510 Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Stylish MTB Shoes

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510 Mountain Bike Shoes

510 Mountain Bike Shoes – Best Stylish MTB Shoes

Mountain biking is a fun and interesting sport once you get the hang of it. It puts all your strength and athletic ability to the test and it forces you to improve your overall fitness. However, the bike might be the most important part of the task at hand, but having a pair of shoes like the Five Ten Men’s Freerider MTB Bike Shoes are lightweight and offer excellent grip in all conditions. 510 Mountain bike shoes could be the answer to all your mountain biking needs.

Taking to the wilderness and testing my skills on the slopes and unpredictable terrains that nature can conjure up has taught me a lot about mountain biking and how to be correctly kitted before taking on the terrain. Many might forget the important necessities like the medic kit and some water, but the shoes are definitely fundamental to your success.

Five Ten can also be considered the brand of the brave and with so many advanced technological features; these shoes tend to stand out head and shoulders above some of the rest of the brands. If you consider yourself an elite mountain biking enthusiast, the Five Ten Brand is definitely one of the brands for you.

Moreover, with so many Five Ten Shoes available, it is definitely not hard to find the ideal one that will meet your needs. If you need something with a little more protection, the Five Ten Freerider All Contact  MTB Shoes take the form of a sneaker and they offer some excellent versatility for everyday use as well.

510 Mountain Bike Shoes

Product Reviews

The reviews from multiple stores for these shoes are rather positive with most people recommending the shoes for their mountain biking purposes. Here are a couple of the top reviews that you should know about:

Outdoorgearlab – 4 out of 5 from multiple reviews on multiple shoes

Walmart – 4 out of 5 from multiple shoes and reviews on average

While these shoes are readily available to anyone in need of a new pair, they don’t really have many negative reviews. The biggest concern we noted from one reviewer is the lack of durability for long-term use.


  • Lightweight design with excellent ventilation
  • Stylish and versatile to be worn for everyday purposes
  • Excellent gripping technology to keep you from slipping
  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly reputable brand
  • Out-of-the-box comfort with no break-in period


  • Can be a little oversized
  • Some of the shoes do lack some durability

The Breakdown – Benefits

Extremely Comfortable

Comfort is something we all enjoy and love in our shoes. With Five Ten, this can be a guarantee in most of the designs. The Five Ten Men’s Sam Hill 3 Approach Shoes are one of the top samples and the shoe is rather large in terms of the design. Yes, this might not be ideal for everyone, but this means more room inside the shoe for your feet.

With mesh also used in the design, these shoes can help keep your feet ventilated. We all know how frustrating it can be for your feet to be wet on the inside. It can even lead to dangerous slips inside that will cause you some serious injury.  Fortunately, the mesh has been sporadically placed to ensure that this does not happen.

If the conditions are against you and you need to endure some wet weather, most of these shoes are water-resistant as well. While they might not stop the water from getting in inside, they will help get rid of them just as fast as you would expect your outdoor running shoes to do. The only difference is, these are not comfortable to run in.

Stylish Design

No matter what you keep on telling yourself about practicality, the truth is that a shoe needs to look great as well. With Five Ten, you have this immense benefit of a shoe that looks great as well. The brand has not only designed shoes that are all the same style but thanks to varying most of the designs, they cater to virtually anyone.

Moreover, the materials vary as well. Some people might not like the feeling of leather and this can be understood. However, to combat this leather problem, shoes like the Five Ten Men’s Freerider Pro Bike Shoes have been constructed from textile materials. The addition of textiles also means that they will be extremely lightweight.

Advance grip technology

One of the main concerns for any mountain bike enthusiast is slipping off the pedals and this could mean some serious injury. Fortunately, Five Ten has got you covered and they have uniquely patterned outer soles that are included for each shoe. This keeps you from ever slipping and causing sustaining some serious harm.

However, you need to keep in mind that the pedals will also play a major role. You need to ensure that your pedals are not slippery either. Many people do tend to blame the shoes when the pedals are old and the grip is worn off. Replacing them every so often will keep you safe and ready to take on any terrain you desire.

Wide Selection of Shoes

As we have already mentioned, the options are definitely plentiful and you need not worry about any trouble finding something you like. If you don’t like the sneaker-type shoe, the free-rider will definitely make a great option. The colors are also many and each shoe we have found will have between 5 and 10 different colors and styles that you can choose from to meet your needs.

Finally, a protective toe box has been included and this is something you might not think you need at first, but should you slip and the pedals come back, it could make a major difference. It also enhances the overall durability of the shoe, making it harder and possibly lasting longer.

Ready out of the box

The break-in period is one of the most frustrating parts of any shoe. When you have a break-in period, it can be painful and you will need to endure it before the shoes are comfortable. Fortunately, the Five Ten shoes are ready out of the box and they have extremely comfortable sock liners. These will not only wick away moisture but offer excessive comfort in the long term.


I have reviewed many shoes from multiple brands and most of them sports-related. I have also tested many of them and these shoes are definitely some of the more affordable when you look at them. At first, they might be expensive, but with the features, you will definitely see real value.

One of the examples will be the inclusion of EVA for the inner sole. EVA is mostly found in running shoes and second to only memory foam. It can be rather expensive and it is also widely found separately, but having it molded for your shoe, should give you an ergonomically designed fit. In the end, comfort is what we all strive for.

The Breakdown – Drawbacks

Toe clips could be a problem

Not all of these shoes are designed to be compatible with toe clips. We know the importance of toe clips when it comes to safety and keeping you from slipping, but you need to ensure the shoes are compatible beforehand. With a larger and wider toe box, they might not always fit in the clips.


While this is not necessarily a major problem, these shoes have sizing problems from time to time. Many people believe the sizing is simply perfect, while others think it is too wide. Sizing and fit will all be determined by your feet and those with flat feet will certainly like these shoes.

They may vary in quality

Unfortunately, they are not all made from the same materials.  It is no secret that leather is the most trusted and durable material. It has also been handcrafted, making durability much higher. However, when you look at some of the cheaper shoes, you might find the durability to be a little lower and this will affect the overall shoe.

If your main purpose is looking for something with extreme durability, you will need to look for leather designs. Leather will certainly last a little longer. However, you will be giving up water resistance.  They also take a little longer to dry out.

Bottom Line – 510 Mountain Bike Shoes

If you are an avid mountain biker, you need top-quality mountain biking shoes. Five Ten is one of the best brands when it comes to this. 510 mountain bike shoes are highly rated as well. We would certainly stand by the brand and highly recommend all of their shoes. It is also worth noting that with the plentiful options, you can easily find your desired option.

We’d like to thank you for reading this article and we would like you to share some of your thoughts on these shoes. Please let us know in the comment section what you think of them and if you have ever used them.

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