SE Bikes Fat Ripper 26″ Yellow BMX Bike

High-end bikes are what we all love to look at, but they are expensive. The SE Bikes Fat Ripper 26″ Yellow BMX Bike is one of these bikes and it comes with a durable aluminum frame that could help sustain some of the heavier riders. I believe, it can hold users up to 250-pounds when they are willing to try riding a BMX.

Once again, the 29-inch tires are designed to keep the user fully elevated from the ground. This also means you won’t really be able to perform many of the stunts that some of the smaller riders can. However, those who like commuting through the neighborhood could use this bike for commuting purposes.

As we have mentioned, this bike is really expensive and you will need to be sure that you are going to be using it. I think this bike is worth the price if you are around 250-pounds and you love the world of BMXing. If I was an avid rider myself, I would have chosen this bike, but for the price, you can easily find a great carbon fiber bike as well.

Best Budget Bike: Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike

Last but certainly not least, we have the Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike and this is one of the cheaper models that we have on the list today. Made from steel, the bike is extremely durable but might be a little heavy. However, the biggest benefit is the 29-inch wheels that will keep any adult elevated from the ground for riding.

Since the bike does not have many of the advanced features, you won’t have to worry about all these additional things to keep in mind. Using the bike for commuting should yield much better results than performing stunts. However, I have seen a couple of smaller adults use the bike for stunts and take some massive risks. Unfortunately, I don’t like falling down anymore.

As we have already mentioned, this is one of the cheaper models on the market today and we definitely believe it should be in anyone’s budget. I like the basic simplicity of the design and believe that everyone can use the bike for his or her own special purposes. The warranty is always an important aspect to keep in mind. However, we could not find one included.

Key Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying The Best BMX Bike For Adults

Now that you have seen many of these features, we have also included special considerations you should keep in mind. To understand a couple of the other BMX features, you should check out our best BMX bikes article as well. However, here are two things to keep in mind as an adult:

Wheel Size

The wheel size is definitely one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. We recommend looking at something in the range of 24-inches at a minimum. However, larger users should consider looking at 29-inches for the best results. However, keeping the frame material and quality in mind will give you a sense of durability as well.

Overall Bike Quality

When looking at the overall bike quality, the materials are fundamentally important. We recommend aluminum in most cases, but solid steel might be the best for larger riders. However, you should consider looking at the tubes as well. To help reduce wheel damage, you can rely on alloy spokes and rims.


While I could not get my hands on all of these bikes, I had to rely on a couple of testimonies as well as the opinions of many friends. Most of the bikes have definitely lived up to their expectation and I would recommend them as the best BMX bikes for adults. My personal favorite is the Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser with all its special features.

If you are an adult and you like riding a BMX, we would love you to share some of your comments. Let us know which bikes you have tested and how they work like reading your comments and if you have ever used any of these bikes, we would like to know what experiences you had.

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