Best BMX Bike For 6 Year Old

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Best BMX Bike For 6 Year Old

One of the biggest concerns we have for our children is not living or playing outside. With the rise of technology and gaming consoles, many children are caught up in these products, neglecting the outdoors and often leading them to early age obesity. The best BMX bike for 6 year old children can help them out of the house and get them exploring. The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike is a great bike to get your kid started.

If you think a BMX is only made for older children, you are wrong. The BMX is a functional bike and they were originally designed for smaller children. They might not teach a child how to ride a bike, but they are affordable. This makes them an affordable option for parents when choosing a bike to get the child riding on their own.

BMX bikes range from really intricate to basic. Some of the basic features will enable them to learn the fundamentals. In this article, we take a deeper look at the best BMX bike for 6 year old children and which one you should choose. I could not personally test them, but my deep curiosity and research skills have helped me to find out which one most people would recommend.

Best BMX bike for 6 year old
Best BMX bike for 6 year old

Best BMX Bike For 6 Year Old Children On The Market Today

The bikes in this list have been specifically chosen for the simplicity they will offer a 6-year old child. They can be used by older children, but we have focused on the features for pre-school children. If you think your child might like a bike, or need a new hobby that could potentially help them get away from the television, try these bikes:

Top Pick: RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike

The first bike on this list is the RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike. It has been designed from solid steel. This adds much-needed durability to the bike. With a one crank system, the bike is really simple and easy to use. A narrow handlebar brings all of the handles closer, allowing your child to have the maximum reach to all of the features and the brakes.

Kids need stability and the 2.4-inch wheels are quite knobby, with additional grip added. However, the smaller training wheels will keep the child upright in all conditions, especially when they lose control as a beginner. I think the large seat will make the bike comfortable for kids and the different sizes make it possible to find the ideal bike for your kid.

If you need a reasonably priced bike that should keep your kid safe, this is definitely one of the best options to consider. Caliper and coaster brakes have been added for maximum stopping power and the bike is available in different colors. With so many people also recommending it for all the quality features, I would definitely choose this as the best option.

Runner-Up: Goplus Freestyle Kids Bike

Are you looking for a great bike with all the attachments already included, the Goplus Freestyle Kids Bike will be an excellent option. The dual suspension steel frameworks well for durability wherever you go. However, it also works great for absorbing some of the shock sustained from constant punishment on tough terrains.

Everything on this bike can be adjusted. You also have the versatility of changing the wheels whenever you believe the child has outgrown the current wheels. Additionally, the training wheels seem to offer more stability to the bike. I like the heavy-duty wheels. They offer durability and they have a tendency of making every terrain possible to take on.

This bike is definitely one of the cheaper options on the market today. If will give you a ton of versatility and make the bike comfortable for every user to enjoy. If you don’t need the training wheels, they can be removed and the bike also comes almost completely assembled. I would highly recommend it for children to get into the world of biking.

Stylish Bike: Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle

Schwinn is one of the brands we commonly refer to. They have a decent reputation for delivering great bikes. The Schwinn Boy’s Scorch Bicycle comes with a solid steel frame. However, it also offers a stylish graphic design. This design is associated with racing and many children will be drawn to the overall style and color combination.

Much like the previous bikes, this BMX can also be adjusted without too much effort. Training wheels offer you comfort and safety when the child is still growing up, but the 2 brakes will give them control when they are done with the training wheels. My only complaint is that the wheels are only available in 16-inches for taller kids.

If you are a lover of the Schwinn brand, you will definitely like this brand for your kid. It is just as affordable as most of their top bikes. However, a limited lifetime warranty is also included for peace of mind and you don’t need to have it expertly assembled. If you have a small Brian Foster in the making, this bike should be one of the best options.

Best Bike For Larger Kids: Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire Burly Kid’s Bike

As we mentioned already, most kids nowadays love staying indoors and they tend to gain some weight. BMX biking is one of the best ways to get your child off their ass and help them lose weight as well. For the larger kids, the Royalbaby Bull Dozer Fat Tire Burly Kid’s Bike is definitely an excellent option. With a bulkier design and solid steel frame, it should offer tons of durability.

While many BMX bikes don’t really focus too much on the drivetrain, I like the single-speed drivetrain that is included. All of the features are fully adjustable and training wheels have been added for more stability and the safety of your child. It is available in 2 different colors for your choice and the agile V-brakes will offer the best possible stopping power.

The price is really affordable as well, making this an excellent buy for your kids. Aside from being bulkier and heavier, this bike does not have any other intricate features. However, we should mention how easy it is to assemble the bike. If you are a larger person yourself, you might like to check out our best BMX bikes for adults.

Best BMX For Girls: Dynacraft Trolls Girls BMX Street/Dirt Bike

If you quickly think of a BMX bike, you might be inclined to think of boys. However, I have seen many girls who also love the sport. The Dynacraft Trolls Girls BMX Street/Dirt Bike is the ideal option for your girl if she likes BMX bikes. Made from durable materials and colorful graphics, it should attract any female rider with some ambition.

Since the bike features massive 16-inch wheels, it is recommended for children up to 8-years old. The bike features coaster brakes that will offer excellent stopping power as well. With matching training wheels, the bike is designed for comfort. Overall, all of these features have been designed for the avid female rider to enjoy BMX biking.

Dynacraft is not one of the expensive brands on the market today. Their bikes are made durable, but they like to cater to the average middle-class individual. To show you how much confidence they have in this bike, they have included a limited lifetime warranty. This allows you to pass the bike down for generations once the kid grows up.

Key Features To Consider When Buying A BMX For Kids

When buying a BMX bike for your kid, the features are vastly different from what you look for as an adult. We asked a few professionals for some assistance in selecting the bikes. Using these features could help you if you are looking for something else. It also helps to understand more about these bikes.


Most adults will be fine with the 24-inch bike. However, this is a little too large for a child. When it comes to children, you should consider something in the range of 12-18 inches. This will keep them off the ground and offer excellent comfort.

Training wheels

Depending on the skills of your child, you might like to add training wheels to the bike. Training wheels offer security and they can enhance the overall stability. Instead of buying them separately, simply find a bike with them already included.


Finally, we have to look at the graphics of the bike. If the child is not attracted to the bike, they will not like riding it. Most of the bikes we have selected are widely liked by many children. They also offer style to keep them coming back.

Wrap Up – Best BMX Bike For 6 Year Old

The best BMX bike for 6-year-old children is definitely something that could assist them in growing up. We carefully selected these bikes for the younger members of the family. I would recommend Royalbaby as the top brand and it offers great features for their growth.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these bikes. Let us know in the comment section which bikes you would like to add to your wish list. We would also like to know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite BMX bikes.

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