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Addmotor Motan review

The best thing we can do for our environment at this point is to just forget our cars in favor of bicycles. Addmotor Motan review will give you good reasons to choose a bicycle over fossil-fueled vehicles.  These bikes do not emit poisonous fumes into the air for every minute that you’re riding them. And for another, think of the messy, constricted traffic that you face when stepping out of your home, and now imagine the range of mobility and freedom that a bicycle gives you to navigate the said traffic.

We have all seen those gentlemen that simply lift their bicycles up and over our cars, and just ride away while we’re stuck staring at them. Why not do the same thing? Why not get a bicycle as well?

Probably for the same reason most people don’t. We just can’t pedal very fast over long distances. So that a bicycle simply is not quick enough to get you where you want in the time you need. Well, all that is about to change.

Addmotor Motan Review
Addmotor Motan Review

Our Top Pick: Addmotor Motan review

Presenting the superbike with a difference: the HITHOT H1 Electric bicycle design. These E-bikes (electronic bikes) are going to change the way people feel about cars and outdoor sports. Forget traffic fumes and angry drivers for a second. Imagine taking this bike with its 48V 500W motor (to give you the speed you need), and riding down empty streets with the wind blowing in your face.

You glance down at the LCD display (integrated into the steering for a sleek design) and see the miles you have racked up and decide to take it to the woods. You’re perfectly comfortable on your plush and high-quality seat (not many sports bike manage to get this feature right) and the bikes move as easily, and as powerfully over uneven terrain, as it does over perfectly paved roads.

Features of Top Pick

Powerful Motor

Let’s talk about some of the best features of this bike. It has a powerful 500-Watt direct-drive brushless motor that controls the rear wheel directly and magnificently to allow for speed. Easily climbing hills, and whizzing across difficult terrains without a hitch.

Sophisticated LCD

A sophisticated 5-inch LCD display that tells you the trip distance, battery charge left and the speed you’re traveling at. So that you don’t have to worry about trying to gauge the distance so you can adjust your speed, or about that moment when you’re only half-way to your destination only to realize you are out of power. The LCD display is an advanced bit of machinery, designed to keep those things in line for you.

And all you have to worry about is enjoying the road stretching out before you. The display also comes with a USB port for your phone or other devices (headphones for your music as you ride?).


The Hithot H1 has a strong and durable frame designed for large riders. It is capable of carrying an adult weighing in at 300lbs. It is the ideal choice for riders that are accustomed to exploring untested environments or pitting their bikes against it to see if they can get in that extra mile. Moreover, it is a durable and reliable machine.


Besides that, the frame is all one piece welded together perfectly with a sleek finish. And the design is inspired by classical German models. The look of it has a clean and sharp profile. The special design provides less air resistance as you maneuver it down into valleys or up hills. The frame is sturdy, dependable, and capable of handling the load of the person riding it while navigating difficult terrain.


One of the coolest features on this bike is that the battery is integrated into the frame. Giving the bike as a whole a unique cohesion instead of it being a confusion of a bunch of parts glued together. The battery is easily removable and rechargeable. The 48V 10.4AH lithium battery will last for about 4 to 6 hours on a full charge. And in the latter case, you’re often kept wondering about what part is going to fall off when, and just how slow you should move to avoid doing that.

Steering and Tires

It has smooth steering with masterful movement that makes for a pleasurable experience, easy to manage. It has 27.5-inch tires with shock-absorbing capability. To give you a smooth and undisturbed commute.

It is an incredible piece of equipment bringing together the best of all the modern technological advances. From smooth steering to capable and thick tires. An incredible motor powering you along, and a reliable battery, easy to charge.

Not to mention the LCD display keeping time, and relaying vital information. And a USB port to allow for your phone, to make sure you don’t miss anything important even as you are on your way. This bike is sure to bring adventure and excitement to any ride. Whether you’re planning on taking the more scenic route through the local woods. Or just a ride down your city block to help you think.

Things we like

  • We’re just stunned by how well the steering handles, and just how comfortable the seat is. Consider having to adjust yourself constantly on a hard, plastic seat and how much worse it would be if your bike suddenly rode some rough, unbroken track.
  • The tires are thick and durable overlong and even untraveled trails.
  • The LCD display is really convenient.

