Best BMX Race Bikes: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

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Best BMX Race Bikes: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Most people buy BMX bikes to support their hobby or even to have a few freestyle adventures. However, many people like myself love competitiveness on the track and the best BMX race bikes are designed for racing. While these bikes are predominantly made for racing, they can also be used for freestyle purposes. I like Redline a lot for racing, but the Mongoose M42109M20OS-PC Title Pro 24″ Boy’s Bike has blown me away as the number one pick.

Starting out my journey, I spent a lot of time at parks watching a few freestyle experts. However, I was invited to see one of the races once. Watching these races, reminded me of motocross and Superbike races, with the same adrenaline being reached. I got a liking for the sport and started to scout for the best available BMX race bikes.

If you are looking for a bike that will help you grind your way over hand railings, these bikes might not be the best for you. These bikes are designed for avid racing enthusiasts, to help them reach the maximum speeds and have the best possible control. Read on to find out if any of these bikes will be the best option for you.

Best BMX Race BIkes
Best BMX Race BIkes

Best BMX Race Bikes On The Market Today

I am a massive supporter of racing sports. Whether this is the Tour de France or Nascar, I love sitting on the edge of my seat to see someone pulling through at the last minute. While these bikes might not have the same technology included, they will still keep you glued to the race. Here is my selection for the best BMX race bikes on the market today:

Top Pick: Mongoose M42109M20OS-PC Title Pro 24″ Boy’s Bike

The Mongoose M42109M20OS-PC Title Pro 24″ Boy’s Bike is one of the top reoccurring bikes on many of our lists. Mongoose, in general, seems to be a reoccurring brand with many top features. The Tectonic T1 aluminum frame keeps it light, allowing racers to get the maximum speed on the track. It also has the ability to resist some of the minor falls we need to endure.

I find the 24-inch wheels to not only be perfect for boys. Some of my friends are smaller in stature and this bike is perfect for them. Additionally, the 48mm stem is what makes the bike great for riding on tough terrains. The V-brake system is one of the best, and it enables the bike to stop whenever you need it to. This is one of the main reasons racers like it for cornering.

Mongoose is an affordable brand with many excellent features that set them apart from the rest. The price of this bike is really affordable and you also have a great warranty. I think the blue color perfectly symbolizes racing and the bike is perfect for short races. You will need to find out for yourself if the seating works for you. However, this can be replaced if needed.

Another Top Pick: Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser

Choosing between the Mongoose bike and the Redline Bikes MX24 BMX Race Cruiser is really tough. Both of them have been specifically designed for racing purposes. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this bike is extremely durable, but Mongoose edges it out slightly with the lighter weight. However, the slight weight difference should not deter a seasoned racer.

With 3-piece tubular cranks and a design that is nearly flawless, the bike certainly appeals to a massive market. It features massive 24-inch wheels that make it great for your larger riders. I also think the ability to choose between a masculine and feminine color is great for boys and girls. Yes, even girls can have some fun with this bike.

Unfortunately, the bike is not really designed for freestyle riding. This slightly hampers the versatility many riders might be looking for. Redline is also one of the more expensive brands, but not this one. You will receive a limited lifetime warranty as well. We would just like to encourage you to have it expertly assembled for the warranty to be activated.

High-End Racer: Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser

Why not go all out and buy one of the best bikes on the market today? The Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser is also designed by Redline but specifically marketed for the avid racer. It features the same aircraft-grade aluminum frame with even more weight being reduced around the bike. At only 15.5-pounds, a bike is definitely a great option.

The wheels are a staggering 24-inches for this bike and the lighter weight. I actually tested the bike and found it to be really comfortable for my weight and height. My favorite part is the seating and the ability to control the bike around many of the corners. Finally, the stylish dark design will certainly make you more mysterious as you start your journey.

By now, you might have seen that Redline is one of the most expensive BMX bikes. However, they all include a limited lifetime warranty and feature a reduced weight. All of the features are of premium standards and the bike meets racing guidelines. I would recommend it to anyone who loves winning most of their races as the bike does give a little edge.

Wild Card: Framed Attack BMX Bike Mens

Framed is one of the wild card brands and they generally have a solution for every problem in the BMX world. I found the Framed Attack BMX Bike to be a stylish bike made from solid steel. The steel might sound heavy, but the bike does not feel very heavy once you are riding it. You do see the durability of the Hi-ten steel once you have a couple of falls.

The bike features many standard features that place it exactly on par with many of the other bikes. The 20-inch wheels might be a little too small for many large riders, but when you are small in stature; you can get the bike around the track. Additionally, this bike is also a great option for those who love freestyle riding and performing stunts.

When you see a bike listed to be a wildcard, it might be hard to be convinced about why you should buy it. We understand this and we believe the bike is one of the most affordable options. It might not be the bike that will take you to the world championships, but it will definitely help you get started. I recommend it to an enthusiastic and ambitious beginner.

Best Adult Bike: SE Bikes Beast Mode Ripper 27.5+ SIlver BMX Bike

When you start looking for a bike, you often neglect to take your own weight into account. However, we have got you covered with the SE Bikes Beast Mode Ripper 27.5+ SIlver BMX Bike. It is made from solid aluminum and the bike might be heavy, but you have some of the best durability. When looking at the weight, you should keep the larger frame in mind.

The wheel size is 27.5-inches, much larger than many of the other BMX bikes we have tested. However, it is perfect for larger users. 27-inches is the standard size that we recommend for 300-pound riders if they are selecting a mountain bike. Additionally, the braking is on par and you should not need to worry about slipping or losing control.

My main concern was the price. This bike is relatively untested on the market and it does command a massive price. However, SE Bikes do have a great reputation for quality and they also offer you great value for your money. The limited lifetime warranty you receive will enable you to put the bike to the test and see if it does the job.

Which Features Should I Look For In The Best BMX Race Bikes

Understanding the bikes, or rather looking at the images is easy. However, these features are the backbone of the criteria we used to select them. If you plan to buy a new BMX bike for racing, keep these features in mind or check them off before you buy:


I prefer looking at the weight first. If the bike is too heavy, it will be hard to maneuver it around the track. Aluminum is the best material for bikes to keep them lightweight aside from carbon fiber. However, beginners can stick to cheaper steel bikes until they can complete a race without falling.


I prefer choosing larger wheels depending on the track or the area. 24-inches seem to be the standard and they can take a lot of punishment when you are moving around. However, smaller riders should be fine with 20-inches and larger riders should look over 27-inches. If you need an example, check out the best mountain bikes for a 300lb man.


Compared to freestyle brakes, racing brakes can differ. Many people like choosing U-brakes, but coaster brakes are also acceptable. You do need to look at the braking power for your own safety. Additionally, the braking power should help you around the corners as well.


Now we have seen some of the best BMX race bikes and we hope that you have found the right bike for your needs. While all of these bikes have excellent reputations, the Mongoose M42109M20OS-PC Title Pro 24″ Boy’s Bike is one of my all-time favorites. It is also much more affordable for beginners.

As always, please share some of your comments below and we would love to see if you would like us to review any other bikes. We always put in a lot of effort to find these bikes and help you to make the right decision.

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