Best BMX Bikes Under 300 Reviewed

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Best BMX Bikes Under 300 Reviewed

Starting my search for the best BMX bike left me wondering what the ideal budget is to consider for a BMX bike. With some searching and many questions being asked, the best BMX bikes under 300 seemed like the ideal price range for anyone to buy a new bike. However, there are many more bikes with a much higher price tag, but these are all under $300. The Mongoose Legion L60 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike is my pick for the best BMX bike under 300.

I have lately been heavily invested in the sport of BMX riding. Talking to some of the fans of the sport and the occasional professional rider, gave me a little insight to understand which bikes are the best. Having a few top riders give me their opinions, I was able to combine these and select some of the best BMX bikes currently available on the market.

As we have mentioned, there are many more great BMX bikes, but we focused on choosing a few that are affordable for beginners and intermediate riders. In this article, you might be able to discover the perfect BMX bike for yourself or your child. This could save you some time to have fun, instead of constantly doing a lot of research on them.

Best BMX Bikes Under 300
Best BMX Bikes Under 300

Best BMX Bikes Under 300 On The Market Today

Quality is one of the most important aspects you should look at. These bikes might be ideal for beginners, but you ideally want to choose a bike that could help you once you reach professional levels as well. While we have included a small buyer’s guide with the top features, here are the bikes that we have chosen:

Top Pick: Mongoose Legion L60 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike

Mongoose is widely known for the affordable bikes they have always been producing. They might not make the best mountain bikes, but the Mongoose Legion L60 20″ Wheel Freestyle Bike is one of the best BMX bikes under 300. The Hi-Ten steel frame is unique and while heavy, it is really durable for those unexpected falls that every beginner needs to endure.

The massive 2.3-inch wheels are generally used for those looking for additional traction. Alloy U-brakes have been added for the bike and this makes stopping much easier for every beginner. A unified saddle was the main attraction I liked and it made it much more stable to ensure that you won’t fall around on the saddle.

As one of the cheapest high-quality bikes on the market today, it should come as no surprise that many beginners love it. I love the design and it is also made for both males and females. The 20-inch wheels might be a little small for large riders like me. However, the best mountain bikes for large riders will allow you to journey with your child.

Runner-Up: Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle

The next bike on our list is also part of the Mongoose collection. Made from an aluminum frame, the Mongoose Boys Title Expert 20″ BMX Race Bicycle is made for larger riders. The integrated headset and long top tube will combine with the aluminum, giving you not only durability but also keeping the weight to a minimum.

I like the 42×16 gearing that helps users on different terrains. Once again, Mongoose makes use of the alloy U-brake that enables you to stop whenever you feel the need to do so. Using the bike, I found myself having some fun and more comfort. It might still not be the best option for a large rider, but will make the journey that much more fun.

The affordable price is what makes most beginners smile. if the bike can grow with your child, it definitely offers value. While it might not be the best for professional competitions, your child will be able to use it for many years. It is also worth noting that the female version is available if your girl likes to join the BMX revolution. The Mongoose M42309M20OS-PC Title Expert 20″ Boy’s Bike is also available as the newer model.

Best Bike for adults under 300: Framed Attack BMX Bike Mens

Adults generally feel a little uncomfortable when buying a new BMX bike. However, the Framed Attack BMX Bike for men is designed to take away some of these fears. Chromoly is the main material used in the construction and this will keep it lightweight. However, it could lack some durability in the long run if you are prone to falling.

The bike comes with smaller 20-inch wheels. This size is perfect for smaller adults. However, you have full functionality. If you feel like including a larger wheelset, this can also be possible to ensure that larger riders can use it. Riding with the 2.3-inch wheels make it possible to have added stability that I like to keep me from falling over.

The Framed Attack BMX Bike just makes the $300 cut, leaving you no room for adding some upgrades. Nevertheless, some of the new features that have been included will save you a couple of bucks on these expensive upgrades. The bike is available in different colors and with numerous styles to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Best Youth Bike: Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX

Redline is one of the brands we commonly choose for their impressive features. If you like to see more of these bikes, our best BMX bike article should give you a few more options. The Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX is designed for children or the top your riders, helping them understand the sport. It also includes many safety features to keep them protected at all times.

The Coaster brakes are carefully threaded to keep them out of your way. These brakes are really sensitive an while they have great stopping power, you need to show your child how to use them correctly. I love the addition of the Kenda tires with their impressive traction. You should note that many of the best bikes have them included, especially in the world of cyclocross.

If you are a skeptic parent, you might not like to pay absurd amounts of money on bikes that you don’t fully understand. Fortunately, the Redline brand has designed this bike to ensure that you don’t need to spend too much money. If your child loves the adrenaline of action sports, the Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX is one of your best options.

Best Standout Bike: Razor Mag Wheel Freestyle Bike

With a mag wheel concept, the Razor Mag Wheel Freestyle Bike is one of the top options for every beginner. It might not have a lot of followers as of yet, there are many people who love the bike. The steel frame is really durable. However, it is quite heavy for beginners looking to get the best possible riding experience.

At the rear of the bike, they have included a U-brake, but the combination of having cantilever brakes at the front will give you much more functionality. With alloy pedals, you have durability and the brakes have shown functionality. I also love the stylish design with impeccable vinyl that would make it really attractive for every child.

In terms of the price, it is really affordable. If you are looking for a new bike for you or your child, this will be one of the best options to consider. The only pitfall might be the size. However, you can add any additional upgrades. We have also seen a couple of users that have increased the wheel size to meet their needs and fit.

Key Features To Consider When Choosing The Best BMX Bikes Under 300

While there are many key features to consider when choosing the best BMX bikes, you won’t look at all of them if you are a beginner. We have focused mainly on the features that will help beginners find their ideal BMX bike. Here are some of the top features you should keep in mind when looking for an affordable BMX bike:


The materials will strongly correlate with the durability of the bike. Steel is the cheapest material for the frame, but aluminum is also great for keeping the weight to a minimum. Chromoly is one of the newer materials some people choose. However, my experience has seen that it does not have the same overall durability.

Wheel Size

BMX bikes can be used by anyone, but youth riders are generally the main target market. However, many adults also like these bikes for the adrenaline rush that the sport offers. If you are an adult, you should look for something around the 24-inch mark. This is much similar to what the best mountain bikes have to offer.


Every bike you choose will have some sort of braking system. Braking power is really important and you have the option between the common U-brake and cantilever brakes. I could not say that one is better than the other and you can choose any of them. They also have the same price tag.


Personally, I have fallen down more times than the combined amount of time spent on BMX bikes. However, with the help of avid enthusiasts, I could find some of the top bikes. The best BMX bikes under 300 have been carefully selected with all the features kept in mind. These bikes should be perfect for any beginner.

If you feel we might have missed any of your favorite bikes, we would enjoy reading some of your comments. We might occasionally miss some of the best BMX bikes, but we have you the readers that can help us correct this. Let us know in the comment section if you have sued any of these bikes or if you like to have one.

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