Best Multi Tool for Bike

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Best Multi Tool for Bike

As a cyclist, whether you ride a road, commuter, or mountain bike, you need the best bike multi-tool handy in case of mechanical issues. Consider getting the Topeak Alien II multi tool as it is portable and can fit into your bike pack or pocket. It also features a chain tool and hooks to enable quick repairs. Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and user-friendly.

A top-notch multi-tool can be a lifesaver when your bike begins to have a mechanical problem. These problems could come at an unexpected time. There are times when all you need to put your bike in good shape to ride home is a set of the best multi-tool

I know it might be difficult to find a quality multi-tool on the market. So, I took out time to research and come up with the five best multi tool for bike you can use for mid-ride adjustment or fix mechanical issues.  

Best multi tool for bike
Best multi tool for bike

Top 5 Best Multi-Tools for Bike

Best Overall: Topeak Alien II Multi-Tool

This Topeak multitool is a fantastic set of devices that fit perfectly into your jogger’s pocket. Also, it’s a combination of premium grade plastic and stainless steel to make it lightweight and durable. It is a complete bike tool you can use to fix all your mechanical issues.

Moreover, it features a chain hook that enables you to unclog a chain problem. The Topeak Alien II has a 15mm pedal and two tire levers you can use to fix a flat wheel issue without stress. It comes with enough lubricant to enable easy detachment and for other purposes when needed.

Furthermore, you can tighten and loosen nuts with its wide range of wrenches. It has an 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm box-end wrenches for all your bolt and nut fixes. Also, it features 14mm and 15mm spoke wrenches for large tire screws. It also comes with T25 Torx and an Alien bit range of 2-10mm.

Above all, Topeak multi-tool features a set of Philip and flathead screwdrivers. So, when you think of a fantastic tool for amateur and pro riders, Topeak multi-tool is the best bet.


When you compare the Topeak multi-tool to a similar bike multi-tool, it’s somehow expensive. After all, there are other affordable pro bike multi-tool that comes with impressive features. Another downside is the size, which is because of a lot of additional tools attached to it. The device also has a poor-quality attachment for the two sides.

Runner Up: Blackburn Wayside 19 Function Bike Multi-Tool

With 19 extensive functions, this Blackburn Multi-tool is as useful as going to a mechanic workshop to fix your bike. Packed with amazing features, this tool can get you out of any breakdown mix or jam.

It comes with individual hex keys that you can detach and simply torque any bolt head. The keys also feature a ball head for a simple detach and attach mechanism.

Moreover, you can use the tool to hold the ends of your chain together when assembling the links. This repair is possible due to the chain assembly hook, and it eliminates the need for a third hand. When you mistakenly squeeze your brake pad during repair or a race, the disc brake spreader helps you reset it.

With new bikes featuring more fasteners than before, Torx fastener on this multi-tool got your back. It is the most unique and most reliable fastening device available, and it’s one of Blackburn’s impressive features.

What’s more, it also comes with a flathead screwdriver and a quick link tool storage. Lastly, it comes with a serrated knife in as you want to cut something loose.


One of the most common downsides of this multi-tool is its weight. Moreover, it’s best to get extra packing space because it has numerous tools that make it bulky.

Editors’ Choice: Topeak The Mini 9-Function Bicycle Tool

Here is another excellent multi-tool from Topeak on our list. The Topeak Mini 9 has a fantastic design built with quality materials. Its components have been put through a series of tests and came out in flying colors. Also, the tool is durable and stands the test of time.

Since it’s made with hardened steel, all the tools are secure and reliable. They also have an aluminum body, which prevents corrosion. That means you can use it in the rain, but you should dry after use. It folds well into very nice and portable equipment, coming in handy in most cases.

Besides, it weighs just over 90g, making it a lightweight multi-tool. All you need do is tuck it into your bicycle pack and be assured you’re ready for an emergency. It also comes with a neoprene bag to enable easy packaging.

Overall, it’s an ultra-light and compact tool for the regular rider.


Despite the coated body, this tool is prone to rust attack if you expose it to moisture. For this reason, you may not want to use this in a moist situation. Hence, maintenance is also expensive as you have to put grease on this tiny device always.

Best For Space Saving: F15, F10+ and F10 Multi-Tool

This Crankbrothers multi-tool comes with a magnetic case that keeps the entire F- tools well stored. This attractive feature helps you to handle the tool better and offer more leverage when working. Moreover, it aids a simple repacking process after use.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with a set of wrenches that covers a wide range of sizes. The tool includes wrenches of different sizes from 2-8mm. It also consists of a flathead screwdriver in case you have a loosened screw. Its spinning tool list also has Phillip 2 screwdrivers and 0-3mm wrenches.

