Road Bike Vs Triathlon Bike

One question that bothers the mind of most enthusiastic triathletes is whether to buy a road bike or a triathlon bike. Although both are good for a triathlon race, some factors differentiate them from each other. Hence, when it comes to making a choice, there are several things you should consider between a road bike … Read more

Best Helmet for Triathlon

As a triathlete, you need the best helmet for triathlon to participate in triathlon events. If you need the right helmet to compete effectively in a triathlon, consider the . This headgear comes with a vivid tech lens that adjusts your contrast for a clearer view. It also has a magnetic fastener, which makes it easy … Read more

Best Bike For Triathlon Beginner

With the ironman competitions now taking center stage for many people. The best bike for triathlon beginner athletes has been slightly mitigated. However, these athletes have to endure cycling, running, and some time on the water to finish the race. This means that the bike should be comfortable while giving the rider performance to win … Read more

Best Triathlon Bike Shoes

As a triathlete, wearing a pair of the best cycling shoes can help improve your performance. If you’re searching for the best triathlon bike shoes, look no further than the . It’s synthetic but feels more comfortable on the skin and ensures a healthier fit thanks to its ergonomic toe cap. It’s also lightweight and breathable … Read more

Best Goggles for Triathletes

As a triathlete, you will need to wear swim goggles to have a clear vision underwater and to protect your eyes from irritants. I have tested several models, but no one guarantees comfort and a clearer view when swimming than the . It is one of the best goggles for triathletes that offers a friendly … Read more

Tri Bike vs Road Bike with Aero Bars

The decades-old debate on buying a tri bike vs road bike with aero bars rages on even to this day.  What makes one better is part science and part mental.  However, one thing is for sure, buying a tri bike takes on a certain dedication. Whereas a solid road bike can be used in many … Read more

Best Road Bike For Triathlon Beginner

Aside from the IronMan competition, the triathlon can be one of the most daunting experiences for any fitness enthusiast. It takes your body to a whole new level and this best road bike for triathlon beginner article should shed some light on some of the best options to consider. These bikes are lightweight and they … Read more