Things we didn’t like

  • In terms of design, the overall shape is quite attractive, but we really would’ve liked to see this model in a range of colors. The same tried and tested blue/black might not appeal to some people.
  • As for battery life, we can’t help but feel we would like more time on this incredible bike to really get out of the city limits and explore. Even if 5 to 6 hours might seem enough to most people.


Our runner-up is the M-5800 1000W MOTAN. It is a powerful mountain bike that was built to race up unbroken tracks and conquer hills. Furthermore, it has a state of the art geared middle motor that delivers the best in acceleration and hill-climbing. It has a 48V 17.5 AH Panasonic battery. With a single charge, this bike can run up to 50-65 miles.  The battery, of course, is easily removable for charging.

The M-5800 bicycle design was created for serious athletes and sportsmen and therefore can carry adults weighing close to 350 lbs. Another solid option for large riders that have a hard time finding a reliable and sturdy bike.

The M-5800 has a Variable Gear Sensor to detect the stroke of the rider when they shift and can adjust itself accordingly. It has a sturdy 6061 Aluminum alloy frame for stability. And fat tires that can take on the mountain trail. This bike is ideal for all terrains. Effective performance on smoothly paved city roads, wooded routes, sandy beaches, difficult and rugged mountain trails, or even snow-covered paths. Not to mention, attractive to look at and easy to handle.

2nd Runner-up

Another strong contender on the list of powerful mountain bikes with excellent performance is the MOTAN M-560 bicycle. Built secure and sturdy, this bike can easily carry a person weighing 350 lbs. It has a decent speed if you rely on the motor but much faster if you pedal. And that is made much more convenient for you with the friendly pedal assist. This bike can get up to a maximum of 23 MPH in terms of speed, and it can cover 40 to 55 miles in distance.

The impressive thing is, if you happen to run out of charge, you can still pedal. It has the latest design in terms of strong, stiff frames with a streamlined arc. It has a hidden lithium battery and a powerful 500W 48V brushless rear Hub-motor that is quiet as well as dependable. A convenient USB port will charge your bike as you ride. It has TWO different modes: the first is the E-bike on its own and the second comes with assisted pedaling.

You can enjoy your journey in either mode as it is 100% emission-free and environment-friendly. The LCD display comes with a secure Night Mode to give you visibility in dark areas like tunnels. It displays important information like speed and mileage. 4 Inch wide and massively powerful tires let you breeze over all types of terrains. Be it snowy paths or rough mountain trails.

Buying Guide – Addmotor Motan Review

This bike is the best solution for anyone looking for an effortless and comfortable ride in and out of the diverse terrain. This is the kind of bike you can pull out onto the pavement for maybe a quick run to the grocery store, or you can just change your mind and take it the opposite direction to get in some scenery. It is a convenient means of transport that can take you to the bank and on a pleasure cruise on your way back once you’re done.

We can’t stress enough for anyone out there with an injury or maybe just low stamina how convenient the pedal support is. It’s possible you can’t pedal far distances anymore, or maybe a medical condition makes it difficult. Allow the H1 to do it for you, while you sit back and take deep restorative breaths. You can set your mind at ease about the variety of tracks you might encounter. The H1 has the kind of tires that are tough and shock absorbent, making for an altogether relaxed experience.

Or maybe you’re out of shape, and you’re thinking to lose some weight. Except there aren’t many bikes that can support your weight, and endure taxing rides. The HITHOT has a durable frame that is perfectly reinforced and balanced to give you the support you need. And without taking too much damage in the process. As we said before, this is the ideal choice for large riders.

You can put it to the test. It is easy to assemble, and easy to handle. When compared to models produced by other companies, you’ll find that it is not only better priced but reasonably priced. Especially when you take into account all the different features you get in the bargain.

Conclusion – Addmotor Motan Review

We come back to the point raised at the very beginning: why not just get an electric bike? And in answer to the problem: but it is simply not fast enough we have delivered THREE different options for your consideration. These bikes come with motors that help you eat up the miles and climb steep hills. As well as excellent pedal assist to help you keep going. They are durable, well-framed, and can carry large riders.

Not to mention convenience when it comes to hazardous traffic. They are emission-free and eco-friendly. Kinder, by far, to your environment (and your wallet) than a car could ever be.

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