Best BMX Bike Under 500

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Best BMX Bike Under 500

If you find yourself strapped to a budget, you might be wondering if you can ever afford to buy one of the top BMX bikes. However, most BMX bikes that I have come across have been reasonably priced, making them affordable for the rest of the population. The best BMX bike under 500 is not a cheap bike, and you can expect to have some of the best features on it. I personally love the Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX for the quality at such an affordable price.

When I started my BMX journey, I generally thought BMX bikes are in the same price ranges, as you would expect a mountain bike to be. However, the prices do not really compare and this is one of the main reasons many children and students choose them. Doing a little digging, I managed to track down a couple of the best BMX bikes that will put a smile on your face if you aim to be anything like Brian Foster.

In this article, we look at some of the top BMX bikes that you can find for under $500. These bikes are great for adults and children and we have seen many larger individuals also choose them to have some fun. However, you will easily find the right one for your child as well. Read on to find out if these BMX bikes could be part of your new hobby.

Best BMX Bike Under 500
Best BMX Bike Under 500

Best BMX Bikes Under 500 On The Market Today

Before we bore you with the intricate features that you will find, you might be eager to see some of these bikes first. We have tested some of them and with the help of experts; I could choose the best ones on the market. I also chose some of my favorite bikes that work well for larger users. If you have an analytical mind, we have included a small buyer’s guide with the features we used to choose them as well.

Overall Winner: Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX

It might not be the most popular bike on the market today, but the Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX is one of the all-time greats. It’s at the top of our list for the best BMX bike under 500. Made by Redline, the bike features a Hi-ten steel frame. I prefer this construction for the lighter weight, but it also spikes up the durability that you might need for those pesky falls.

Redline does not focus so much on style as they do when it comes to quality and durability. Chromoly is included for the frame and the fork to help reduce the weight as well. One of my favorite parts is the ergonomic design. If you have no real experience in the world BMXing, this design will immediately make you feel at home.

As for the price, it is really affordable for all of these features. Doing many freestyle tricks is possible with this bike, but only if you are on the lighter side. I like the upgraded Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser as well. However, this bike is much more expensive and has all of the features you see on the professional BMX bikes.

Newcomer: Stolen Bike Casino Matte OceanBreeze Blue

Upon first seeing the name, I was rather shocked. However, I did a little bit of research and found this to be a legitimate brand. The Stolen Bike Casino Matte OceanBreeze Blue BMX is a stylish bike that has only been released recently. It is durably constructed from aluminum as well. I found it to be really lightweight and perfect for beginners.

The wheels only measure 20-inches, making it one of the smaller bikes. However, it is mostly designed for freestyle purposes. I found one of these bikes at a local club and I asked the owner to do a couple of tricks. You will be amazed to see how well this bike can be handled by someone with the right skills and experience.

It is slightly more expensive than the Redline bike. However, it is constructed from aluminum. With the debate going on between Hi-ten steel and aluminum, it is safe to say that the durability is definitely on par. If you are looking for a new bike to stand out from the crowd, we definitely recommend this bike as your number one option.

Best BMX Bike Under 500 For Racing: Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle

BMXing is not commonly associated with avid racers. However, the Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle is designed for these close competitions. To reduce the weight, Mongoose has constructed the frame from tectonic aluminum. During some of my tests, I found it to be really durable as well. However, my body begs to differ.

Mongoose is one of the leading brands when it comes to braking technology. The U-brakes they included are well designed and offer maximum stopping power. Talking to some of the experts, they also like the seating. I found the seating to be really secure and designed with an ergonomic touch. The addition of this feature ensures perfect balance.

Mongoose is known for designing top-quality bikes without hefty price tags. However, they do generally give you a limited lifetime warranty. The only downside to the warranty is that you need to have the bike expertly assembled. Personally, I would take that bet and know that my bike can always be fixed or replaced if something goes wrong.

Best BMX Bike For Kids: Proline Junior 20 Youth BMX Race

If your kid does not have a handle on the top brands, they might like to go for some of the more popular brands. However, the Proline Junior 20 Youth BMX Race is rated as one of the best. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the bike stands tall in the durability department. To give your youngster complete control, Redline has kept the weight to a minimum.

The 3-piece cranks might seem like overkill if you are a beginner. However, I like this technical addition. This will allow the bike to be smoother when you ride. In terms of my tests, I also found it to be easier to handle. Once again, no compromises have been taken on the seating and the bike will give you the utmost in overall comfort.

You might think the expensive price is a downside. However, I think the bike has been fairly priced. If you consider your son to be an avid BMX rider and you like to encourage them to compete buy this bike. If your son is not that heavily invested in the sport, the bike might be a little expensive. The Redline Bikes Romp 20 Youth BMX might be a better option for a hobbyist.

The Best Beginner BMX Bike: Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike

Calling something the best bike, is often a bold statement. With so many great BMX bikes on the market today, the Diamondback Grind Complete Youth Bike is one of the very best bikes. It is made from solid steel, allowing you as a beginner to tumble and fall. It also features a 1-piece crank, making the bike much easier to use for beginners.

With side stands being added to the front and the rear of the BMX, you could argue it is designed for freestyle. The name “Grind” implies that the bike is best for grinding at your local park. However, I also find a stylish design to be worth the effort to get it. It is worth noting that U-brakes have been included for the best possible stopping power.

Diamondback is mostly known for their mountain bikes. However, this is one of their attempts in the BMX arena. I would not go as far as saying that it competes with the best brands, but it definitely makes a statement. For the price, it is really affordable and all of the features will be worth the money you spend to buy it.

Which Features Are The Most Important?

This one of the common questions and to help you find the right bike, we have noted some of the top features. These features only pertain to the best BMX bike under 500. Here are the top features we think you should keep in mind:


The frame is the overall backbone of any BMX bike. When you look at the pro bikes, carbon fiber is commonly used. However, aluminum is one of the best materials. If you are looking for overall durability, you should consider Hi-ten steel as well.


If you read many of my articles, you will find that I do stick to the same brands. This does not mean I am a loyal supporter of any brand, but I chose them for durability. Once you have found a brand that works for you, you should consider sticking with it.


The size of most BMX bikes is the same. Wherever you go, you can expect to find a 20-inch bike. However, if you are a larger adult, you might need something bigger. Anything around the 24-inch mark should be the right size for an adult.

Wrap Up – Best BMX Bike Under 500

Compared to the way I handle a brand new road bike, my skills on any BMX track will suck. However, I use many friends and references to find and rate some of these bikes. All of the above-mentioned bikes are phenomenal in their own right. If you are looking for great value for your money, you should consider them. Personally, the Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX is one of my favorites.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” – This quote is true on so many levels and you should always consider flowing your passion. Thank you for reading this article. As always, we look forward to reading some of your insightful comments.

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