The F-tool series contains up to 15 tools, all wrapped up into a small and sturdy iron finished pack. It also features black anodized rails for secure packaging. You can fix it anywhere on the go as its light and small. Finally, it features an iron-coated bottle opener. This tool comes in handy if you wish to take a drink for a deserved reward after working.


The F-series Crankbrothers multi-tool doesn’t work on most bike specifications. That’s why you should ensure that its tools would match your bike before buying it. The bits are too stubby, making it difficult to pull it beyond the set angle. Some of the wrenches do not also fit in tightly on some of the heads of the bike hardware.

Best With Disc Pad Spreader: Blackburn Tradesman 18 Function Bike Multi-Tool

There are many bike mechanical issues you can fix with 18 functions. That’s what makes Blackburn tradesman bike multi-tool with 18 function standout. No one wants half of their tools stuck in the bottom of your bag, so a quick link keeps them together.

Moreover, when the wheel is out, an accidental brake squeeze might stop you in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, this tool comes with a brake pad spreader that keeps your wheels very drag free. Also, it allows you to split quick links in the twinkle of an eye, making your work time considerably less.

Besides, the L-shape of the tool offers more extensibility. This feature enables you to reach into those tiny hidden bolts that loosen often. It also includes 2, 3, and 4mm tools to allow you to fix even the smallest of nuts. What’s more, it has a chain assembly hook to hold the ends of your chains together while you reassemble the link.


Although it is one of the best multi tool for bikeit has a big drawback. It is pretty heavy, thus causing discomfort if you should slot into your pocket. The bolts tool also loosen easily, leaving it to fly around. Besides, it’s not rust-resistant at all, so do not use it in the rain.

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Multi Tool For Bike

Whether you own the best mountain bikes or road models, you need to get the best multi-tool for fixes in case of mechanical failure. Looking for this item on the market can be confusing because there are many low-quality tools. I aim to help you make the right decision and avoid wasting your money on the wrong models.


The first thing to consider when buying a bike multi-tool is durability. Most cheap bike multi-tools are of low quality and break down quickly within the first few times of use. Ensure to go for a high-quality model that can last for years.

Ease of Use

An excellent multi-tool puts every tool you need in one place, giving you access to a variety of useful tools. You do not need to struggle with big tools boxes or multiple annoying components before accessing your tool.


The idea of portability is a feature every biker cannot ignore. You should be able to carry the multi-tool in your pockets. The combination of size and weight is what makes a model better than others out there.

People prefer a cycling gear that is lightweight and does not occupy space or makes them uncomfortable as they ride their bikes. But the choices on size and weight depend on each biker’s need and personal preference.

Important Features

The bike you ride will determine the kind of tools you want. Bike multi-tools come with minimum or versatile bits. Multi-tool with a few bits allows you to fix fewer issues, while the versatile ones give you enough options to repair any possible mechanical faults.

Hex Keys

A Bike multi-tool should have unique keys, usually called Allen keys or hex keys. Both ends of these keys are hexagonal, and they are the standard tools used for fixing bikes. The sizes every biker will need are 5, 6, and 4mm, but smaller sizes for brake lever and tension adjusters are also useful.

Bikers may need 8mm Allen keys to repair larger areas on the bike, such as the pedals and cranks. These sizes are larger, but they come fitted in one bundle with smaller useful tools.

Torx Drivers and Screwdrivers

Torx screws are mainly used to hold MTB bikes’ disc brake rotors. Today, they are popular among road bikers because they are better than hex heads. Chainring bolts and brake bolts are some of the things you need to fix with Torx driver.

When buying a bike multi-tool, look out for cross-head and flathead screwdrivers. The reason is that most bikes have screws with this head.

Chain Splitter

During a long ride, if you don’t want to get stuck on the way due to a broken chain, you need a multi-tool with a chain splitter. The stress of fixing a 10 or 11-speed chain on the road is a job that requires high-quality tools. You need a chain splitter to disassemble old links, even though you have a joining link.

Tire Levers

Essential tools you will find in a bike multi-tool include tire levers. Sometimes, they are molded and attached to the tool or place separately in the tool’s bag. Some tire levers are shorter, so make sure you buy one that is good enough to take out your bike tire.

Spoke Keys

When the bike’s wheel or spokes break, you can use these keys to repair them without delay. A spoke can twist and entangle itself around other good ones, making the ride uncomfortable. If the bike’s wheel is Mavic or Shimano brand, spokes keys that match the key will get the job done.

Final Word on the Best Multi Tool for Bike

Anything can happen at any time, especially when you’re riding a bike. Whether on the road or mountain, you may have to fix your bike at some point. You don’t want to stuck in the middle of nowhere, which is why you need to get the best bike tools. 

The market is flooded with different multi-tools brands, but our selected five best multi tool for bike offers enough tools to fix your mechanical bike issues. Feel free to pick anyone in this buying guide to prepare yourself for any emergency.

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