Best Women’s Commuter Bikes

After polling many of my girlfriends who regularly use bicycles for commuting to work and for some other activities I am confident that  stands out above the rest as an ideal women’s commuter bike. When it comes to urban rides, this one won’t disappoint. The bike provides something for everyone, from beginner to expert rider.  … Read more

Best Commuter Bike Under 500

Have you ever wondered how to combat the rising fuel prices and still improve your fitness? If so, the best commuter bike under 500 is one of the best options to travel from point A to point B. Commuter bikes are designed to travel on all the corners of the earth. They can travel off-road … Read more

The Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shoes

A comfortable pair of the best women’s mountain bike shoes is imperative for anyone who wants to hit the backcountry trails. Your shoes provide the base for your foot to connect with your bike’s pedals. With each stroke, the sole of your shoe must remain in contact. As your foot flexes, you should feel complete … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000: Excellence Personified

Mountain biking has become a professional sport nowadays and many people aim for the best bikes to improve their odds at winning. The best mountain bikes under 3000 will have some of the best features and while you might not buy them as a beginner, a professional rider surely will. Ask any pro rider and … Read more

Best Women’s Hardtail Mountain Bike

Some mountain biking enthusiasts prefer a hardtail mountain bike but others like a suspension ride. When shopping for the best women’s hardtail bike, you should remember that a hardtail has a simple design that is often appreciated by newbies. Ultimately, you must decide which bike works best for your specific needs. A suspension bike boasts … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Seat

There are very few accessory component companies that focus most of their efforts on the off road bicycle market.  Ergon is one of those companies.  They specialize in grips and saddles and have some great designs. When it comes to the best mountain bike seat, it was an easy decision to look to the . … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Shoes To Buy This Holiday

If you watch any mountain biker, chances are that you focus all of your attention on the mountain bike and the features. However, the best mountain bike shoes should not be neglected, especially when you are a beginner and it could make a massive difference to your performance. This is most important for safety reasons … Read more

Best Electric Mountain Bike

Like with every e-Bike on the market currently, electric mountain bikes are very much in their infancy.  Moving into the 2021 model year has seen significant innovation and improvement in this market segment.  Across the board, with much regard, a new player in the market, is battling it out for best electric mountain bike. The … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Chain

Besides the rider, one of the largest losses of energy on a bike is the drivetrain.  From specialty ceramic bearings to low friction jockey pulleys, there are all kinds of products for the express purpose of cutting drivetrain power losses.  A key factor in all of this is using the best mountain bike chain possible. … Read more

Marin Road Bikes Review: Headlands, Lombard, Gestalt, & Four Corners

Marin is by no means the best road bike manufacturer out there. But, if you do not have an interest in racing, you want a dependable, American brand, and plan to use the bike primarily for fitness and exploration, the Marin Lombard and the Marin Headlands are reasonable options. In this article, we are exploring … Read more