Best Mountain Bike For 300: Don’t Get Bogged Down By Budget

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Best Mountain Bike For 300: Don’t Get Bogged Down By Budget

Tired of paying thousands of dollars for your new mountain bike? Then you have come to the right place. The best mountain bikes are expensive and the features will justify this. However, as a beginner, you can settle for something cheaper that offers you excellent value. The best mountain bike for 300 is definitely the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike from what we have tested.

Mountain biking is an excellent hobby to have. The sport kept me fit and helped me to understand more about my own limits. However, the top mountain bikes are not always ideal for beginners. I am no newcomer to falling and damaging bikes and these experiences have helped me to understand the crucial features. While I won’t discredit the expensive bikes, I simply believe beginners might not need all of the features they have.

I used this experience to compile a list of mountain bikes that will make it possible for beginners to get into the sport. Many experts frown upon looking at these cheaper models, but as a beginner, they will definitely make a massive difference. Read on to find out which of the bikes I believe any beginner should choose.

Best Mountain Bike for 300
Best Mountain Bike for 300

Best Mountain Bike For 300 On The Market Today

The features on these bikes are nothing special, as you would expect for the price. However, they have some basic features that will make them perfect for beginners. I also like these bikes for the simplicity and virtually no maintenance is required to keep them going. Here are the top bikes for under $300 on the market today:

Top Pick: Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Schwinn is not always seen as one of the top brands, but after testing the new Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike, I simply had to include them. The bike features a hardtail design, making it ideal for climbing mountains. It also features a steel frame for added durability. However, you should note that it might be a little heavy.

The 21-speed Shimano drivetrain will make a difference when riding, helping you to expend as little energy as possible. Alloy cranks are included, adding to the durability and as we have already mentioned, this bike has virtually no maintenance. The knobby tires are excellent for grip and should enable you to ride on tough terrains.

All of these bikes are really affordable, with features designed to make life easier for you. It is worth noting that the bike is available in multiple different sizes, with some of them even catering to larger users. We recommend the 29-inch version for users as close to the most affordable bike for a 300-pound man.

Runner-Up: Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

If you love the full suspension mountain bike to help you with descending, the Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike will be one of the best options. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and this will keep the weight to a minimum. The added full suspension will take some of the edges of the bumps from descending.

Once again, the 21-speed drivetrain has been included and this makes it much more possible for you to take on virtually any terrain. A steel triple crank is designed for durability and it also removes the need for constant maintenance. With a 26-inch size, the bike is designed for larger individuals and it makes it possible to be used by larger riders.

I like the 2 different sizes that are available for everyone to choose from. The bike has numerous sizes, making it possible for all riders as well. In terms of price, I find it really affordable, which makes it ideal for virtually any user looking to buy a new bike. It is also worth noting that it can be used for commuting if you like to stroll around town.

Best Stylish Bike: Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB

The Vilano 26″ Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB is one of the most overlooked bikes, making it something not many people choose. It has also been constructed from durable aluminum and the mag wheels are perfect for making the bike wind resistant. With a hardtail design, I did not have any trouble when it comes to scaling up mountains.

Stopping power is often something beginners forget to look at. However, having disc brakes will make a massive difference and ensure that you can stop in virtually all conditions. As with many others, the 21-speed drivetrain is designed to give you versatility. Speed shifters will keep them from jamming and allow simple and effective gear transitions.

The bike is somewhat more expensive than the others and closely makes the cut of $300. However, the stylish design and lightweight will make it worthwhile. While it might not really compare to the elite bikes, it will definitely allow you to reach your full potential until you eventually upgrade to the bigger leagues.

Best Mountain Bike for women: ROADMASTER R4047WMJ 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike

Female riders often get overlooked by their male counterparts. Many aspiring female riders love to enjoy some time in the mountains and the best female mountain bikes will give them the opportunity. The ROADMASTER R4047WMJ 26″ Granite Peak Women’s Bike features a durable steel frame and 18-inch wheels to give you this opportunity.

As with most of the cheaper models, Shimano is also the sponsor of the 18-speed drivetrain. Having such a drivetrain is ideal for shifting between gears and improving your riding experience. Linear brakes are perfect for beginners and these cantilever brakes will offer decent stopping power in the mountains. My only complaint is the weight that could have been slightly less.

With easy adjustments and virtually no maintenance, the bike is perfect for the female without any real skills. It is affordable and should not cause you to break the bank. I would definitely recommend the design and the style for any female to help them improve their fitness. The average height is around 5.10-inches.

Best All-Terrain Mountain Bike: Royce Union 27.5″ RMA Men’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is all about testing your limits and taking your body to the next level. The Royce Union 27.5″ RMA Men’s 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike is designed to make this possible and help you achieve your goals. Made with an aluminum frame, the weight is definitely light enough for intermediate riders. I also like the durability, keeping you upright and resisting damage.

The 27.5-inch size is a great way to ensure that the bike has the perfect size to keep larger riders going. Shimano has sponsored the 21-speed drivetrains in many of the best mountain bikes for 300 options. The quick shifters will make it easier to alternate between gears. However, I did have a snag with the chain, but this was mostly due to my own stupidity of falling with the bike in the mud.

A lot of riders might find the price a little expensive, but it does make the $300 cut. However, you won’t have any money left for upgrades. I will also like to have the brakes upgraded to disc brakes, giving me optimal stopping power in wet conditions. Fortunately, disc brakes are not that expensive and this means you could save up for them in no time. I personally used the bike for all-terrain purposes. The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive is definitely an upgrade you should consider if you are a little more advanced.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Mountain Bike For 300

When it comes to mountain bikes, the features can be really intricate. However, when you are looking for something basic, the basic features should suffice. My experience taught me the basics of mountain biking and here are some of these features. If you don’t have some references, you can complain about not having value for your money.


Most affordable frames are made from steel and people generally consider this to be the best choice. However, aluminum is much better and it is also lighter. If your favorite bike is made from steel, you can choose a better aluminum alternative. Some of the top bike brands like Diamondback are renowned for their Carbon Fiber bikes.


Bikes are available in different sizes. The size is mostly indicated by the wheel size. However, if you don’t know which size you need, you will be better off with something larger. 27.5-inches is generally the best size to be safe and you will have some comfort as well. For the 300-pound man, I would recommend the 29er for added durability.


Brakes are actually affordable compared to many of the other parts. However, cantilever brakes are the common choice amongst beginners. Once you start taking on arduous terrains, you should consider having disc brakes. I prefer the hydraulic disc brakes, but mechanical disc brakes should do the trick. It is worth noting that the best road bikes used in tough competitions like the Tour de France will have hydraulic disc brakes.

Conclusion – Best Mountain Bike for 300

The best mountain bike for 300 is really easy to find and it did not take me much time to track them down. However, there are many more bikes aside from this list. If you have an interest in carbon road bikes, you should consider checking them out, we love doing research and testing the best and latest products on the market today.

Don’t be bogged down by the price anymore and live your passion. Research from top philosophers has suggested that money only holds back people who lack creativity. We hope this article has helped you find the bike you are looking for. Drop your comments below and let us know if we missed any of your favorites.

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