Best Cyclocross Bike for Commuting

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Best Cyclocross Bike for Commuting

Are you looking for the best cyclocross bike for commuting? Check out the Raleigh RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike.

I love it because it is incredibly lightweight and unbelievably responsive. Whether stopping, turning, or shifting gears, the Raleigh RX 2.3 is going to amaze.

Cyclocross is a sport that takes place on a track that includes a myriad of surfaces. These surfaces include pavement, grass, wooded trails, and even obstacles, which is why cyclocross bikes need to be extraordinarily versatile. Coincidentally, that’s also why cyclocross bikes are perfect for your daily commute. Here is a look at some of our favorite cyclocross bikes for commuting.

Best cyclocross bike for commuting
Best cyclocross bike for commuting

Best Cyclocross Bike for Commuting

There are tons to choose from, and I’d be lying to you if I said that any one of them is objectively better than the rest. It’s all in the riders’ needs, but here is a list of our favorites.

Favorite Overall: Raleigh RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike

What makes the RX 2.0 so awesome? Simple, it offers you everything you could ask for in a cyclocross commuter bike. The alloy frame is on par with some of the highest-end bikes you can find out there, weighing a minuscule 20.68 pounds. Of course, the higher you go up in size, the more the bike will weigh, but even the 62 cm frame comes in at less than 25 pounds.

Not only is the frame lightweight, but it is sturdy enough to handle some of the most aggressive riding practices. If you plan on taking your new ride out for some joyriding you can rest assured that it can handle whatever you throw its way.

The RX 2.0 Utilizes an SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain, offering more than enough gears to choose from, giving you as much control as you could possibly ask for. And that’s only secondary to how durable and reliable these drivetrains are.

Another great aspect, though it has little to do with this particular bike, is the unparalleled customer service you receive from Raleigh bikes. These guys stand behind their products, and if it isn’t up to the standard, they will replace it free of cost.

Close Second Favorite: Colnago World Cup

I should confess something to you; I’m not entirely sure which bike I like better, the Raleigh or this Colnago. In fact, this is just a 1a and 1b scenario, and you can’t go wrong with either one.

It uses a 6000 series aluminum frame build specifically for disc brakes. Now that may not seem like an important detail at first. That is until you realize that quite a few manufacturers simply slap disk brakes and drop bars on any old bike frame, simply so they can sell it as a cyclocross. Having a bike frame built for disk brakes means the bike will be intensely responsive to the brakes.

Where this bike stands out above the RX 2.0 is the reinforcement tube you’ll find between the top tube and seat tube. At first glance it’s an insignificant design difference, that is… until you toss the bike on your shoulder to carry to your final destination. This bar makes carrying the load of your bike about as comfortable as you could ask for.

Of course, you’ll enjoy the lightweight construction of the bike frame and the sturdy puncture-resistant tires that come with it.

Best for Budget: Tommaso Sentiero

Admittedly, this isn’t a dedicated cyclocross bike, but it does check all of the boxes of one.
Drop Bars? ✔️
Disc Brakes? ✔️
Light Weight? ✔️
Versatility? ✔️

Better yet, it is from one of the most trusted manufacturers of discounted bikes… Tommaso!!!! Plus it is pretty much a steal.

This bike is advertised as being great for both off-road and on-road riding, so it certainly fits the bill of a cyclocross bike. And because they use SST steel forks, I’m comfortable asserting that you’ll be able to get through some of the most extreme terrain (relatively speaking of course).

That said, while it isn’t a delicate bike by any stretch of the imagination, the Tommaso Sentiero also isn’t a bike that you’ll be able to abuse for months on end. However, some well-timed upgrades to the wheels, drivetrain, and brakes will ensure you can get several years out of this bike. One thing is certain; the frame is as sturdy as they come!!

There are some other great cyclocross bikes if you are on a budget, check out the article if you’d like to look at a few more options.

