Best Electric Bikes Under 1000

Electric bikes have become a new trend, and they are slowly but surely making their mark in the market today. The electric bike features a state-of-the-art battery that helps you in times when the going gets tough. However, with so many new bikes hitting the market, finding the best electric bikes under 1000 can be … Read more

Best Folding Electric Bike under 1000

Are you looking for an affordable electric bike that you can ride anywhere and store at even the tightest places? Then consider the as it is very portable, elegant, and efficient. It also offers you the needed power for a daily shuttling or strolling on your choicest path. Everyone needs an electric folding bike for … Read more

Best Electric Bike for Seniors

Just as younger folks enjoy riding their bikes, the elderly deserve that feeling too. But as a senior, do you think it is over for you to take a bike ride? Well, I’m glad to tell you that with the , you can enjoy a long bike ride effortlessly. This bike has impressive features that … Read more

Addmotor Motan review

The best thing we can do for our environment at this point is to just forget our cars in favor of bicycles. Addmotor Motan review will give you good reasons to choose a bicycle over fossil-fueled vehicles.  These bikes do not emit poisonous fumes into the air for every minute that you’re riding them. And … Read more

Viking Folding Bike Review

The folding bike is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport, particularly in congested cities. As usable as a full-sized bike, they have the added convenience of being permitted on public transport, and small enough to fit in the boot of a car. The  is not really suitable for extreme trail riding, it’s on the … Read more

Best Bike for Overweight Male

Let’s first take care of a myth that some bikes cant handle heavy riders.  That simply isn’t true.  Failures and other issues occur more from maintenance or misuse. With that taken care of, let’s go over the reality for what makes the best bike for overweight male. For the last 50 years, the number one … Read more

Best Fat Bikes Under 2000

The world is full of terrains with extreme terrains and you do need a great bike to help you get through the snow or mud. The best fat bikes under 2000 will make life easier and allow you to do this with much greater ease.  Since they are unstoppable, they offer much more fun, making … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000: Excellence Personified

Mountain biking has become a professional sport nowadays and many people aim for the best bikes to improve their odds at winning. The best mountain bikes under 3000 will have some of the best features and while you might not buy them as a beginner, a professional rider surely will. Ask any pro rider and … Read more

Best Electric Mountain Bike

Like with every e-Bike on the market currently, electric mountain bikes are very much in their infancy.  Moving into the 2021 model year has seen significant innovation and improvement in this market segment.  Across the board, with much regard, a new player in the market, is battling it out for best electric mountain bike. The … Read more