Benefits of Cycling to Work

The benefits are relatively easy to list, in fact, I’d be astonished if anyone reading this doesn’t already know and understand the plethora of benefits you’ll reap by making this simple adjustment to your daily life. But just in case… let’s go over them once more.

Health Reasons

Let’s face it, far too much of our time is spent sitting down at a desk, in a car, or on our couches. This sedentary lifestyle that we lead today is a primary cause of so many of the medical issues we face today. Both physically and mentally.

Our bodies are specially engineered to be in motion (something that our current environment doesn’t necessarily mesh too well with). Once you choose to forego sitting in traffic for hours on end during your workweek, you are also choosing to live a more active lifestyle. We all can stand to be a little more active.

Check out some of the best Fitbits you can find for your cycling needs here!


This is simple, so there isn’t much to expand upon here. Cyclists often have their own dedicated lanes on city streets. So rather than being one of those vehicles sitting behind a car that’s trying to turn onto some random road, you can merely breeze past them in your dedicated bike lane.

Even if there isn’t a dedicated bike lane, you are still able to bypass traffic. You’ll probably want to be a little more vigilant when doing so.


Whether you are an active environmentalist, or simply someone who enjoys being able to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We all can appreciate a less polluted city to live in. Cycling to and from work means that you are helping to keep your cities emissions in check.


This may not seem like something so fun to beginning riders (especially if you live in a particularly hilly or mountainous area). But ask anybody who has been riding for a while, and they’ll tell you. Cycling is one of their favorite activities.

If you are just now setting out on your cycling journey, your patience and dedication will most certainly be tested in the beginning. But rest assured, after even just a few short weeks you’ll begin to cherish those days that you get to ride your bike to work.


Okay, this is a no-brainer. We all can get behind having to spend less money. And cycling to work is where you can see some of your greatest spending areas drastically reduced. A good to excellent bike will often cost you less than a down payment on a vehicle. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about those pesky monthly car notes you have every month.

Plus you don’t have to get insurance for a bicycle. Oh, and let’s not forget, you’ll never have to stop at gas stations to fill it up on the way home from work. The only fuel you need is the surplus of calories you have that need to be burned off anyway.

All-in-all, cycling to and from work is a lifestyle change that has a multitude of rewards for anybody willing to commit to it.

Why Cyclocross Bikes?

There is no one size fits all bike, when it comes to your daily commute. Plenty of you out there will be better off getting a road bike; others may want a mountain bike. What is beautiful about cyclocross bikes though, is that they are the best of both worlds. These bikes are very similar to hybrid bikes with one exception. They are a lighter version of a hybrid bike.

Some other things you’ll notice about cyclocross bikes is that they have disk brakes that are usually only found on mountain bikes. You’ll also see some drop bars, just like on some of the best road bikes. But they can handle infinitely more terrain than a road bike can. This leads us to some of the benefits of these types of bikes.


The knobby tires found on these bikes give you far more traction and control on rough surfaces adding to the versatility of your bike. They are also great for those of you who will be commuting during the winter months (if you live in cold and snowy climates). Road bikes with narrow smooth tires certainly won’t be able to handle the occasional ice patches you come across in cold weather.


If your forking over a few to several hundred dollars on a bike, you’ll probably want to get some use out of it other than going to and from work. Cyclocross bikes are built to withstand and even flourish, in all types of different terrain and weather. You’ll get your prescribed dose of adrenaline rushes with these bikes.

The point is, you don’t have to have any intentions of actually competing in cyclocross events in order to get the rewards of owning a cyclocross bike. For many of you out there, these are simply the best commuter bikes you can find.

Wrap Up – Best Cyclocross Bike for Commuting

There’s nothing like the freedom of zipping past all those poor souls wallowing in misery while sitting in traffic. That should be enough for anybody to at least consider making the transition to cycling to work each day.

And if your route to work takes you over some questionable roads, then a cyclocross bike may be the best fit for you. Luckily, any of these bikes will do for your daily commute. If you are interested in competing in cyclocross events and are looking for a higher-end model, then you should check out our ‘Best Cyclocross Bike article.

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